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IDTitleAuthorCampaignSubmission Datesort iconStateOverview of InnovationCommentsOnline Dicusstion RatingInitial Review RatingDetailed Review Rating
2399Achieve paperlight with Epro’s digital dictation and document production tools Keli ShipleyDigital health innovations04/06/2017 - 20:43Publish
Epro Scrik is a third generation dictation, forms and documentation management mobile technology solution, designed by clinicians.
The solution uses a unique combination of structured data, dictation, templating, speech recognition and usability ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 05/06/2017
"We are launching a telemarketing campaign on the 6th June across the West Midlands offering a FREE of Charge Paperlight Clinic to any NHS Trust in the West Midlands" = An interesting offer - I wonder what take up might be and what barriers Trusts may face to implement such a system - no mention of ongoing costs but I presume that will be mentioned in the detailed information submission - is the free offer something WMAHSN would actively promote to Trusts? I've rated and will wait for another moderator to rate then publish, thanks, Jo

2392Who's In Charge?David Disley-JonesOther innovations30/05/2017 - 15:05Publish
Parents from all backgrounds are putting their children at risk when they drink alcohol at home.

The 'Who's In Charge?' campaign from Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust depicts real life child harm scenarios and asks – ‘when you drink, ... read more >>
By James Turner on 06/06/2017
They have sold it previousy, but i am not sure if that is what they were planning to do now. I will ask...
By Tammy Holmes on 05/06/2017
This is one that me and James had a discussion with the Trust - James did we get any further with the model they are using, i know we did say they would be better just promoting it out. 
By Joanne Mewis on 05/06/2017
I'm not sure what they are asking for here - they have a campaign 'Who's In Charge' - are they selling it to other Trusts or using Meridian for wider promotion? Thoughts welcome! Thanks, Jo
2390Video guides to getting the most out of life with a long-term conditionsDominic ArkwrightSelf Care30/05/2017 - 09:51Publish
The Sound Doctor self-management library includes more than 300 short films and animations covering diabetes, COPD, dementia, heart failure and other conditions. The material is of exceptionally high quality and offers a structured programme of ... read more >>
2386A comprehensive video library to improve self-management of diabetesDominic ArkwrightDiabetes Prevention26/05/2017 - 10:15Publish
The Sound Doctor's unique self-management library includes 60 short films covering all aspects of living with diabetes. The material is of exceptionally high quality and offers a structured programme of education, which can be a lifelong companion ... read more >>
By James Turner on 06/06/2017
they own the IP and have the commercial model sorted, no IP advice needed. Will rate if/when i can.
By Joanne Mewis on 05/06/2017
Hi Tammy, this is a good submission but the 'rate' facility isn't available for some reason - shall we publish it anyway or wait until the problem is fixed? Thanks, Jo
By Tammy Holmes on 05/06/2017
I have reported the issue, we cant publish until it has been reviewed so hopefully it will be sorted soon. 
2385Medelinked Health PlatformIan GallifantExport ready genomics and precision medicine innovations24/05/2017 - 13:23Sign Posted
Medelinked is a UK-based global consumer health platform that helps consumers take control of the management of their health and wellness. Medelinked puts the patient at the centre of their care, through the democratisation of personal medical and ... read more >>
By Chris Dyke on 30/05/2017
Hi Concerns over information governance for NHS use as it is a Cloud based tool and no indication of N3 protocols - refered to NM before we contact them  
By James Turner on 25/05/2017
Commercial, IP not mentioned, can get in touch but assume most of it will be copyright, potential TM/branding so not sure what value I can add?
2373Connecting care with care facilities and the hospitalSimon HooperSelf Care22/05/2017 - 08:03Publish
ReMe supports dementia, older people, carers and families and accompanies the person across their care journey. ReMe was trialled and co-produced by dom care, care homes and in wards.

A new breed, we’ve christened ReMe ‘Activity Based’ ... read more >>
By James Turner on 25/05/2017
Commercial, they own IP, have rated.
2369Backpack-Friendly Professional Support When You Need It MostMartin HoggSelf Care18/05/2017 - 11:40Publish
What is BackPack?
Backpack enables employers to provide a one stop support package for their employees in times of need.
Employees phone a single phone line to access support for a range of issues including emotional support, managing physical and ... read more >>
By James Turner on 18/05/2017
Have spoken to Lucy and I will contact them re. the IP advice they are after.
2366Genomic MDT co-ordinator / validation scientistTammy HolmesWest Midlands Genomics Medicine Centre15/05/2017 - 09:18Board Decision
The introduction of a genomic MDT co-ordiantor/validation scientist would support the work of the West Midlands Genomics Medicine Centre. 

