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2598Learning from Excellence Conference Video November 2017Helen HuntLfE: Sharing ideas and best practice12/12/2017 - 13:11Publish
Please watch our video celebrating our successful event held in November 2017.

Attendees share their experiences of LfE in the video, reflecting on the event and how they will apply LfE ... read more >>
2573Neo-slip: an aid to apply Anti-embolism stockings (TEDS) NeomiSelf Care29/11/2017 - 00:40Publish
Developed by Registered Nurse, Multi Award Winning Neo-slip® is a novel, innovative yet practical solution that aids application of compression stockings (TEDS)
Low friction Neo-slip® design creates a smooth foundation with a lubricious effect, ... read more >>
By Elaine Russell on 04/12/2017
I like the simplicity of this.  Both for patients and carers the putting on and off of these stockings post operatively is difficult - the images are good, but a little video clip of the ease of usability would be a help - both to showcase to nursing staff (speed and efficiency) and for patients carers, to be reassured as to imapct; not just medically to reduce the risks by the appropriate usage of stockings, but also as an assurance that this is going to be quicker, and hence less painful for the patient, and the family member who has to change it for them, many of whom will have arthritic and other issues which will be problematic for them when changing stockings for their loved ones.
By Neomi on 12/12/2017
Thank you.
We are creating a new video to be released next month so your feedback is extremly useful.  I will let you know once the video is published.
Thanks again
2572Neo-slipNeomiPatient Safety Collaborative (PSC)29/11/2017 - 00:03Publish
Developed by Registered Nurse, Multi Award Winning Neo-slip® is a novel, innovative yet practical solution that aids application of compression stockings (TEDS)
Low friction Neo-slip® design creates a smooth foundation with a lubricious effect, on ... read more >>
By caroline Maries-Tillott on 12/12/2017
I  think the product looks great as TED stockings are notoriously difficult to apply especially for older people – however  from experience you can get a similar effect with a cheap plastic bag ! I have seen an 80 year old lady applying a TED stocking to her frail  elderly 80 year old  husband with a plastic bag !
I will forward on to key leads  in Walsall but  the critical factor will be cost and how it compares to cost of a plastic bag
By Neomi on 12/12/2017
Thanks for your comments.
Neo-slip has been developed by a Registered Nurse to improve care and improve patient safety. 
We currently supply the product to NHS & Private hospitals across the country.
The product is now available on NHS prescription therefore; Neo-slip will be free for patients who are exempt from NHS charges.  This will include your 80-year-old lady.
Improvising with plastics of any type is not fit for purpose, may cause harm, very undignified and known to rip underneath stockings. 
Many patients have gone on to develop pressure ulcers (as a result of using cheap plastic bags) the daily costs of treating pressure ulcers are estimated to range from £43 to £374 per day.  The cost of treating DVT costs around £210 per day.
Thanks for sharing our information with your contacts. Please feel free to send us your details and we can send you some samples.
By Tammy Holmes on 29/11/2017
Looking at the planned activitiy this is just for awareness - once rated i will ask the PSC to circulate to their networks. 
5.53.8 – The next generation of online training – Confidential, secure content creation service & delivery platform Johann MalawanaOther innovations27/11/2017 - 13:55Publish
The platform has been designed with security to protect against inappropriate access and copyright infringement with an option to request users to pay per view. combines engaging content, low cost access and ... read more >>
By Chris Dyke on 01/12/2017
Hi Please Publish all items agreed with company
2566OurPath: Digital Lifestyle Change To Prevent Type 2 DiabetesMichael WhitmanDiabetes Prevention23/11/2017 - 14:32Detailed Submission

The health needs of the UK population are changing and the way we interact with healthcare is evolving. Nationally, the internet is being used to manage our lives, changing the way we shop, bank, watch TV and communicate. The west midlands has one ... read more >>
By James Turner on 28/11/2017
commercial, IP sorted.
2565Venner PneuX™ System reduces the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) in ventilated patients – ITT selected productNicki DillInnovation and Technology Tariff (ITT)23/11/2017 - 09:59Publish
The PneuX™ System is for airway management in critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation. The system is designed to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) by minimising the risk of pulmonary aspiration and micro-aspiration of ... read more >>
By Chris Dyke on 01/12/2017
Hi Please Publish all items agreed with company - please advise Vanessa when done as required for promotion of ITT conference in new year - Tx's
By James Turner on 28/11/2017
commercial, IP sorted. 
2560MegalistAnonymousDigital health innovations09/11/2017 - 19:50Detailed Submission
Megalist is a staff management platform.
The single biggest threat to the NHS is the staffing crisis which affects every other aspect of the NHS.
The is no reason why a large organisations like an NHS Trust with thousands of employees can not share ... read more >>
By James Turner on 10/11/2017
Commercial, IP covered.
By Joanne Mewis on 10/11/2017
Have read and rated, whoever is next can you publish once you've rated it please? Thanks, Jo
2559Post Hospital CareMelissa ArmstrongInnovation Approach: Sharing ideas and best practice07/11/2017 - 13:21Archived
The Innovation supports the NHS current bed crisis through providing post hospital care for indivuduals. Our Orgaisation aim to provided regulated quality care through a person centred approach. Post Hospital Care (PHC) will be provided by qualified ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 27/11/2017
This submission has been archived and the submitter has been informed:
Hi Melissa,
I hope you had a lovely weekend. I'm getting in touch re your Meridian submission for Post Hospital Care.
The campaign you have submitted the innovation to "Innovation Approach: sharing ideas and best practice" asks how organisations approach innovation to transform the way they work, WMAHSN are looking at sharing best practice, therefore your submission isn't appropriate for this campaign.
As that's the case, I'll archive the current submission, and once you are CQC registered we'll work up a full submission to submit to Meridian, more than likely in the 'other innovations' campaign.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Thanks, Jo

