Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) (#2438)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Achiever Medical LIMS helps research institutions to improve lab efficiency, facilitates return on investment into sample collections & demonstrates compliance to legislation. Inbuilt security protects patient identifiable data with controlled access
Overview of Innovation:
With increasingly stringent regulations and greater emphasis on profitability placed on laboratories, Achiever Medical LIMS was designed in conjunction with leading scientists & clinicians to provide an easy-to-use sample management systemincorporating sample tracking, clinical data management, workload & communication management. The system addresses the gap left by traditional LIMS systems by providing enhanced donor and research profile data.

Achiever Medical LIMS is a process driven & web browser-based laboratory & clinical data management system that is flexible/scalable to evolve as needs develop. Using Open Standards to streamline the sharing of information across existing applications Achiever Medical LIMS allows data to be imported from, e.g. Patient Information & Storage Environment Management Systems, Lab equipment, Emails & Calendars for an holistic overview of samples, equipment, environment & workload.

Achiever Medical LIMS enables the mapping of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure staff adhere to agreed standards, ensuring regulatory compliance & promoting quality, efficiency & consistency. Achiever Medical LIMS can assist in compliance with the Human Tissue Act, Good Laboratory Practice & CFR 21 Part 11.

Sample tracking functionality delivers complete traceability with automatic generation of unique reference numbers for each sample. Core sample details e.g. location/sample type are tracked as values change for a complete audit history. Sample profile information is captured including sample & tissue type, tissue collection details and associated patient & project information. Barcode labels can be generated for single/multiple samples & customised information can be contained within each label. These labels can be scanned to facilitate rapid sample retrieval.

Achiever Medical LIMS integrates data and processes across multiple faculties/diverse into a single solution. This enables authorised users to gain an holistic oversight, having full access to complete donor/patient records. Robust security filters and flexible tools within the LIMS allow the creation of custom levels of user security access to samples, donors or project information. This flexibility is especially useful for biobank or bio-repository management or when conducting multiple studies/clinical trials/projects with multiple collaborators. These tools support collaborative working and simplify a task that can otherwise be legislatively difficult and time-consuming.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Hi Karen

That's a really good question.  We were established really as sample tracking and donor management,  it was the market that led us to the LIMS market when we found ourselves successful in winning bids for LIMS requirements. We're winning against traditional LIMS vendors. From experience what we are told is that LIMS systems miss the donor or patient data amangement. In addition our systems allow greater in house ownership than traditional LIMS. We've also got (from feedback from the market) easier integration options and better software flexibility. I'd say some of these are the key differentiation points. Our references are critical, with a great base of endorsements from existing users. 

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and feedback. 
There are already several LIMs on the market.  How will you influence organisations to consider yours alongside those that are already established? 

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