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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Liva helps people prevent and reverse chronic diseases and manage lifestyle challenges by scaling meaningful human relationships using technology. At the same time, Liva drives efficiency and reduces costs for healthcare providers and payers
Overview of Innovation:
Liva Healthcare is a proven solution provider for NHS England, Healthier you, Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme pilot.
  • An advanced yet intuitive digital platform fully approved for use with the NHS (a service user app (front end), and a dashboard command (backend) for health coaches)
  • A patient centric approach in platform and programme design
  • An expert coaching team with significant experience in impacting lifestyle change
  • Individualised coaching services delivered predominantly digitally, but with a differentiating, relationship-building face-to-face Initial Assessment.
  • A structured education approach encompassing a modulated library of content with individualised lifestyle advise, provided by a leading general practitioner in diabetes management.
  • An evidence-based and approach to behaviour change and diabetes management.
  • Strongly governed clinically by frameworks and evidence-based care pathways.
  • A proven and effective team of experts who ensure optimal standards of implementation.
  • An attractive solution that is economically sustainable with staged fee structures linked to continued engagement.
  • Clinically proven, with users maintaining 7kg of weight loss after 20 months and €2,000+ savings in societal costs per year per diabetic.
  • Scalable and efficent with more patients to be handled with less resources.
Liva has achieved success through refining and adjusting the programme based on clinical evidence, coach feedback and patient evaluation. We base the programme and all of its interventions on the acknowledgement of the reality of people’s lives, working on their terms, not ours.
  • Liva’s design philosophy is about intuitive solutions, easy to understand and use, even for non-digital natives.
  • It offers access across all popular platforms such as iOS and Android in addition to any computer or tablet. It has been particularly important for us to design with lower socio-economic groups in mind so - for example - dietary tracking can be done via simple photographs of meals rather than calorie counting. The same intelligence applies to the option of sending video messages as an alternative to text options in order to lower a barrier for usage.
  • Liva has established protocols to deliver appropriate levels of intervention based on need with specific emphasis around fluid, rolling engagement monitoring and to help service users get back on track and recover their progress if newly developed behaviours are disturbed.
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Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Re. “Patients using this service have already been reporting weight loss of up to 14Ibs in weight in under 8 weeks, improved health and some are no longer pre-diabetic"

The STPs will find it helpful if you have more stats on these, similar to:
Of x pts using the service, y have reduced their BMI by z
Of x pts using the service, y have self reported an increase in health and wellbeing
Of x pts listed as pre-diabetic, y are no longer pre-diabetic

Could you add them if available?

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