By Tammy Holmes on 23/11/2017
Jo to contact and reject - innovator may need support to develop the idea further before it is Meridian ready. 
By James Turner on 07/11/2017
No sure what the submission is to be honest.
2553Patient Care Packs: Promote Patient Dignity – Save Nursing TimeSujata SabharwalOther innovations06/11/2017 - 09:35Publish
Patients are often admitted to hospital at short notice. This means that some come ill equipped for their stay without event basic hygiene essentials, at what is often a confusing and difficult time.
Evidence indicates that nurses spend more than ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 10/11/2017
I've rated too so I'll publish now
By Lucy Chatwin on 10/11/2017
I've scored - is this good to be published now? Thanks Lucy
By James Turner on 07/11/2017
No IP issues, rather
2552The Hydrant - Water bottle for those with poor mobility or requiring flat bed restIan LitchfieldOther innovations03/11/2017 - 11:18Publish
 Within the NHS dehydration remains a significant problem with recent reports suggesting it may affect as many as one in seven hospital patients and cost the NHS £1 billion a year. The majority of hydration in secondary care, is reliant on ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 27/11/2017
We need to concentrate on broader adoption and not UHB and given we have supported the feedback report to the innovator we feel there is no further work we can do with this one.  There is also other innovations on the market - to be written as a case study. 
By Lucy Chatwin on 06/11/2017
Is this something that we could do as part of a wider 'hydration' event that could reach out to other sectors e.g. care homes, people looking after others and the acute sector? We could then invite other innovations that address the same challenge - especially people with dementia etc. but then I question if it fits under our priorities and who would then drive the adoption piece?  Sorry to pose more questions...
By Tammy Holmes on 06/11/2017
We asked Ian to complete this submission as he requires furter support for the project previously supported by the WMAHSN.  I have emailed Lucy and Neil for thoughts 

EMAIL to Lucy and Neil 
I would appreciate your thoughts on the following submission…

Ian Litchfield has asked for additional support around the Hydrate for Health project we have previously supported. You will note he has asked 
'We propose that WMAHSN facilitate a series of meetings with key staff involved in procurement at the hospital to improve the supply and availability of the bottle'
This does look like it may work as one of the health exchange workshops we are doing for the ITP however I’m keen to get your thoughts on this. 

By James Turner on 03/11/2017
Product seems ready to go and they need assistance getting it into IP issues though.
2545Recruiting for potential from under-represented groups inc people that experience mental ill healthMelissa RalphsMental Illness Prevention24/10/2017 - 08:23Archived
ACT Herefordshire and Worcestershire have secured funding from Skills for Care to manage a project ' Recruiting for potential from under-represented groups'.
​This project is the first of its kind within Herefordshire and we are 1 of 4 projects ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 06/12/2017
Melissa Response 
Sorry for delay in response but I only work 16 hours a week.
I was hoping that referrals would be made onto the course, however this date has gone now and we have our applicants.

TH Respose 
Im glad to hear you have managed to obtain you applicants.  If you are looking for applicants in future please feel free to contact me and we would be more than happy to circulate this to our networks. 
Would you like us to publish your submission for information so that others can learn from what you are doing? 

Mellissa Response 
Yes that would be great, I can then update the evaluation at the end of the course in March.
Three of the successful applicants have mental health needs, we had 19 applicants in total and 8 of those had mental health needs or emotional needs.
We are hoping to run the project again if this one is successful, I will contact you when we have secured funding again.
Thanks for your help
By Tammy Holmes on 04/12/2017
Emailed Melissa 
Dear Melissa 
Thank you very much for your recent submission to our Meridian Innovation Health Exchange. 
Before we publish this so that it is publicly accessible we are keen to understand what support you are looking for from the WMAHSN or Meridian. Once this is clarified we can then ensure that the information is shared with the correct networks and individuals. 
I would be more than happy to have a chat with you about this so any questions just let me know. 

By Tammy Holmes on 23/11/2017
I will contact this person to find out what they are looking for. 
By Chris Dyke on 26/10/2017
Not sure which campaign this is being applied to - This more about what they plan and hope to do next year - so informative and one to watch/ be aware of. Thus not sure if it needs a different Intro or indication of what they would like. As it hopes to tackle employment it does not state thay have any targets for this, but features on success to getting more funding! good to know how their success will be measured (depends on Skills for Care a charity funding and their bid focus - health or economics) as a charity it is probably not the same as pects as public which is how many jobs created etc. but I think they should set themselves a target even if its in percentage numbers - somethin to aim for and present at next funding request e.g. we aimed for 10% and we got 12% or so. 
Getting employers on board with this is as if not more important, as they especially if they can get commitment prior to participents under going through the course as the team will be confident that they have a positive exit point. A friend is doing something similar with ex-offenders - getting employers to commit to taking on people if they go through a set of basic courses and pass (oh! and kept their noses clean on more than one way!) a similar approach I'm sure could be applied here.
But prior to publishing - It has lots of typos and could do with some text shuffling i.e. it talks abouth the issuse, then what they plan on doing and then again about issues for people in this situation.
NB: This shows where Meridian should have comments in drafts and other stages for moderators. But also to Msg the authors as well as moderators so they could address the points we make as they go.
PS: Meridian could do with a built in spell checker too (2 min job for coders there are loads of FREE bolt ins) - Plus Grammarly doesn't work within Meridian either!
By Tammy Holmes on 27/10/2017
Ive emailed Sarah to see if she knows this one. 
2540Cambridge Community Services (CCS) Audit of the Greatix reporting system used as a pilot for 12 months (March 2016 - March2017)Tammy HolmesLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts13/10/2017 - 11:48Approved
Submitted on behalf of Dr Tamsin Holland-Brown

