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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
AccessibleGP will nurture and encourage transformational behaviour change among patients and GP services facilitated by an interactive website and communications platform to promote patient self-care and reduce unnecessary GP appointments.
Overview of Innovation:
GPs are the most trusted source of health advice in the community.  But increasing workloads mean time available to support individual patients is reducing. Digital technologies introduced to ease some of the pressures, including the ability to book appointments and access medical records online, are rarely promoted in practices nor used by patients. New approaches to freeing up GP time and resources are urgently needed so they can devote more time to improving patient care.
AccessibleGP (AGP) is a model that facilitates transformational behaviour and service change. It aims to promote greater patient self-care, drive down unnecessary demand on GP time and enhance communication and information exchange between patients and GPs by using an interactive website and communications platform.
The platform sits behind local Practice websites, maintaining their individual look, feel and local content.  It offers improved content and functionality, with the ability to communicate:
  • personalised and reliable information and advice relevant to individual patient health care needs
  • relevant and timely information relating to particular patient ‘groups’.
It provides access to consultation notes, test results and recommended next steps, as well as motivational tools - such as the ability to set and monitor personal health goals with email reminders. It helps patients avoid accessing the wrong information online by linking directly to their GP and other trusted sources of advice, and has the potential for email, video and live chat functionality.
In the testing phase, ‘digital champions’ will be available to support the platform roll out within GP practices. They will help increase patient engagement and assist staff to embed its use into practice life. ‘Patient Activation Measurement’ (PAM) scores will be used to track any resulting health improvements and patient motivation increases. Reports generated from GP EMIS systems will also help monitor health improvements and GP usage.
Initial testing will focus on the top 10 health conditions frequently leading to unnecessary GP appointments. Concept testing has already been undertaken with a number of patient cohorts through a market research company. Patient engagement in co-designing the platform accessibility, ease of use and content will be central to the testing phase.
Stage of Development:
Trial stage - Trial stage to prove that the idea actually works as intended
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