Role outline 
The post-holder will work across the Germline Rare Disease and Cancer Programmes at WMRGL, ... read more >>
2363Enabling self care management through tablet use for those with mild cognitive impairmentSimon HooperGetting people started with digital technology13/05/2017 - 20:57Rejected
RemindMeCare has been built to enable self-care management for those being cared for in the community. Its design enables those that are not familiar or comfortable with tablets to engage for the first time and to remain engaged. Repeat usage is ... read more >>
2362Connecting care with care facilities and the hospitalSimon HooperOther innovations13/05/2017 - 20:13Archived
ReMe supports dementia, older people, carers and families and accompanies the person across their care journey. ReMe was trialled and co-produced by dom care, care homes and in wards.
A new breed, we’ve christened ReMe ‘Activity Based’ ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 22/05/2017
22.5.17 I am about to resubmit this to the self care campaign as requested by Simon, once done I shall archive this submission
By Tammy Holmes on 17/05/2017
Suggested more relevant to the self care campaign. 

Hi Simon 
Thank you for the clarification, i will go back to the campaign manager and let her know. 
With regards to your second submission i wondered whether you had seen our recently active campaign around Self Care.  This is a campaign that is being led by one of our Sub-regional Membership Innovation Councils that are held in the north, centre and south of the West Midlands region.  These groups are made up of stakeholders from across the healthcare sector including NHS trusts, public health, academic institutions, STP leads etc. More information can be found at:     
It looks like this campaign would be relevant to this submission.  If you would like to include this under this campaign and piece of work i have copied in Jo Mewis from our industry gateway who would be more than happy to help you move it across. 

By James Turner on 17/05/2017
Commercial and IP covered/owned by them.
2359Efficient Thinking Innovation Capability & Maturity ProgrammeSteve BottWMAHSN Innovation Fellowship Programme 12/05/2017 - 14:07Detailed Review

We are currently engaged in developing a Local Authority led Innovation Capability & Maturity programme. It’s likely that this experience could provide a good fit with your plans for developing an Innovation Fellowship Programme. We would be ... read more >>
2357Amaven Exercise Medicine: Prevention and Recovery Through ExerciseTania SwiftSelf Care12/05/2017 - 10:37Publish
The Amaven programme adheres to up-to-date guidelines & best practise to deliver an effective & safe approach to caring for the wellbeing of older people. All our programmes have been designed by occupational therapists/physical activity ... read more >>
2341Changing Health - Evidence based digital support for prevention and management of diabetesJohn GrumittIdentification, prevention and management of diabetes03/05/2017 - 09:39Publish

Changing Health offers the first evidence based digital education and personalised support programme for people living with Type 2 diabetes. Our digital diabetes prevention programme is currently under evaluation by Public Health England to be ... read more >>
By James Turner on 05/05/2017
IP Sorted, no MidTECH IP contact needed. Will rate...
By Lucy Chatwin on 04/05/2017
Neil and I have spoken to John and requested a submission. I've scored and would appreciate thoughts.
2338Brain in HandPriti PatelGetting people started with digital technology26/04/2017 - 12:13Rejected
Brain in Hand gives easy access to personalised support from your phone. Used by people with autism or mental health problems, the software is packed with features to help you remember activities, reduce anxiety and feel supported. It’s ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 02/05/2017
This submission is not what the campaign is asking for, I'll get  in touch and ask them to submit it under a relevant campaign. Jo
2337Levo® Therapy System for TinnitusJosephine SwinhoeDigital health innovations26/04/2017 - 09:21Publish
Tinnitus is a conscious awareness of a sound in the ears or head that is not due to an external noise. Every individual has their own very personal tinnitus tone. It can be a high or low frequency sound and its volume can vary over time. An ... read more >>
2334ProduQtivePaul PieterseCommunity Resource Allocation 25/04/2017 - 11:17Archived is an innovative solution to allow organstions to better optimise resources whilst delivering better service outcomes. ProduQtive as a web based platform consist of several modules which can be activated or customised to meet the ... read more >>
By Lucy Chatwin on 04/05/2017
I have spoken with Paul but we didn't discuss details around his solution.  We are meeting 5/5 to discuss opportunities.
By Neil Mortimer on 05/05/2017
Quite a few typos, and the overview doesn't really tell me what it does.

Re. workforce and APIs, I can't see the national ESR people playing ball any time soon.
NHS IG regs also likely to hit affordability.