Greatix (reporting and learning from staff excellence) was introduced to CCS Paediatric department (8 South Cambridge based paediatricians, 5 North Cambridge Paediatricians, 2 psychologists and 5 ... read more >>
2539The Leg Ulcer Consultation Template (LUCT): Putting the person back into leg ulcer care.Julie GreenPatient Safety Collaborative (PSC)13/10/2017 - 08:57Detailed Submission
A four-stage empirical research project was undertaken between 2009 - 2014 which evidenced the impact that having a chronic venous leg ulcer (CVLU) had on the quality of life (QoL) of the person. During unstructured interviews, participants openly ... read more >>
By Julie Green on 18/10/2017
Hi Caroline
My initial pilot was small (9 participants) utilising a 'within subjects design'; recruitment was constrained by complex NHS change at the time of this phase. I will upload a summary and my thesis. Trends over 18 weeks demonstrated improvements in consultation satisfaction and quality of life.
A small implementataion at a vascular clinic is in the process of being written up. Usage across a South Manchester Trust is currently providing positive feedback.
Future work around completion of the template and the provision of a 'score' is planned, similar to Waterlow and MUST tools. This would potentially indicate to the clinician those where quality of life impact is greatest, which may require additional time allocation for consultations. Also scoring may indicate improving or deteriorating trends in response to a range of interventions.  
Many thanks for your interest.
By caroline Maries-Tillott on 16/10/2017
The LUCT looks like an excellent tool with demonstrable benefits for patients with this long term condition. It would be helpful to know how many patients were included in the pilot study - it supports person centred care and it would  be interesting to establish  from patients their satisfaction scores with consultations with and without the LUCT
By Tammy Holmes on 16/10/2017
Email from Ann 
Simon Dodds would be a good contact. He is a vascular surgeon and has done work specifically relating to this in the past I believe.

2538Yecco: a fully digital telehealth and telecare self-management platform to enable full remote care and supportAlex JadavjiSelf Care12/10/2017 - 15:01Publish
Yecco brings new & exciting ways of data sharing as the trend moves towards patients managing their health & taking control of their health data.

Our solutions facilitate self-management of chronic conditions & can help to reduce emergency ... read more >>
By Elaine Russell on 20/11/2017
There are now alot of these monitoring devices on the market: they have a common theme of monitoring at a distance and sending info to a cloud based system which can then be shared.  
By Dina Haines on 20/11/2017
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By Elaine Russell on 13/10/2017
HI folks... its another of these, and personally i dont like the.  whilst i can see that they are determined to keep the patient safe, they do so by disempowering them and that is not self care or person centred.  whilst it looks as good as any of its kind, the principle for self care has to e 'use it or lose it' not give everyone else assurance that the person can be left alonne 'safely' with triggers and warnings.  not the same thing.  sorry rally not a fan 
2536Transforming access to medical educationAndy AndersonInnovation and Technology Tariff (ITT)11/10/2017 - 12:14Rejected
The Medics Academy content delivery platform is an agile web application for mobile and desk-top browser that is designed to reliably deliver high value content to the end-user.
The Medics Academy platform concept is to develop an online, ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 16/10/2017
Emailed as not appropriate to the campaign 
I have had a look at your submissions on Meridian and unfortunately the one submitted to the ITT campaign has had to be archived as this campaign is for innovations that are already accepted onto the tariff.  I have amended the campaign so this is clearer and we will be launching more campaigns around this as and when the calls go out. 
With regards to you other submission i have asked our Jo and Chris from industry gateway (copied) to have a look and someone will be in touch shortly to talk you through the process and discuss how you can make the best use of Meridian.  

By Tammy Holmes on 12/10/2017
I am still trying to identify what involvement we have already had with this - notes are on their initial innovation (
Online medical education platform (#2519))

I have amedned the campaign to state the campaign is only for things already on the ITT - once i have feedback from Helen/Pete i will contact the innovator with the way forward and advise that this innovation will not be published. 

2534Ultraviolet Blood Therapy/Biophotonic Therapy: Exploring a cure for antibiotic resistant pathogensJosie WinterFREE assistance to businesses for innovative product & service development09/10/2017 - 09:48Sign Posted
Biophotonic therapy (or Ultraviolet Blood Therapy) was initially used to treat a variety of infections prior to antibiotics in the 1940's & 50's.  

When used properly, UV light acts on blood in unique ways to produce some very positive ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 13/10/2017
Email from Josie to Chris 
Thanks Chris,
Appreciate the feedback and advice. I will certainly relay this back to the US and start working on actions and next steps.
My address is correct ,Undy is just two villages down from me ,it is indeed a small world.
Perhaps when we have some more robust processes and data in place we can move forward. Appreciate any offers of assistance and may be in touch again soon.
Kind Regards,

By Tammy Holmes on 13/10/2017
email to Josie from Chris 
Hi Josie
Good to talk with you today and I'm sorry I've had to pour cold water on your project.
As discussed there are a whole range of items that need to be addressed and considered before moving this forward with the NHS. 
Thus we will archive your Meridian submission until you are ready to move ahead.
If you would like to discuss any of the items we talked about or need links to specialist such as Regulatory Affairs consultants etc. please let me know and we will try to assist you.
May be look at the process and if it has the laboratory data and then clinical should the device and process be re designed so as to achieve an unequivocal results and remove any operational issues and possible problems - something like a inline dialysis machine. 
Have a look at this size of a small lazer printer uses a bag of saline (or did when I last saw it about 3 to 4 years ago) - perhaps it should be developed into something like this? But it is more complex, lots of safety features  built in and it had well proven science behind their process, so all they had to do was show it was performing to specification - but it is still only slowly growing in the UK and it allows patients to be independent and have dialysis at home on a regular basis free of the NHS. 
Good luck but this may be a long journey that may/will need to be well stage gated to achieve certain key markers and evidence on the road to create a NHS ready product .
PS Could you please confirm your UK address so that I can log your enquiry - Rosevale, Camp Road, Sudbrook, Caldicot, Gwent NP26 5TE 
(I have an old school friend that lives in Undy, Caldicot not so far away - small world)

By Tammy Holmes on 11/10/2017
Emailed Hamid - 
You have received a new submission to your Meridian Campaign. 
For information - they are also interested in working closer with the WMAHSN and Medilink will be contacting them to clarify a few concerns around FDA approval and there US business. 
This will need to be reviewed on the platform, if you need any help just let me know. 

