Diabetes Prevention
How can people have a better understanding of diabetes and its risks, knowledge of the things they can do to avoid developing diabetes, and support to stay healthy? 

Ideas (Publish, Detailed Submission)

Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
The Sound Doctor is the leading source of film and audio patient information in the UK, offering a coherent and authoritative learning programme encouraging effective self-management of diabetes.
Overview of Innovation:
The Sound Doctor's unique self-management library includes 60 short films covering all aspects of living with diabetes. The material is of exceptionally high quality and offers a structured programme of education, which can be a lifelong companion for people living with the condition. 

The aims of The Sound Doctor self-management programme are:
1. To reduce the number of avoidable admissions (and readmissions) to hospital
2. To reduce the need for face-to-face contact with clinicians (and to improve the quality of meetings which do take place)
3. To improve medicines management and compliance with medications
4. To improve the quality of care for patients (and patient experience of their care)
5. To help people get the most out of life through effective self-management

The diabetes library
Developed after consultation with Diabetes UK, leading clinicians and patient groups, the films offer detailed and practical advice about diet, activity, medicines, blood glucose monitoring and many other aspects of living with diabetes. The material is motivational, positive and reassuring. We include interviews from healthcare professionals that people will come across in the course of their journey, including consultants, GPs, podiatrists, dietitians, psychologists, specialist nurses, pharmacists and Diabetes UK. There is also reassuring advice from people living with diabetes about taking day-to-day control.

Your healthcare team in your pocket, available 24/7. The advice you need when you want it.

The films specifically address the causes of diabetes, the long and short-term complications and risks and more than half of the films detail steps that people can take to take ownership of the condition, improve their lifestyle and reduce the risks of complications. A list of content is available.

The Sound Doctor has a proven and demonstrable role in improving self-management, and has been exceptionally well received by patients.

The films are extremely well reviewed by healthcare professionals and other experts and, in evaluations, users overwhelmingly report increased knowledge and confidence as well as fewer visits to the GP and fewer hospital admissions. We have evidence that people change their attitudes and behaviour towards diet and exercise. We also know that the films improve people’s satisfaction with, and experience of, their care.
The Sound Doctor is currently being used in a number of CCGs and Hospital Trusts around the country as well as community pharmacies.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Long term conditions: a whole system, person-centred approach / Wellness and prevention of illness / Digital health / Person centred care
Benefit to NHS:
Diabetes costs the NHS £10bn every year – mainly due to complications which can be avoided or delayed through effective education. People with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital and have longer stays.
Those with diabetes may see their healthcare team only once or twice a year so effective self-management driven by effective information is essential.
The Sound Doctor library is not an ad hoc series of films touching on a few subjects that might be of interest to someone with diabetes. It is a comprehensive, structured education programme that can be a companion for life.
An evaluation carried out in West Leicestershire in December 2016 among long-term users of The Sound Doctor found:
96% of users understood their condition better
98% learned new information about their condition
96% felt more confident about managing their condition effectively
88% had a better understanding of their medicines (10%not applicable)
93% have changed their self-management technique
98% found The Sound Doctor easy to use
99% found it a useful addition to their healthcare
92% of users reported fewer visits to their GP
62% said they had been to hospital less often
Why The Sound Doctor?
80% of the cost of diabetes is spent on complications. The Sound Doctor films aim to reduce the likelihood of developing complications by delivering effective advice on diet, activity, medicines management, blood glucose monitoring, HbA1c and other aspects of  self-management including specific films on looking after your feet and eyes that can directly reduce the likelihood of amputation and blindness. There are sixty films in all. 
Self-management is the key to reducing the costs of treating many long-term conditions in a testing financial climate. The Sound Doctor is a class-leading information product that can achieve this.
“The quality of the product is, in my experience, unmatched anywhere in the world.”
Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Adviser Public Health England
Costs are reduced in various ways including GP appointments at an average cost of £25 and hospital admissions for foot ulcers and amputation, dialysis, cardiovascular disease, sight impairment and neuropathy. Other benefits are derived from decreasing the number of bed days in hospital and increasing attendance and productivity at work.

For more information please contact Rosie Runciman: rosie@thesounddoctor.org (Tel) 01285 850887
Website: www.thesounddoctor.org
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (2 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
All the benefits outline above apply equally to the West Midlands population. This is a versatile and scalable product which has been adopted in several CCGs and hospital trusts around the UK. 

We are particularly keen to develop our product and produce new material for and in the West Midlands as a local company benefiting from the Serendip programme at iCentrum.
Current and planned activity: 
When funds permit, The sound Doctor intends to continue producing new libraries of films addressing other conditions. In particular we plan a comprehensive package of films covering stress, anxiety and depression; alcohol; further musculo-skeletal conditions and weight management.

We are open to discussion on co-producing further, localised material on diabetes to reflect the West Midlands population more accurately.
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
The Sound Doctor owns all IP in all products. Material is generally licensed to clients on an annual or monthly basis (min 12 months) and allows access for up to 100,000 users
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
6-12 mon
Ease of scalability: 
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