A&E eCAS Card - The electronic casualty record (#2498)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
eCAS Card simplifies recording activity data at point of care in busy A&E Departs. This data is available to all clinical staff with associated patient safety checks. Patient record is more complete accurately reflecting activity & improving coding
Overview of Innovation:
Paperlite - The eCAS Card system is a replacement for the paper Casualty Card used in an Accident & Emergency Department and focuses on simplifying activity recording so the patient record contains rich clinical and nursing content.

Data Collection – The eCAS Card system simplifies and streamlines data collection by reflecting the processes and work flow within A&E Departments whilst integrating with the Trust’s PAS and key IT systems to ensure administrative functions are minimised.

Accessibility - No longer are nurses and clinicians required to search for a single paper record as they will have access to the latest patient information anywhere within the hospital where there is browser access to the network. The same patient record can be viewed with the capability of updating different parts of the record by multiple people simultaneously.

Accessible via multiple devices including Tablets, iPADs and C.O.Ws utilising NHS security protocols.

Monitoring - the system monitors “wait times” and provides simple, visual updates on screen to assist with meeting targets. Utilising the data provided by nursing staff, Sepsis, VTE, Child and adult safeguarding checks are undertaken and appropriate alerts raised if the data meets certain parameters.
  • nursing staff report that their capacity to treat patients and record their activity increases with the use of the eCAS Card service
  • clinicians benefit from having the latest patient information to ensure appropriate and timely treatment.
  • administrative staff note a significant reduction in time spent chasing paper notes, scanning CAS Cards and completing activity data not entered prior to discharge.

Data Sharing – the eCAS Card service ensures accurate and complete activity recording that results in an improved patient record which is then used for;
  • automatic production and e-mailing of GP attendance letters
  • all necessary reports and correspondence
  • A&E data available for Inpatient episode where a patient is admitted
  • simplified coding
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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