2533The Frailty Toolkit – Practical Solutions for GPs Julie RobinsonSelf Care06/10/2017 - 14:32Sign Posted
Move it or Lose it delivers a specialist exercise programme which includes the cornerstones for healthy ageing - flexibility, aerobic, balance and strength (FABS). Evaluations of the FABS programme have shown improvements in functional mobility, ... read more >>
By Elaine Russell on 27/10/2017
hello.  ive looked at the submission and i like the simplicity of it.  i especially liked the 'cuppa tea' video, for those using this to have a home based 'routine' to use on days they dont come to the sessions.  a couple of thoguhts - firstly, how are you recording the wider impacts of the benefits - ie on the individuals mental wellbeing as im sure there are some?  secondly along with falls through muscle weakness theres lots of evidence to support rehydration, so along with the 'making it in time wit a cup of tea' motif, is there a way of including regular hydration within the programme, how many glasses of water they drink perhaps?  happy to talk more if this is of assistance.
By Julie Robinson on 27/10/2017
Thanks Elaine, we do cover hydration as one of the topics in the education session after a class but agree this would work really well as part of the 'cuppa' routine. I will email you to discuss the mental wellbeing evaluation.
Thank you for taking the time to comment.
By James Turner on 26/10/2017
No Ip advice needed. Seems a good idea though.
By Elaine Russell on 09/10/2017
Hello.  I liked this when I first looked at it.  It's deliverable in all sorts of settings, but i couldnt get the links to work, other than the cuppa tea. I would really like them to twin it with some rehydration advice too...
By Tammy Holmes on 27/10/2017
HI Elaine 

I have checked the links and they all work now and i will publish. 

Do you have any links for regydration that you can introduce them to? 
2528Sleep & Hypertension Diagnostic Service – S-Med offers a complete Sleep Apnoea and Hypertension Diagnostic service for GP’sSelwyn SherDigital health innovations03/10/2017 - 11:27Publish
The vast majority of patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) are referred by their GP to a Specialised Sleep Centre at an NHS Hospital with a Average waiting time 12 Weeks

Patients are initially seen by a Consultant or a Sleep ... read more >>
By Chris Dyke on 11/10/2017
Hi This is a local company working with North West Coast AHSN - As this is a disruptive tech to move sleep diagnostics to GP's as opposed to referals and waiting to be seen and then getting a slot at a clinic - Thus after using this monitor following the results the patient can be treated or where required relevant cases can go forward to Sleep Clinics and thus shortening diagnosis and possible intervention/treatment from months to days  - This may be one to discuss at MIC meetings with STP's - Lucy is reviewing this. 
There is another project using this technology for Mental Health and Children - We are awaiting info prior to relaying to Neil and Sarah A - if it stacks up it might have great/large impact clinically, economicly and socially - fingers crossed!
2524Cambridge Community Services (CCS) Audit of the Greatix reporting system used as a pilot for 12 months (March 2016 - March2017)Emma PlunkettLfE: Sharing ideas and best practice30/09/2017 - 13:59Publish
Submitted on behalf of Dr Tamsin Holland-Brown

Greatix (reporting and learning from staff excellence) was introduced to CCS Paediatric department (8 South Cambridge based paediatricians, 5 North Cambridge Paediatricians,  2 psychologists and 5 ... read more >>
By lilaluna on 09/11/2017
I really appreciate this post. I’ve been trying everywhere for this! impart goodness I found it on this diary . i actually admire your work and that i hope in future i'll come back for additional data. like this one.You have created my day! Thanks again! I actually have some sensible work expertise with  custom essay writing services and my words ar clearly supported what I felt through such processes within the past.
1 – The next generation of online training – Confidential, secure content creation service & delivery platformAndy AndersonPatient Safety Collaborative (PSC)28/09/2017 - 12:51Archived
The platform has been designed with security to protect against inappropriate access and copyright infringement with an option to request users to pay per view. combines engaging content, low cost access and ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 04/12/2017
rewritten by Medilink and moved to 'other innovations' campaign as not appropriate for the patient safety collaborative campaign. New submission number #2569 has been published.
By Chris Dyke on 01/12/2017
Hi Please Archieve this re done under an alterbnative campaign - TX's
By Chris Dyke on 23/11/2017
In process of editing this should be ready for publication soon
By Chris Dyke on 08/11/2017
I'm working with the company to update and finalise this entry.
Yes they have produced stuff for Ruth
By Tammy Holmes on 16/10/2017
Spoke to Jo who will contact and emailed to inform innovator.  We think he may have already worked with Ruth - need to explore. 
By Tammy Holmes on 12/10/2017
Emailed Helen and Pete
you have had a submissions to the PSC campaign on meridian around an online medical education platform. They have our logo on their website but Amy, Lucy and Neil have no knowledge of it. 
Is this something you have worked with? Also do you know if they are looking for further support? 
Im just checking on how to deal with this one. 

By Tammy Holmes on 02/10/2017
Emailed Amy to see what their current project is within the WMAHSN. 

Update - Neil and Lucy also unaware, may already be a PSC programme? WMAHSN logo is on the website. 
2518Working StressAndy YeomanMental Illness Prevention28/09/2017 - 08:13Detailed Submission
Being a doctor or nurse can be extremely challenging and the negative effects of work-related stress are significant. They affect patient safety, sickness absence and job satisfaction. However, staff can learn to manage stress and develop resilience ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 11/10/2017
Asked Sarah Appleby to review before publish. 
By James Turner on 02/10/2017
Commercial and no IP advice needed, will rate...
By Tammy Holmes on 29/09/2017
Already worked on this offline, some information and suggestions to consider going forward: 

RJAH and BCMHfT are also working with the company to look at the potential to trial the app within the organsiation.