Will discuss with Paul.
2330SaccScan point-of-care tool for diagnosis and clinical management of major psychiatric disordersMadhu NairData Analytics to support better mental health and care11/04/2017 - 15:45Publish
The Diagnostic Problem
Delivering an accurate and timely diagnosis remains one of the most pressing challenges of modern psychiatry. 1 in 4 adults suffer from mental ill health during their lifetime but around 50% of cases are misdiagnosed. There ... read more >>
By Chris Dyke on 26/05/2017
Ready to review and publish
2329MIRA – Evidence based video-games for rehabilitation and physiotherapyCosmin MihaiuDigital health innovations11/04/2017 - 14:53Publish
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation can be a long, difficult and sometimes painful process. Treatment plans can be cumbersome and a slow recovery can be disempowering for patients. 70% of patients do not adhere to home exercises, which increases the ... read more >>
By James Turner on 15/06/2017
IP assertions correct, maybe scope for software patent in the US if that is to be a big market, but copyright will cover the software/TM for branding, etc. in the UK and elsewhere.
2328PharmacyFaceJason LyndonSME Innovation fund11/04/2017 - 10:15Sign Posted
PharmacyFace uses search engine marketing and online booking to make gaining healthcare support from a pharmacy easier. As many pharmacies are becoming more aware of the need to be 'more service' rather than dispensary-driven, PharmacyFace makes ... read more >>
2325Airglove: air warming system for venous accessSheena JackOther innovations10/04/2017 - 13:29Publish
Airglove is a unique warming system developed to enable access to the veins in a patients arm for the delivery of intravenous drugs. It gently heats the patients arm up as it forces warm air through a single use double walled polythene glove.

...
By James Turner on 20/04/2017
IP ok/commercial organisation. Will rate.
By Chris Dyke on 20/04/2017
Video formatting now resolved. Ready for publication and rating
By Chris Dyke on 18/04/2017
This is now ready for rating and publication.
Many thanks
2322VSE Innovative Management within Healthcare (ILM Level 5)Lorne Walters‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme07/04/2017 - 14:45Board Decision
Value Stream Experts (VSE) propose to utilise our proven and successful methodology: the VSE Innovative Management within Healthcare (ILM Level 5)
Healthcare leaders are facing an ever changing NHS, with increasing uncertainty and ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 17/05/2017
Emailed to update...

Just to update you on your recent submission to the Meridian Campaign for a ‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme.
I can confirm that you submission has been shortlisted and will be discussed at our WMAHSN Board on 31st May 2017. 
I will endeavour to feedback to you on a decision as soon as possible after this date. 

By Pete Jeffries on 16/05/2017
VSM/Lean approaches have a place with the 'toolkit' of methods that can be adopted for quality improvement in a healthcare setting. The programme seems logical and structured and focussed on developing skills which are applied against a 'real world' challenge and improvment is measured which is good.

I think scaling of this approach depends very much on the organisational readiness/improvement culture of an organisation (i.e. it may seem relatively simple to scale but its not quite that straightforward).

The power of lean/VSM approaches I think does depend on the nature of the challenge an organisation is trying to address. Going back to the 'toolkit' of improvment approaches if an orgnanisation was developing a wider improvment strategy I wouldn't see this approach as the only set of tools required (for instance in safety terms there are techniques based around human factors/ergonmics, safety 2 and resilience). This isn't necessarily a comment on the submission itself (which is well articulated) but there has been a tendency for NHS organisations to pick a single methodology and beleive wholesale deployment of that approach solves all challenges. I'm not sure that's the case. So whilst this submission has its own merits I think it is difficult to untangle in terms of scalability and spread from organisational readiness, culture of improvement and exisiting philosophy for continuous improvment. 
By Tammy Holmes on 09/05/2017
Detailed review comments: This is more of a leadership in innovation model rather than focussing on 'proof of concept'.  I think this might be a better suited approach to the innovation and adoption fellowship programme and they have also submitted to that campaign for review for this. 
2321VSE Innovation Implementation SolutionLorne WaltersWMAHSN Innovation Fellowship Programme 07/04/2017 - 12:11Detailed Review
Value Stream Experts (VSE) propose to utilise our proven and successful methodology: the VSE Innovation Implementation Solution to bring innovation capability to the WMAHSN region and underpin the Innovation Fellowship Programme.
The VSE Innovation ...
2314Post Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management for Innovation and ImprovementAnonymous‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme04/04/2017 - 12:23Board Decision
The gap between research evidence and practice is significant for healthcare organisations.  Healthcare interventions which we know to be effective can take a long time to enter common practice, whilst others which we know to be ineffective can take ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 05/06/2017
Discussed at board and invited to a meeting to discuss feedback and how this might be taken forward. 
By Tammy Holmes on 17/05/2017
Emailed to update... 

