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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Simple and easy; attach the AliveCor Mobile ECG to your smartphone or tablet, download the AliveECG app and record an ECG; see instant result. It's that simple.
Overview of Innovation:
First Mobile ECG that allows individuals to detect, monitor & manage heart arrhythmias with automatic analysis all from their own smartphone or tablet. CE mark and available in UK from multiple sellers.
The AliveCor mobile ECG for capturing electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings of the heart anytime, anywhere. Many suffer from undiagnosed symptoms that can be easily captured and those with hidden problems can quickly be screened. Previously the exclusive domain of Cardiology, the AliveECG app will automatically check for rhythm abnormalities and warn the user if they are present. This instant feedback differs considerably from the standard of care, often a time consuming process, that may require visits to hospital or clinics and needs highly trained operators. This potentially represents dramatic cost savings by reducing expensive referrals to secondary care and speeding up the result from weeks to seconds! (Cost benefit evidence still being gathered for some use cases). NICE advice available, and part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator with support from NHS England.

Designed and iterated with feedback from users and from the Atrial Fibrillation Association. Most users currently self-pay, from Amazon. Compatible with most Apple and Android family mobile devices, connected to electronic health records via PDF and cloud integration.

To access the AliveCor manual follow this link to the Manage Your Health website:


From here use Clinician tab on the top menu bar and select  'Atrial Fibrilation ‎(AF)' The guide is located in the 'Monitoring' section and can be downloaded directly from here.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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