Places to approach/commissioning 

Looking after the workforce is the responsibility of each NHS/social care organisation- so a CCG wouldn't commission that as a local health service. So each Trust will have its own occupational health system.
In primary care, practices/pharmacies/dentists/optometrists etc are self employed. I think NHSE does commission sub-regional occ health for independent contractors- but I think that's more for when there are external concerns about individual practitioners. From memory, I think there's a Telford based occ health service commissioned by NHSE -but that might be different now that NHSE/CCGs have co-commissioning of primary care in place. But worth asking if Telford occ health (?local community trust runs it?) is provider; and if they are your connection

Other potential areas
  • Medical Schools for their students
  • Link to SCRIPT 
  • It could be offered as part of the membership to a Royal College? click to see article 

2517DrSaraswati AryasomayajulaPatient Safety Collaborative (PSC)27/09/2017 - 21:34Rejected
Venous thromboembolism is a preventable complication of immobility and hospital admission in medical and surgical patients. It is compulsory to assess the risk of every patient on admission and prescribe appropraite preventative thromboprophylaxis ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 26/10/2017
James to email to notify that we will archive until we have recieved further clarification on ownership. 
By Tammy Holmes on 24/10/2017
Chased James for repsonse 
By Tammy Holmes on 28/09/2017
Emailed James to contact re submission and idea - He looks like he is from Luton and Dunstable Hospital
By Saraswati Aryasomayajula on 27/09/2017
I am happy to share the design of the proforma once assured that intellectual property rights are protected and there won't be issues with copyright.
2515Electronic Low Vision GogglesAnonymousPatient Safety Collaborative (PSC)25/09/2017 - 09:50Sign Posted
Give Vision have developed wearable low vision aids since 2014. We are now at a stage where we have a near-market-ready prototype while developing the next generation of our device funded through Innovate UK. Many people that have tried our ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 01/11/2017
Met with Tom Rollinson and he thinks this might fit his remit and may have funding to access - needs to understand further information about where they are. 
By Tammy Holmes on 11/10/2017
Medilink will contact regarding support required and signpost if required. 
By Tammy Holmes on 25/09/2017
Email to Helen Hunt...
We have had the first submission to the PSC campaign from GiveVision who i believe are in Serendip.  The submission could do with some work and we can contact them about that but i wanted to check to see whether or not you had, had any provisional conversations with them about support? 
They are looking for trial and regulatory support which we can explore but i wanted to see where the PSC stood with this one before we proceed. 

By Tammy Holmes on 27/09/2017
Response from Helen Hunt

Unfortunately this doesn’t fit any of our themes.  I haven’t had any contact with them before this.  What I can offer is that we are working in the Walsall, Wolverhampton and Hereford Care homes so if they need somewhere to test their device we have potentially a route there.  I also have links to the ENRICH (enabling research in care homes) and sit on their steering committee.  They would want a research protocol though.
You might also want to contact Tom Rollinson who is the project manager for the Healthcare Technology Co-operative as they have a testing facility upstairs in the ITM.  The HTC are also funded by NIHR to develop these type of devices and get them to market.  
Do I need to do anything on Meridian?  There was another campaign that came up which I made some comments on.  Control Drug safety keys.  Did I do the correct thing on Meridian?
By Tammy Holmes on 27/09/2017
Update and improve submission and then send to HTC/MD TEC and CRN. 
2510My Possible SelfBernard GinnsMental Illness Prevention19/09/2017 - 13:33Publish
My Possible Self, which has been delivering emotional health and wellbeing services since 2009, is launching a digital self-help programme, using content which is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression after just ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 21/09/2017
I've checked with Bernard at Branksome Partners and this is the submission he wants published ... if they say 'clinically proven' one more time .... :( I'll rate and publish as he wants it live asap, thanks, Jo
By Tammy Holmes on 20/09/2017
Need  to check to make sure this is correct as initial submission is currently in 'requiring further information' 
2508SPACE e-magazineManish PatelSPACE: Sharing ideas and best practice19/09/2017 - 11:01Archived
We are pleased to launch the first edition of our SPACE e-magazine. Click here to view the magazine featuring the latest news from the SPACE programme including: 
  • Care home managers participating in Appreciative Inquiry training
  • Two housekeeping ...
2504IdeasUK - Useful webinars Tammy HolmesInnovation Approach: Sharing ideas and best practice18/09/2017 - 09:32Archived
1. School of Innovation – The Role of Mentoring in Innovation (30 minutes)
Can you innovate on your own? Do you know where to start? 
We believe that people and organisations benefit from mentoring in order to unleash their innovation ... read more >>
2500From incidents to excellence in Western AustraliaSarah GibbLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts17/09/2017 - 23:05Approved

At Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, Western Australia it was noted that less than 7% of medical staff had ever reported a clinical incident. The second most common reason cited by doctors for not reporting was the negative connotations ... read more >>
2499Milestones DM2: a digitally-enabled clinical weight management programme for people with type 2 diabetes (TDM2) + BMI >30kg/m2Peter SwalesDiabetes Prevention14/09/2017 - 15:48Publish
The challenge:
Diabetes costs the NHS £10 billion a year, approximately 10% of the entire NHS budget, much of which is spent treating complications that can be prevented through good diabetes control defined as achieving ‘treatment targets’ in ... read more >>
By Elaine Russell on 25/10/2017
HI - sorry hadnt gotten to read this before.  it sounds like slimfast for diabetics.  it says it can only be undertaken with clinical support, so question - do they anticipate that this is 'prescribed' by the GP or aHP and that its in part or otherwise on precription, or does the individual purchase it, not sure of the methodolgy, but also where does the additional support come in - is it dby 'buying' the drinks as part of a care 'package' or how, so i was confused by this, and also not that thrilled.  Needs to be thoguht through more i think.
By Joanne Mewis on 20/10/2017
Sign off received, have emailed relevant WMAHSN team with link to share with diabetes networks and MIC South.
By Chris Dyke on 16/10/2017
Jo is awaiting sign off so we can publish
By Joanne Mewis on 19/09/2017
I will contact the company and advise and assist with an improved submission - thanks, Jo
2498A&E eCAS Card - The electronic casualty record Michael BrettDigital health innovations12/09/2017 - 14:37Publish
Paperlite - The eCAS Card system is a replacement for the paper Casualty Card used in an Accident & Emergency Department and focuses on simplifying activity recording so the patient record contains rich clinical and nursing content. 
Data ...
By Tammy Holmes on 20/10/2017
Email Michael and asked medelink to contact - 

