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Overview of Innovation:
Representative model or prototype system developed & can be effectively evaluated. International patent pending.

We use blockchain technology & smart contracts to automate outcomes based contracting in a trusted fashion for pharmaceuticals, devices & healthcare services.

Digipharm have developed a platform to utilise revolutionary blockchain technology to overcome barriers to the execution of innovative pricing agreements. Our system reduces admin costs associated with reconciling value-based pricing agreements for all stakeholders through the use of smart contracts & creates a medical information infrastructure that is tamper-proof & immutable, something that is imperative when paying for performance versus a fee for service approach. We aim to accelerate the much-needed restructuring of healthcare delivery systems to a value-based approach on a fully independent, third party platform. This will provide the opportunity to evaluate the real time performance & value provided by therapies in a real-life setting without the current infrastructural limitations.

Our solution will address current delivery challenges such as:
  1. Inability to track patient adherence in real time
  2. Inconsistent practices between healthcare providers
  3. Patient privacy concerns
  4. Manual process handling - claims validation, credit not creation, adjustment calculation
  5. Inability to use a ‘fit for all’ customisable platform across all regions
  6. The admin burden of processing pricing agreements, fragmented health systems & data accessibility act as major barriers to the required restructuring of health systems
  7. Empower payers & manufacturers to negotiate meticulous pricing agreements, from truly personalised schemes based on surrogate outcomes to wider access agreements applicable to patient cohorts of interest
  8. Allowing patients to be followed & aggregates data related to patient treatment & outcomes across numerous sites
  9. Expediting integration, coordination & delivery of patient centric healthcare systems with a focus on improving patient outcomes
  10. Allowing automated dynamic pricing models to be implemented across different indications, patient subgroups, therapy lines & localities while providing consistent & comparable outputs
  11. Delays in access to life saving medicines
Benefits to the NHS - see attached

We have started our UK pilot & are finalising our pilot in Ireland. We need to create the right processes for good information governance & seek to partner & work with the NHS in order to implement our platforms.
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