Just to update you on your recent submission to the Meridian Campaign for a ‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme.
I can confirm that you submission has been shortlisted and will be discussed at our WMAHSN Board on 31st May 2017. 
I will endeavour to feedback to you on a decision as soon as possible after this date. 

By Pete Jeffries on 16/05/2017
There is a clear gap which this submission identifies around skills, knowledge and ability to deliver improvement activity and innovation, this is well articulated by the submission.

QI based training for staff is a well worn route and I'm not sure from the submission what this course offers that is different from other approaches which have been tried (sometimes at scale). The gap between training and implemnetation in QI approaches is well recognised (I can comment less on the innovations aspect) and I'm not sure if this (at least from the current) description is an innovative approach to providing education.

One of the key aspects of delivering QI is the 'on the job' experience of delivering QI projects in the messy reality of a complex social system that is health. Whilst this submission does identify that peer support, refletive learning, networking etc are key to move from awareness to using skills I'm not sure it fully articulates why this programme would be different from others in translation into action on the ground.

I wonder whether there is room for more innovation in terms of delivering this kind of capability building? The programme may be different from other in this regard but it is difficult to understand this from the submission. 
By Tammy Holmes on 09/05/2017
Detailed Review Comments - They have put together further information which can be accessed here this details their full proposal and they have already started the process with the university to get the module accredited. 
By Tammy Holmes on 05/04/2017
Further informaiton was sent to me by the innovator.  i have advised not to upload this but forwarded all to Tony Davis (Campaign Manager) for information
2306Rocketeer Enterprise - Experts in Enterprise and EntrepreneurshipRichard WoodWMAHSN Innovation Fellowship Programme 30/03/2017 - 11:58Detailed Review
My name is Richard Wood, the CEO of Rocketeer Enterprise, a specialist company in enterprise and entrepreneurship. Our USP is that our content and courses are accredited and have a specific digital and tech focus. This ensures all our programmes ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 05/06/2017
Tammy, I think he's missed the point and is promoting his 'innovation service' - I've rated it but not published, what are your thoughts? thanks, Jo
2302Common Approach To Children’s Health (CATCH)David BurrowsUpskill patients/citizens in digital modes of delivery of healthcare29/03/2017 - 16:15Sign Posted

Common Approach To Children’s Health (CATCH) is a free-to-users healthcare app aimed at parents (and carers) of children aged 0-5. CATCH utilises a unique method of NHS Choices or custom information delivery that builds confidence in self-care ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 30/03/2017
Having had a look at it, it is not really relevant for what the campaign is looking for but looks an interesting innovation - Could we contact them and see if we can get a submission under a more appropriate campaign or a warehouse story? 
Also i have closed the campaign and we will look at relaunching a new one to try and get the right submissions .

2300Splunk for Digital Health - Real-time data for efficiently run hospitals Neil MurphyOther innovations29/03/2017 - 14:34Publish
Unlike other business intelligence tools, Splunk is platform-agnostic and can address ‘ad hoc’, non pre-programmed questions. Converging Data Ltd provides secure, on-premise or a hybrid cloud solution that combines and analyses structured & ... read more >>
By Chris Dyke on 30/03/2017
This is now ready for rating and publishing.
2290ScanNav® for Obstetrics Limited First Release (LFR)Gordon McKenzieOther innovations27/03/2017 - 07:22Publish
ScanNav® is a software package that provides support to sonographers during the 20 week fetal anomaly scan. It gives real time feedback to the screener on whether paused images are fit for purpose, and on whether the protocol has been followed. It ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 06/04/2017
Please don't publish - I'm waiting for final approval and will publish then, thanks, Jo
By James Turner on 04/04/2017
Commericla. no IP input needed
2287An Improved Diagnostic Assay for Nasogastric Feeding Tube PlacementDavid McElroyImproving NG tube safety20/03/2017 - 14:52Detailed Submission
~1 million nasogastric (NG) feeding tubes are used annually in the UK, (10 million in the EU), with use growing at 7% per year driven by an ever aging population.  NG feeding tubes are inserted into the stomach via the nose and esophagus to feed and ... read more >>
By James Turner on 20/03/2017
Commercial. No MidTECH IP Input needed.