Thank you for your email and i apologise for the delay in my response.  I have circulated your submission to a couple of my colleagues and they have come back with some feedback/questions.  
  1. Information Governance will be crucial if NHS managers are to embrace it.  Could the innovator provide further information on how they plan to address the Information Governance and data security challenges etc. 
  2. The submission implies integration with records, but could they clarify this. Does it integrate fully with Patient Admin Systems (PAS)? If so, which ones, and how will it integrate with other PAS in the future?
  3. The submission describes what eCAS does, but could they provide some examples on how this works on the front line and how they have addressed any challenges. 
I have enabled your submission so that you can edit to provide any further information and we would be more than happy to continue to support you with the submission. I believe you have already worked with Chris who will be in contact shortly. 

By Neil Mortimer on 20/10/2017
A good submission, but three areas where I think it needs strengthening:
  1. Information Governance will be crucial if NHS managers are to embrace it.  The submission needs to be clear how it addresses IG, data security etc.
  2. Integration with records is implied, but needs clarification. Does it integrate fully with Patient Admin Systems? If so, which ones, and how will it integrate with other PAS in the future?
  3. The submission describes what eCAS does, but is a bit thin on how it actually works at the front line.
By Chris Dyke on 24/10/2017

Please see the Additional Information document that is attached to the submission on Meridian. Hopefully this addresses you concerns.

I will send it as a seperate email.

Chris R
By Chris Dyke on 04/10/2017
This is now complete and ready fro publication.

Many thanks
2497A Staff Morale Survey and the introduction of Excellence Reporting on Southmead Central Delivery Suite (CDS).Sophie ScuttLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 23:20Approved
Staff morale at Southmead Hospital Obstetric unit has been under pressure due to staff shortages, budget constraints and a heavy focus on critical incident reporting. This is not unusual across the NHS.  We evaluated staff attitudes and ... read more >>
By Katrina Glaister on 13/09/2017
Hi, I'd be interested to know who was in your 'core team' and what you will be reporting on/to? Sounds great!
By Sophie Scutt on 11/09/2017
I would like to add Dr Nicola Weale (Consultant lead for obtetric anaesthesia at Southmead Hospital) as co-author.
2496Introduction of Excellence Reporting to City Hospitals Sunderland: The first six monthsSarah GibbLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 22:16Approved
Discover: Safety in healthcare has focused on avoiding harm by learning from errors. Excellence in healthcare is highly prevalent but there is a lack of formal systems to capture it. Adrian Plunkett and colleagues at Birmingham Children’s Hospital ... read more >>
By Katrina Glaister on 13/09/2017
I like the idea of the CEO personally signing each nomininaton!
2495You're Greatix - Implementing Excellence Reporting across a Major Trauma Network and a Teaching Hospital TrustAnna GreenwoodLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 20:32Approved
You’re Greatix - Implementing Excellence Reporting across a Major Trauma Network and a Teaching Hospital Trust

In 2016 July Excellence Reporting (ER) was launched across the North Yorkshire & Humberside Major Trauma ... read more >>
2494PIMing*, Positive Incidence Reporting in the emergency and pediatric departments.MoniqueLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 19:43Approved
To improve healthcare and patient safety we use incident reporting systems and mortality reviews to analyze cases where something possibly went wrong. It is known that headlining errors have a negative impact on the affected healthcare professional. ... read more >>
2493Excellence on TourLisa PritchardLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 17:52Approved
The North West and North Wales Paediatric Transport Service (NWTS) has used Excellence Reporting as a method of providing personal feedback and learning from good practice for over 18 months. We frequently encounter excellent practice amongst our ... read more >>
2492Us and them, me and you, we. Regulatory relationships in care homesManish PatelLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 13:09Approved
Posted on behalf of Edel Roddy, PhD Student at Institute for Care and Practice Improvement

The Why 
Effective collaboration between regulatory staff and those they inspect has been recognised as a key component in furthering the improvement agenda ... read more >>
2491Sharing Outstanding Excellence (SOX) at Salisbury NHS Foundation TrustAnna WoodmanLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 13:08Approved
Define: Sharing Outstanding Excellence (SOX) at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.
Discover: Having been inspired by ‘Learning from Excellence’ we conducted a staff questionnaire at Salisbury Spinal Unit, to ascertain their feelings about ... read more >>
By Katrina Glaister on 13/09/2017
I have just finished reading 'Zen and the art of Appreciative Inquiry' (Roger Rowett, 2013 published by Amazon) and am booked in for a two day AI facilitation course next week . (The book is very readable but I didn't really 'get it' until chapter 3 when the theory underpinning it was explored; then I was gripped!).  

The AI approach seems to be a very good way of learning from some of the excellence reporting  (there is good evidence of it being used in the NHS for a number of topics relevant to my line of work).  I like the approach since it seems to generate actions without digging into 'the problem' - seeing 'the glass half full' approach appeals to me!

Our idea is for some of the excellence reporting to be explored further using the AI approach (for example a nomination for getting a challenging patient home ....Imagine we are one year in the future and have just won a HSJ award for the patient-centred way we discharge our elderly patients.  What would that look like? What would be happening in the organisation and how would people be behaving?)

