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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Rally Round helps frail and vulnerable adults to live well at home. It also helps patients recover from illnesses and other health challenges. See
Overview of Innovation:
What Is It?
Rally Round is an easy to use secure social networking tool that allows family members, friends and carers to easily create and organise support for someone they care about.

Core Features
A support network account is created and other trusted family members, friends and carers are invited to join. Everyone adds support tasks that need doing, such as shopping, help with transport, socialising etc. Network members choose which tasks to help out with.

Text and email alerts remind everyone what needs doing, who is doing what and when things need to be done.
Important information can safely be shared with other members of the support network via the Noticeboard.

Rally Round can be offered to people in 3 ways:

Self Service: social media marketing and off line promotion drives local people to a bespoke Rally Round website landing page. From here people can create and build up support networks themselves.

Assisted Networks: NHS Staff (plus partner organisations and third sector organisations) refer people to Rally Round via an online referral dashboard. Referrals made instantly trigger an automatic email and phone based onboarding service provided and run by Rally Round.

Managed Networks: NHS Staff (plus partner organisations and third sector organisations) are trained and supported to introduce Rally Round to relevant clients and/or families of clients. They do this via a managed networks login that allows networks to be created very efficiently. Staff who use this process are automatically assigned to be the coordinator of the networks they create. In this way they can build up the support network by issuing invitations to family members, friends or volunteers before leaving.

Social Capital and Performance

Licence holders have access to a Data Dashboard. This lists all the networks associated with their licence together with key performance data e.g. number of helpers in each network, number of support tasks moving through a network and the resilience of each network as measured by the way in which support tasks are shared amongst network helpers. In essence the Data Dashboard provides a glimpse into people’s social capital.

Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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I really like this and the principle behind it. Who is using this in the West Midlands at the moment as I can think of Prime GP in South Warwickshire who run a social group to prevent isolation and something like this would sit nicely alongside it?  
Hi Lucy. Currently no organisation in the West Midlands is using Rally Round. We'd be very happy to talk to Prime GP if you can make an introduction?

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