I know that this is something that UHCW/Warwick have been looking at too, so when this is published it may be work forwarding onto them to review too?
2285doDOC: Delivering the true potential of remote teams through real-time content collaborationCarlos BotoOther innovations17/03/2017 - 16:33Publish
Life Science and Academic organizations operate in an extremely document-intensive, highly regulated environment. doDOC support this critical process of producing collaborative, compliant, quality documents within tight deadlines.
Whether working ...
By James Turner on 20/03/2017
Commercial organisation, no MidTECH IP input needed.
2284solv.aiAnonymousOther innovations17/03/2017 - 11:29Sign Posted
According to the Procure to Pay Network, accounts payable departments spend up to 30% of their time responding to supplier queries.’s first product resolvr™ solves the problem at 10% the cost.  Resolvr™ is cloud-based messaging ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 21/03/2017
Do not publish - Sean contacted Tammy to say he doesn' t want it in the public domain
By James Turner on 20/03/2017
Commercial organisation, no MidTECH input needed re, IP.

2279LASSORachael DanterSME Innovation fund14/03/2017 - 14:35Approved
LASSO is an innovative technology solution aimed at addressing the crisis in healthcare recruitment. A unique, mobile-centric platform has been created to allow healthcare workers the ability to directly interface with hospital providers through a ... read more >>
By Lucy Chatwin on 21/03/2017
Emailed 21st March - The investment committee are due to meet in April but in order to review your application you need to complete the detailed submission - is this something that could be done before the end of March please?

2274Adaptive Learning: ‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme Steve Bott‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme06/03/2017 - 12:33Sign Posted
In an increasingly connected world people are better informed than ever before. They have instant access to innovations and ideas from around the globe. They have opinions, ideas and want to be involved and able to make a difference.

The ambition ...
By Tammy Holmes on 11/05/2017
Update - Spoken to Steve - he is keen to feed into this piece of work overall but doesnt feel he can fulfil the full remit of this campaign.  Therefore i have asked Steve to complete a submission for the innovation fellowship programme as his expertise and remit better fits that model.  he is also working with Hugo on some training we could potentially tap into. 
By Neil Mortimer on 09/05/2017
While all of the content is very worthy, my main concern is its isolation from mainstream professional development.
I may be missing something, but without accreditation as part of a qualification, this doesn't look particularly attractive.
It's also very early stage.  If it addresses the linkage with various professional development and learning routes it may be more appealing.
By James Turner on 08/03/2017
No IP at present, as stated, but IP will be created if this develops in which case a NDA/discussion/collaboration agreement will most likely be needed to cover IP ownership, etc.
By Joanne Mewis on 07/03/2017
I had a read through but for some reason I can't rate this submission, is anyone else experiencing the same problem?  If I could rate it I would be fairly generous as its proof of concept.
2272The sustainable Lean Logistics solution for medicine distribution across Hereford & Worcester - VSEJonathan WallNHS medicines logistics across Herefordshire and Worcestershire28/02/2017 - 13:46Rejected
Value Stream Experts (VSE) are Europe’s leading Lean Logistics Management company, specialising across six vertical sectors, with Healthcare being the largest.
VSE have built up many years of successful partnerships with numerous UK Trusts ... read more >>
2271Eye Hyper Tracking System - Eye Tracking Glasses Graham GermanOther innovations23/02/2017 - 11:14Publish
Eye Hyper Tracking System - Smart Wearable
Viewpointsystem has developed a completely new system to measure and understand human perception through the eyes.
The Eye Hyper Tracking doesn't just capture the line of sight,but also how the person ... read more >>
By Lucy Chatwin on 03/03/2017
Following our conversation I've forwarded to Chris Ramsden for his thoughts for OrthOracle and Mark Herron and will also forward to Amy @ MOD and does anyone have a contact at WMAS? Thanks 
By Lucy Chatwin on 01/03/2017
Arranging a call with Graham on Friday 3/3 to find out more. 
2269DIMEC - Disruptive Repeat Prescription Ordering AppAndrew BaileySME Innovation fund16/02/2017 - 15:47Sign Posted
DIMEC uniquely connects patients to their GP and chosen Pharmacy enabling instant, patient-initiated prescription ordering & dispensing. Through in depth NHS integration, patients can order their repeat prescriptions 24/7. 

