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Innovation Engine Project is looking for small and medium enterprises from Birmingham & Solihull area that need assistance in developing innovative services, processes & products for the Health sector. 
Hamid Zolfagharinia
Campaign State: Open For Submission
How do we prevent the development of mental health problems and get help earlier for children, young people, adults and older adults starting to suffer poor mental wellbeing?  
Peter Lewis (+1 more)
Campaign State: Open For Submission
Do you have any successful Quality Improvement initiatives in relation to LTCs in a healthcare setting that others might adopt? If so, we want to hear from you in order to share your learnings with others and allow them to achieve the benefits that you have achieved.
Sue Wood
Campaign State: Open For Submission
We would love to hear about your experience of using Learning from Excellence and/or Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in your practice.  There will be opportunity to present your work as an oral presentation and / or a poster at our LfE Community Event on Thursday 16 November 2017 at the Vox Conference Centre, Resorts World, Birmingham.
To submit an abstract about your LfE or AI Experience please click on the 'Submit Innovation' button and use the form that appears below.  You will need to register first.  Please see the additional information for suggestions of what to cover in your abstract.  Closing date is 11 September 2017.
For more information or to book your place at the event please click here:  
Helen Hunt (+2 more)
Campaign State: Open For Submission
Are you doing novel and exciting activities in order to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the health and wealth of the population and the planet?  If so, we want to hear about what you are doing to be sustainable in order to support a network of carbon enthusiasts across the West Midlands. 
Lucy Chatwin
Campaign State: Open For Submission
How can people have a better understanding of diabetes and its risks, knowledge of the things they can do to avoid developing diabetes, and support to stay healthy? 
Neil Mortimer (+1 more)
Campaign State: Open For Submission
Do you have an innovation that could be adopted quickly to deliver improvements in the field of self care?  
Lucy Chatwin
Campaign State: Open For Submission
We are looking for experiences, methods, suggestions and tried and tested solutions that help individuals  to understand and be able to use digital solutions that help them better manage their own health and wellbeing?
Sue Wood (+1 more)
Campaign State: Open For Submission
Can we increase reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs; harmful side effects) by recruiting Champions to promote the Yellow Card Scheme more widely?
We aim to recruit volunteer Champions to help us find out.
The Yellow Card Scheme is a confidential reporting scheme for ADRs, open to all healthcare professionals, and to patients and their carers.
Karamjit Kaur Badyal (+1 more)
Campaign State: Open For Submission
Digital tools can improve people’s lives and release savings for health and social care organisations, but they are still not widely used. We are looking for an integrated, multi-channel marketing approach that promotes better awareness and uptake of digital innovations among all of our stakeholders.
Neil Mortimer
Campaign State: Open For Submission
We invite you to share any work you are doing in the areas of identifcation, protection, management and whole pathway re-design of AF to share and improve the outcomes for people at risk of having an AF related Stroke. 
Karen Morrey
Campaign State: Open For Submission
A waterfall starts with one drop of rain, help us to make a waterfall by sharing the differences that you have made, which could be spread across the region, to improve the lives of people with diabetes - either through identification, prevention or the management of the condition.
Lucy Chatwin
Campaign State: Open For Submission
Are you a tech or digital start up business looking to accelerate your growth?   

Sitting in the heart of iCentrum, The Serendip Incubator is an incredible opportunity to accelerate the growth of your tech or digital start-up by working directly with large corporate partners.

A core element of Birmingham’s ‘Knowledge Quarter’, the Serendip Incubator co-locates promising start-up businesses with large, existing commercial partners, enabling those start-ups to market-test and refine products and services with real commercial partners. These partners may in turn become customers or distribution channels as the start-up develops.

With its open plan, co-working space, the design of Serendip is focused on providing highly flexible work and think space, to respond to the natural patterns of today’s technically advanced entrepreneurs and innovators.