Katrina Glaister
Patient Safety Programme Manager  
2490Excellence reporting at Chelsea and Westminster HospitalTessa DavisLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts11/09/2017 - 11:23Approved
Excellence Reporting in ChelWest…and Beyond

Following a difficult few months in London, with four major incidents in a short space of time, we felt that our staff needed some morale-boosting. This project seemed like the ... read more >>
2489A Quality Improvement Approach to Learning from Excellence in Walsall HealthcareHesham AbdallaLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts10/09/2017 - 18:18Approved
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust provides acute care and community services for people living in Walsall and the surrounding areas.

Our story began with a fortuitous meeting between three individuals who have become the core team for LfE ... read more >>
2488PRAISE: Promoting Appreciative Inquiry – Striving for Excellence at Great Ormond Street HospitalPeter SidgwickLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts10/09/2017 - 16:00Approved
Introduction and aims:  PRAISE is a QI project that seeks to identify excellence within the daily practice of all sectors of Great Ormond Street Hospital staff through peer reporting.
Method: Design of a simple intranet-based form followed by ... read more >>
2486Learning from Excellence in the Royal Hospital for Children Theatre Suite, GlasgowAlyson WalkerLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts08/09/2017 - 15:40Approved
Many days in our theatre suite our lists go well, staff perform brilliantly and patients receive excellent outcomes.  In order to celebrate, learn from and build upon these successes, we introduced LfE in March 2017.  In doing so, we aimed to ... read more >>
2485LocumTap – Dramatic cost saving and user preferred flexible Locum booking systemJing OuyangOther innovations08/09/2017 - 13:54Publish
LocumTap is the key to managing and controlling costs of locums within Acute care, moving from using Agency to Trust staff.
The system provides a real-time two way Locum booking system consisting of: a Clinician App and Web portal for HR or Bank ... read more >>
By Chris Dyke on 06/12/2017
This is now ready for publication - cannot see how to move to submit
By Chris Dyke on 26/10/2017
Draft sent with added information - awaiting return & approval
By Chris Dyke on 16/10/2017
Hi Scheduled call with Dr Jing Ouyang tomorrow 17 Oct at 8am to discuss product and fill in the gaps
By Tammy Holmes on 28/09/2017
Emailed Jing - Jo/Chris to look at submission and get back to him with feedback
By Tammy Holmes on 25/09/2017
Response from Neil
Looks good to me.  It's a weak elevator pitch, and a bit more data in the submission would help (e.g. some volumetrics) would help.
I’ve Cc’d Sarah A in case her HR/Workforce networks are potential routes.
I don’t have any Acute HR contacts, and that’s definitely where I’d start.
Lucy, can we discuss an approach later today?
Response from Sarah Appleby 
Thanks for looking over this Neil.
I dont have any problem with this and happy to push through my workforce networks.  
In regards to HR depts in Acute - I believe that Bhavi was compiling a listing of HRDs across all Trusts in the West Mids so that might be a good place to start.  In addition to this I think it would be useful to perhaps kindly ask Kevin to see if Sam could do the same for medical staffing and Bank Lead Managers - once again adding to the targeted lists they have been compiling. 
TH - Emailed Keving regarding lists of individuals and how we access these. 

By Tammy Holmes on 12/09/2017
I spoke to Jing and he is keen to engage with our workforce leads and STPs, this came as a result of one of the national entrepreneur programmes.  I will send through to Tony and the business managers to see if our STP's have an interest in the area. 
By Joanne Mewis on 11/09/2017
I've checked and rated, I think any innovation that cuts down on agency staff and has such ROI can only be good. If someone else (probably James) can rate and publish (they mention they have no IP associated). Thanks, Jo
2484Evaluating an ideaTammy HolmesInnovation Approach: Sharing ideas and best practice08/09/2017 - 11:56Archived
One of the things I found most useful was determining a way to evaluate ideas to ensure that we were focussing our resources in a way that meant maximum return on investment and effort. 

One way was determining an ideal project criteria specific to ... read more >>
By Lucy Chatwin on 12/09/2017
Totally agree that evaluation is key and it's good to evaluate the ease of implementation along with the impact as this will help with prioritisation too. Sound advice! 
2482Innovation Job DescriptionsTammy HolmesInnovation Approach: Sharing ideas and best practice08/09/2017 - 08:30Archived
When i have been looking to write jobs descriptions for dedicated Innovation posts i have found it useful to look at some that are already out there. 

Attached are a few jobs descriptions that you might find useful that were found online. 
...
By Lucy Chatwin on 12/09/2017
I think it's always good to see what other sectors and industries do as we can always learn from how they do things and apply it to health. 
2481Quality Improvement Methodology to Improve Learning from Excellence at Plymouth Hospitals NHS TrustGemma CrossinghamLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts07/09/2017 - 18:18Approved
Since establishing Learning from Excellence at Derriford Hosptial in Plymouth 8 months ago, we have received over 300 nominations.  Quality improvment methodology (PDSA cycles) has been employed since inception and resulted in a number of seemingly ... read more >>
By Gemma Crossingham on 07/09/2017
Thank you
2478A Quality Improvement Approach to Learning from Excellence in Walsall HealthcareHesham AbdallaLfE: Sharing ideas and best practice06/09/2017 - 11:36Archived
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust provides acute care and community services for people living in Walsall and the surrounding areas. Our story began with a fortuitous meeting between three individuals who have become the core team for LfE -a consultant, ... read more >>
2477Learning from Excellence in Salford Royal Critical CareLouise DeanLearning from Excellence - call for abstracts06/09/2017 - 09:17Approved
Learning from Excellence in Salford Royal Critical Care