DIMEC integrates with ...
2265PSW Group IntegrityAnonymousNHS medicines logistics across Herefordshire and Worcestershire15/02/2017 - 12:04Approved
PSW Group believe they can assist in supporting this piece of work as follows:

A working group will be established to create a Value Stream Analysis that captures the current state of activities that impact the logistics of medicines ... read more >>
By James Turner on 16/02/2017
I think this might be one for Lucy based on the attached document?
2264Primary Care Mental Health e-learning needs assessment toolSue ShortlandPrevention of Mental Ill Health14/02/2017 - 11:03Publish
This product identifies confidence levels amongst primary care teams with regard to the recognition, intervention and support of people with mental health wellbeing and illnesses.  Evaluation of the findings will assist in the development of a ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 25/05/2017
Potential to update innovation with evidence - Sarah A to meet and liase about the information that needs to be added.  Once amended then we can actively push this out to our networks. Around June 2017 
By Amy on 17/05/2017
This project and any related IP is owned by Health Education England and the toolkit will be made available on their public use wbsite.
By James Turner on 17/05/2017
Did they get the all clear from the tech transfer dept?
By James Turner on 03/03/2017
Thanks, Amy. I would still suggest they get the all clear from the tech' transfer department re. IP just to make sure all the copyright statements are in place/correct, etc.
By Amy on 21/02/2017
Meeting with Sue and her colleagues from BCU and Sarah Appleby the programme lead from HEE to discuss the information included in this submission further. There should be no issue around IP as this project has been funded by HEE.
By Tammy Holmes on 17/02/2017
Emailed to Amy to review and rate as she is working with them and keen to get this on Meridian.
By James Turner on 16/02/2017
If they are not sure on the IP I would suggest that they speak with the tech' transfer team at the University before they go any further.
By Tammy Holmes on 17/02/2017
I will check with Amy as this is one that has come through the MH Network. 
2263Total Radiology Solution : Paperless & Effective Workflow from Start to FinishFiona SmithOther innovations14/02/2017 - 10:23Publish
Total Radiology Solution including RIS and other innovative solutions has been designed to increase efficiency in hospitals and clinics - not just to store patients’ data. It’s unique innovation can be seen in:
By Joanne Mewis on 23/02/2017
I've published thanks, Jo
By James Turner on 16/02/2017
Commercial organisation, no IP input needed/is owned by company. 
By Joanne Mewis on 14/02/2017
Don't publish yet - this is one I'm working with the company on - you can rate it though! Thanks, Jo
2260Redesigning NHS medicines logistics for Herefordshire and Worcestershire  Steve BottNHS medicines logistics across Herefordshire and Worcestershire08/02/2017 - 14:08Rejected
Providing cost effective logistics services across rural communities such as those of Herefordshire and Worcestershire is notoriously challenging. Rural road networks mean that key performance indicators such as ‘miles per delivery’ are never ... read more >>
By Joanne Mewis on 14/02/2017
It could be a good way to identify the right service redesign - but there's not way to rate the submission, so I've read it but will leave it with someone from WMAHSN team to publish please! Thanks, Jo
By James Turner on 13/02/2017
Commercial organisation, IP not discussed but the project doesnt seem to have any intrinsic IP as of yet anyway as it is proposed service redesign. No MidTECH IP needed at this stage.
2257QDoc: A user friendly mobile application for shared decision making in mental health saeed farooqShared decision making07/02/2017 - 10:44Publish
John impressed me with occasional sparks of intelligence and wit. When I first saw him in outpatients, he had all too familiar decline in his personality resulting from a severe mental illness.  As a bright young man he was able to secure a place at ... read more >>
By James Turner on 13/02/2017
apologies, I thought it was in the any other innovations campiagn for some reason.

I can contact them re. IP issues but as they are not MidTECH/'enhanced' members I can only offer advice to talk to their Trusts and the issues they need to solve with them.
By Neil Mortimer on 09/02/2017
I think this is the right campaign, as it prompts the patient to ask relevant questions ahead of, and during a consultation, so Shared Decision Making seems good to me.

If James can satisfy the questions about IP, I'm happy for it to go forward; subject to the IP & Meridian Membership issues.
By James Turner on 08/02/2017
Is it in the right campaign? Also, questions re. IP and ownership as they are a NHS employee and they are saying they own all the IP...happy to contact them and ask, although the Trust are not members of MidTECH or enhanced AHSN members.
2251Mental Health First Aid and Resilience Training for NHS StaffKatie BuckinghamOther innovations03/02/2017 - 14:42Detailed Submission
NHS staff are more likely than the rest of the working population to become patients, increasing demands on the system they work in (King's Fund).

Altruist Enterprises are experienced in providing training to help organisations to prevent, identify ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 05/04/2017
Emailed Katie as she has followed up - it would be good if this feedback could have been openly provided on the platform. 