If accepted onto Serendip, you will work with the following corporate partners, sharing the newest, most high-tech office space in Birmingham from day one. You will boost your growth, significantly reduce the risk to potential investors and maximise the chances of success.
From 1st April 2016, Serendip has accommodated start-ups and commercial partners working within the following markets:  Applicants must locate their business at iCentrum and commit to working with the Serendip Incubator corporate partners..
Further benefits of the Serendip Incubator include:
  • Free high-tech office space for 6 months
  • Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Specific start-up and innovation focused workshops
  • 30 Gbit internet connection
  • State of the art demonstration screens (wireless streaming direct from mobile devices for easy product demonstrations, planning meetings etc.)
  • Incredible 180-seat presentation auditorium with 7m+ wide HD presentation screen. (Ideal for large scale demonstrations, talks and product launches)
  • Brand new resident cafe
  • Access to over 100 evening and networking events per year
Applications will remain open while spaces are available. 
Lucy Chatwin (+2 more)
Campaign State: Open For Submission
How can we maximise the public’s experience when interacting with community pharmacists?
With a specific focus on:
  • polypharmacy
  • improved health outcomes in the local population
  • shared decision making tools
  • generating significant savings for local NHS organisations through reducing wastage and preventing avoidable emergency hospital admissions.  
Lucy Chatwin
Campaign State: Open For Submission
How can we improve shared decision making within patient consultations?
With a specific focus on the co-creation of a simple guide which sets out the key components of 'a good consultation', the use of shared decision making tools in priority disease areas (such as diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular disease) along with patient and professional education programmes. 
Lucy Chatwin
Campaign State: Open For Submission
We are actively seeking proven digital innovations that improve the health of people in the region and raise the quality, efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of delivering healthcare.
We are particularly interested to hear about innovations in the following categories:
  • Health maintenance - supporting people in maintaining their physical and mental wellbeing,
  • Prevention - alerting patients, carers or professionals when there are signs that things aren’t going well, and an intervention can prevent crises or emergencies
  • Access - providing more convenient and cost-effective ways for patients and professionals to interact. (e.g. remote monitoring or virtual consultations).
  • Learning and education - delivering information and knowledge to patients about their health or condition, or to professionals to support their continuous professional development
  • Pathways - providing tailored information to patients, carers and professionals on services to signpost people to the most appropriate place.  Ideally, this could be enhanced with real-time information about capacity.
  • Research - using digital tools to promote involvement in research & clinical trials, to streamline the capture of informed consent, and to capture research data more efficiently and conveniently.
  • Integration - tools that enable the secure, appropriate sharing of information between organisations (e.g. GPs and hospital clinicians) and sectors (e.g. NHS and Social Services) to allow patients to receive seamless care.
  • Data Visualisation - innovative ways of presenting information in a meaningful way to enable more informed decisions by patients and professionals.  This may involve aggregating data from different sources, reporting tools or graphic visualisations such as heat maps.
Lucy Chatwin (+1 more)
Campaign State: Open For Submission
How can digital tools support people at risk of mental health crisis? 
These may involve:
- using data to predict when a crisis is likely to occur
- alerting service users, carers and professionals when risks of crisis are elevated
- providing tools to service users to maintain their mental wellbeing
- innovations that signpost users and professionals to the most appropriate services
- new ways for users to interact with care professionals.
Sarah Appleby
Campaign State: Open For Submission
How can the NHS make better use of data analytics to improve mental wellbeing, to drive improvement in delivering mental health services, and optimise users' experience and outcomes?

We are looking for innovations that are already available or could be adapted to better inform decisions that affect peoples' mental wellbeing, to improve service design and delivery and to enable people to take more control over their mental health. 
Neil Mortimer
Campaign State: Open For Submission
Meridian is a resource for you to be able to share the changes that you have made to the way that you do things that have resulted in improved health outcomes for patients, a more effective way of delivering more for less, an increase in the productivity or just a different way of doing things.  Please use this space to upload the innovations that you wish to share and that others can benefit from.
Thank you.
Campaign State: Open For Submission
If your innovation doesn’t fit any of the active categories then this is the place to submit your innovation for feedback and the opportunity for wider adoption across the region.
Lucy Chatwin
Campaign State: Open For Submission