Critical Care at Salford Royal is a 24-bedded unit admitting over 1000 patients/year.  It serves as one of the country’s busiest neurosciences units and is a centre for ... read more >>
By James Turner on 06/09/2017
Warehouse I am guessing?
2476My Possible SelfBernard GinnsMental Illness Prevention05/09/2017 - 15:08Archived
My Possible Self, which has been delivering emotional health and wellbeing services since 2009, is launching a digital self-help programme, using content which is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression after just ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 12/09/2017
Emailed Sarah to double check status of this and to see if we can review and publish. 
By Tammy Holmes on 08/09/2017
Sarah Appleby is currently working with this company to ensure the submission is correct and in the right place. 
By James Turner on 08/09/2017
Entered in Mental Health Crisis Care ca,paign too? IP sorted and commercial organisation.
2475Risk Tracker: Outcome Measurement in Preventative ServicesDarren WrightDigital health innovations05/09/2017 - 14:35Detailed Submission
Risk Tracker is a powerful tool for managing clients and demonstrating outcomes. Designed to record information without getting in the way of the service you provide, it requires collection of a minimal amount of information from clients, but ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 10/10/2017
Update - Neil to meet with Darren 

Email from Chris.. 

Thanks for completing your Meridian application with my colleague Jo.
As outlined in my notes on the 4 September, we'd like you to meet and discuss your product with Neil Mortimer.
Could you contact Neil (details below) and myself with a few dates/times your available to have a meeting with Neil and I (Mainly Neil and me to take notes and collect action points) at i-Centrum (NB: Please avoid Wednesday mornings and this coming Friday).
So Neil can get a good understanding of your products Risk Tracker and Referral Tool, to advise and see how your product can fit with the NHS and WMAHSN priority areas etc. to get you moving forward.
Neil Mortimer
West Midlands Academic Health Science Network
Office 12
Ground Floor
Institute of Translational Medicine
Heritage Building
B15 2TH
We look forward to hearing from you with some dates and times..

By Tammy Holmes on 10/10/2017
Email - Chris Dyke
Sorry I missed this with being away and I had not copied my original meeting notes for Jo to read before hand.
Once he had completed a Meridian submission and looked at a series of items I indicated the next step would be to speak with Neil - it may appear he forgot this bit when he spoke with Jo. 
Thus before any mass marketing of this I think Neil may need to take a look at some aspects of it - it appears to have potential but there are parts that need to be sorted e.g. Info Gov but also some practical bits on the various views that different users may wish to have and how it displays and links people with issues in a graphic sense so that you can see who may need to looked after when various issues are identified.
Depending on the risk or referral tool I think there are a number of items that need to be considered/addressed her to ensure safe guarding etc. as would allow to step out of organisations to private therapists etc. - Thus I would like Neil to review and see if he is of a similar thoughts especially as Darren is considering this for use in Mental Health and multi agency use. 
Great ideas and need/demand I'm sure and thus may have great potential but for the company and others it must be right. From the North MIC the risk identification tool may be something the STP/public health may wish to use although it may need new risk maps to facilitate this.  
Like many companies he is seeking funds and this is in part down to his current business model and thus his urgency for it to be publicised.   
From the little I was told (not seen it in action!) it appears to have potential to possible great potential, but I think it may need reconsidering and possibly re-engineering to achieve its potential and what it is promised to do, especially for the entities he wishes to access. i.e. security and data storage protocols etc. 
I'm sending my notes to Neil for review so he can advise us all on next actions.

By Tammy Holmes on 10/10/2017
Emails - 

Jo Mewis
I've worked with Darren Wright at Inside Outcomes (Serendip tenant) on his Meridian submission for Risk Tracker: Outcome measurement in preventative services -
Darren is asking for WMAHSN's help to publicise Risk Tracker, a free software tool (under open license) to organisations providing preventative services to record their work & demonstrate success.
Risk Tracker measures the impact of organisations against national outcome frameworks, supporting them to translate the things they do into the outcomes that commissioning bodies are measured against. With a good understanding of how a service is currently operating commissioners can identify potential opportunities for innovation and improvement, or recognise where services may need to be decommissioned.
"We would like WMAHSN to help to scale up Risk Tracker across the WM region. It is provided free of charge under an open license & users can run it in any way they want, even adapt the code for their own uses. By using WMAHSN’s network to promote this opportunity, WM commissioners can develop service specifications that focus on paying for services which produce improved outcomes for patients rather than reimbursing providers for activity."
Thanks for your help, Jo

By Chris Dyke on 09/10/2017
Hi  I had a number of questions on his products and offered a series of things he may wish to do or should tackle and suggested he speak with Niel as soon as he'd completed a Meridian submission - I will send an abrevieated version to the AHSN team especially Niel as I think there is an element he may wish to look at or comment on with Darren before progressing this and his other product for use in a NHS or public sector. i.e. he doesn't wish to go to IGSoc or N3 until he knows there is a NHS contract/work. Also concerned on Open source usage and possible abuse by others. But in essance an interesting idea and may also facilitate / assist with items of risk (over time) that were sort of surfacing at North MIC meeting. 
By Joanne Mewis on 06/10/2017
Re-wrote and uploaded new submission after Darren Wright confirmed OK, emailed back to tell him I've uploaded it and it's now published - Hi Jo,Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.I've been through your version and compared it with my initial submission. Thanks, I agree with all of the things you've changed. It definitely makes it sound more of a compelling product rather than a description of what it does.Thanks for that. What's the next step?Many thanks Darren
By Joanne Mewis on 19/09/2017
I'll get in touch with the company - having reviewed the submission I think they could be saying so much more! Thanks, Jo
2470Pressure Injuries - SafeguardingManish PatelSPACE: Sharing ideas and best practice01/09/2017 - 08:26ArchivedNHS England guide on:
Pressure Injury
Safeguarding and Neglect
Avoidable v Unavoidable 
2468Using SBAR for Nursing Homes Manish PatelSPACE: Sharing ideas and best practice01/09/2017 - 08:14Archived
SBAR is a structured method for communicating critical information that requires immediate attention and action.

SBAR improve communication, effective escalation and increased safety.

Its use is well established in many settings including the ... read more >>