Dear Katie

As per our previous communication i have pushed this out to our networks for comment/information. 

At this time the feedback we have received is as follows: 

A good submission - Workplace resilience is proving to be a hot tpoic, and it's becoming clear that most NHS Trusts now commission or provide training in this area.  One of the big challenges is to quantify the return on investment, whether in human or economic terms.

I have two main questions about the Altruist Enterprise offer:
  • This submission provides some really good information about the qualitative impact and mentions a 25% saving on sickness absence costs, but we believe commissioners will need some more solid outcome and cost/benefit data to be confident of a return on investment. Is there any available? 
  • A lot of Trusts are already commissioning this locally. What is the USP for this particular innovation.  What sets this apart from the training that's already being provided or commissioned by Trusts that makes it truly innovative?
I hope this feedback helps, if there is any further question please do not hesitate to contact me. 

By Neil Mortimer on 09/03/2017
A good submission - Workplace resilience is proving to be a hot tpoic, and it's becoming clear that most NHS Trusts now commission or provide training in this area.  One of the big challenges is to quantify the return on investment, whether in human or economic terms.

I have two main questions about the Altruist Enterprise offer:
  • This submission provides some really good information about the qualitative impact and mentions a 25% saving on sickness absence costs, but I believe commissioners will need some more solid outcome and cost/benefit data to be confident of a return on investment.   
  • I'm not at all clear on the USP - what sets this apart from the training that's already being provided or commissioned by Trusts that makes it truly innovative?

By Tammy Holmes on 14/03/2017
Neil - is there anyway we can open this comment up so the innovator can see your comment rather than it only being for us? i think the feedback would be grately appreciated by the innovator and useful for them going forward. 
By James Turner on 03/03/2017
Commercial organisation and IP sorted, no MidTECH IP input needed.
2249myJobCard: Mobile work and asset management with built-in form engineNavdeep SinglaOther innovations02/02/2017 - 12:02Detailed Submission
Summary marketing video :

Boost Productivity, Workplace Safety and Reliability with "myJobCard". 

“myJobCard” is a mobile Work and Asset Management application which integrates with SAP ERP and come ... read more >>
By James Turner on 02/02/2017
Commercial organisation, and slightly confused IP section, but it is protected by copyright as stated. No further MidTECH input needed.
By Tammy Holmes on 17/02/2017
James are you contacting these people? 
2248The CAREFUL platformAnonymousSME Innovation fund01/02/2017 - 08:34Detailed Submission
The CAREFUL platform has been developed by a practising doctor. It allows safe handover of patients within teams, by creating a clear clinical plan - based on actions - which are then transfered between clinicians during the handover process.

This ...
By Lucy Chatwin on 21/03/2017
Hello - The investment committee are due to meet in April but in order to review your application you will need to complete the detailed submission - is this something that could be done before the end of March please?

By Chris Dyke on 13/02/2017
Just noted its cloud based but no mention of location / N3 etc. so concerns over access controls (who, what, where and why) and thus info governance issues.  
By Chris Dyke on 13/02/2017
Hi James - I'm not sure as I understood that the system they had was in use and operational but developent had stopped due to funding - When I contacted BCH them about a possible merger of the BWH & BCH handover systems they advised that they were not doing anything at present due to the merger. This system and the BCH is seperate to the imbisoft 'virtual clinc' as it is intended for internal hospital handovers especially between day and night and weekend staff. But as Jo points out there are possible linkages and similarities with ensureing people have the most important and relevant information and can quickluy assimuylate what is happening and what is required.
6PM are developing a ward management system and were intertested in possibly taking on the handover systems especially as there was two (efficiency and scale), plus what they are doing at George Elliot. So if the Handover at BCH and BWH is now live again I think it would be good to get all parties together. Possibly with Imobisoft as well to see and ensure consistancy, continuity of sytems and data and possible commercial collaboration between all parties allowing for a much stronger product with routes to market via the developers as well as a set of regional NHS testing and evaluation and home grown trust champions.

As Jo said I think Neil and Lucy should have a look from a IT and commercial / local econmomy angle.    
By Joanne Mewis on 13/02/2017
Imobisoft worked with a consultant at BCH to develop 'virtual clinic' a system that enables clinicians / patients & carers to communicate and it allows for the remote monitoring of the patients condition and automatically updates the EPR - rather than reinvent the wheel we could, as James suggests, maybe link to up with others.  No mention of IG compliance - I'll rate but maybe Neil could cast his eye over this before publishing, thanks, Jo
By James Turner on 01/02/2017
Chris, is this the handover project that you mentioned, from BCH?

