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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Recap Health enables NHS clinicians and social care professionals to efficiently deliver personalised, relevant, timely and up-to-date digital health and social care content (videos, leaflets, website pages etc) direct to selected patients/clients.
Overview of Innovation:

Recap Health is a cloud hosted patient education and clinical information delivery application. It enables clinicians to quickly find and send relevant digital health content to their patients, helping patients to become better informed and better able to manage their own health effectively.

Clinicians select relevant digital content (videos, leaflets, web pages, third party apps, events etc ) from a library of pre-approved digital content. Content can be searched by health condition, age, language and media type etc. Content can also be packaged into pre-defined 'bundles' to facilitate speed of use. At the click of a button clinicians can send content to individual patients.

Clinicians can favourite content for future use. They also can see what content their peers use and they can see clinician and patient reviews and rating of content.

Patients with Recap Health accounts receive an email notification, alerting them to the arrival of new content. They login and see their personalised content (videos, leaflets, apps, website pages etc), in an attractive personalised webpage. As well as consuming the content, patients also can hide content, rate and provide feedback on their content and share it electronically with family and friends.

Recap Health records whether and when a patient has accessed their content which enables organisations to classify patients in relation to how 'activated'/engaged they are.

In future, organisations will be able to set a series of time or behaviour based rules associated with how patients relate to their content. Rules can trigger in-app messages, emails and or offers of live chats. In this way Recap can become a platform for engaging with 'at risk' or newly motivated patients in a more proactive way.

In addition, short online surveys can be presented to individual patients to measure knowledge and motivation to self care, both pre and post accessing content.

Recap Health has been developed in partnership with a Mental Health and Community Trust but we believe it can also be used also by Acute Trusts, Community Trusts, GP Federations and Local Authorities. It also can be a vehicle for health and social care economies that wish to foster clincial collaboration across professional and organisational boundaries, to achieve shared self-care and patient engagement objectives expressed in STPs, NMCs and/or digital roadmaps.

Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Hi Steve - great to meet you today and here is a bit more information about the Patient Activation Measures that I was trying to find out about - 
All queries can go to this address - and there is a CCG in the region who have access to this! Cheers Lucy 
Looking at this I'm wondering whether it is worth you considering application to the Innovation Technology Tariff for self management of COPD? I will contact NHS England for the specification details and pass them on as soon as I hear back. Thanks, Lucy
Thank you Lucy. Bw Steve

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