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Virtual Clinic is an innovative mobile app which securely sends real time patient data to the hospital database.  A web interface allows the consultant to review a patient’s condition online and give feedback to the patient.
Overview of Innovation:
Virtual Clinic enables patients to manage their conditions more effectively by communicating information about their condition on a daily basis, reducing the need to attend a clinic unless it’s absolutely necessary.

A collaboration between Imobisoft and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the Virtual Clinic app enables patients to securely communicate information about their condition directly to a clinician while simultaneously updating the Trust’s electronic patient record system.

Currently, patients with long term conditions or requiring post-operative care regularly attend outpatient clinics. The majority of these appointments require no clinical intervention and may require several hours’ travel for what might be a very brief questionnaire-based session with a clinician.
If a patient’s condition changes between routine appointments, the app automatically alerts the clinician who can respond immediately and effectively, having been provided with details about the change. An intervention can be made earlier, potentially decreasing the risk of morbidity or the need for more complex interventions or hospital admission.
Providing patients with immediate feedback on how their lifestyle or treatment impacts on their symptoms provides immediate personalised education to help them manage their condition.
Virtual Clinic is a free app. Users download it onto their phone and enter their unique code to create their profile. Symptoms are recorded via slider bars and radio buttons and sent in real time to the server. Clinicians view the data received, either via an alert when abnormal data is received or by logging onto the web interface to see all data for a particular patient over a period of time. Clinicians can send a message via the web interface to the patient’s phone and run reports on patients, symptoms, etc. from the database.
The functionality of the app can be applied to the majority of long term conditions currently managed by regular Outpatient appointments.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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