I have been working with BWH on on a handover system which is already well developed and used within BWH and has attracted a lot of media attention. It would be good if I could look to link the two together and see if they could be of benefit to each other?
2246MISS (Malinko Intelligent Scheduling System) for NHS Trust community services for efficient patient appointment schedulingAntony QuinnDigital health innovations20/01/2017 - 15:49Publish
NHS community services are one of the last industries to adopt an automated and intelligent appointment scheduling system to help manage their field based (community healthcare) staff. Significant improvements can be made in the way community ... read more >>
2245Malinko Intelligent Scheduling System for NHS Trust community services to make patient appointment scheduling more efficientAntony QuinnCommunity Resource Allocation 20/01/2017 - 15:23Archived
Significant improvements can be made in the way community workforce are managed by optimising the patient appointment booking (scheduling) process.

Proven in other sectors, Malinko is a scheduling system with mobile app to record staff visit check ... read more >>
2242Rally Round - more support for frail or vulnerable adults or people recovering from illnessesSteve PashleyDigital health innovations17/01/2017 - 11:38Publish
What Is It?
Rally Round is an easy to use secure social networking tool that allows family members, friends and carers to easily create and organise support for someone they care about.
Core Features
A support network account is created and other ... read more >>
By Lucy Chatwin on 26/01/2017
I really like this and the principle behind it. Who is using this in the West Midlands at the moment as I can think of Prime GP in South Warwickshire who run a social group to prevent isolation and something like this would sit nicely alongside it?  
By Steve Pashley on 26/01/2017
Hi Lucy. Currently no organisation in the West Midlands is using Rally Round. We'd be very happy to talk to Prime GP if you can make an introduction?
By Tammy Holmes on 18/01/2017
Emailed to Neil to rate before publishing 
By James Turner on 18/01/2017
Commercial, IP sorted.
2239Patient Led Clinical Medicines Reviews (TM)Steve TurnerShared decision making16/01/2017 - 10:40Publish
Our work introduces a novel approach to helping people manage their medicines and treatments.

It involves group sessions for patients on medicines, covering what ‘medicines’ are (not just prescribed substances), how they work, side-effects and ... read more >>
By Lucy Chatwin on 26/01/2017
Hi Steve - I was wondering how this compares with the Medicines Use Review (MUR) and New Medicines Service (NMS) that people can access through their Community Pharmacies? Thanks Lucy 
By Steve Turner on 27/01/2017
Hi Lucy,

Good question. When we do the group sessions we signpost people to MURs. NMS and all other relevant resources.
Then, when we offer the individual sessions, the people who come forward tend to be those for whom existing services havn't hit the spot. We also work closely with the local Mediciens Management Teams to ensure we are offeing soemthing that really adds value and  doesn't reinvent the wheel. We're still learning on this ...

Best wishes,

By James Turner on 16/01/2017
None-NHS and IP dealt with, no IP assistence needed.
By Joanne Mewis on 16/01/2017
Rated, will wait for another person to rate and then publish please! Thanks, Jo
2236Safe Mobile Care (SMC) - Enabling a more effective and efficient healthcare systemElisabeth BarbosaDigital health innovations12/01/2017 - 15:57Publish
SPS have created an open, future proofed digital platform that harnesses and integrates a range of mobile, communication and wearable technologies to pre-emptively and pro-actively support improved patient outcomes while enabling more efficient ... read more >>
2235GroundVision - next generation patient observationsAnonymousDigital health innovations12/01/2017 - 15:24Publish
Over 6,000 people die every year in hospital as a result of “failing to rescue” a deteriorating patient. GroundVision provides a simple and cost effective system to record and calculate EWS (Early Warning Score) and a variety of other ... read more >>
By Tammy Holmes on 13/01/2017
Exhibiting at Meridian LIVE
2234Digital healthcare solutions supporting long-term Respiratory, Diabetes, Cardiovascular conditionsKevin A. AutonOther innovations12/01/2017 - 10:55Publish
Stratification of patients into Risk Groups, even for the same condition, greatly enhances the focus, scalability and agility in response to changing demand. Used to manage people with long term conditions such as COPD, Diabetes, Heart Failure, ... read more >>
By James Turner on 16/01/2017
Commercial/IP dealt with. There seem to be quite a few COPD systems at present, Monica at UHNM is developing one too.
By Joanne Mewis on 16/01/2017
Not sure if the region would take up for COPD as Flo is a competitor - rated and ready to be published when second rating done, thanks, Jo