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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
‘Uber’ for the NHS. Hospitals crate shifts & push them to only the relevant candidates. Those interested apply with a single click. Hospital admins award the shift to the best candidate. When the job is done both sides leave feedback.
Overview of Innovation:
Megalist is a staff management platform.
The single biggest threat to the NHS is the staffing crisis which affects every other aspect of the NHS.
The is no reason why a large organisations like an NHS Trust with thousands of employees can not share employees to load balance their staffing needs. For example ITU nurses covering A&E.
The only reason for not doing that is that the NHS does not have the infrastructure to do such a thing - to load balance staff between departments, sites, hospitals or even Trusts.
It’s time to rethink the old model.
An NHS employee is an NHS employee and there is no reason that if the have the necessary skills that they wouldn’t be able to cover shifts in a different position in the NHS.
The agencies have been providing the NHS with this integrated infrastructure and charging a very hefty price for it and in all fairness delivering a mediocre service at best.
Megalist provides an innovative solution of a distributed staff management system.
Instead of one secretary calling and emailing everyone and then emailing or calling the agency who emails and calls the staff on their books and they email and call back to the agency who emails and calls the secretary who finds the consultant or the nurse in charge and they vet the agency worker and then they call and email the agency who calls and emails the doctor or nurse who might have taken another job already.
Megalist is a distributed staff management platform - meaning that many people have admin rights: senior doctors, senior nurses, site managers, secretaries, rota coordinators, departmental manages, night mangers and so on. They can all create a shift and push it directly to the relevant people who get the offer directly on their phone and who can respond with a single click.
Hundreds or even thousands of people can be notified in seconds and relevant candidates can be found in minutes not hours or days.
The admin awarding the shift has a lot more information at hand - feedback from previous shifts, how many shifts the candidate worked in the past and where, full electronic resume, photo, relevant documents in our document exchange and much more.
The main benefits are admin staff spend significantly less time finding staff and can do other tasks. Agency spending is cut drastically and having a fully staffed department means increased patient safety, increased patient satisfaction, increased employee satisfaction and thus higher productivity.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
LocumTap is a flexible software solution for the booking, management and control of temporary clinical staff within hospitals and other clinical settings with proven cost savings.
Overview of Innovation:
LocumTap is the key to managing and controlling costs of locums within Acute care, moving from using Agency to Trust staff.
The system provides a real-time two way Locum booking system consisting of: a Clinician App and Web portal for HR or Bank Staff administrators. It has been designed by clinicians within the Acute settings, who understanding the operational needs & requirements of Hospitals, their departments & their staff, with fully configurable operational flexibility built in from the onset.

Controlled and Simple Administration
LocumTap improves adherence to standard operating processes, whilst providing flexibility to facilitate the nuances of specialist departments.
It is a complete Locum booking process which reduces & simplifies the administration burden whilst providing financial insights for the control of the temporary staffing. Providing: Staff details, Vacancies, Bookings, Pay-role reports etc.

The system allows for rapid upload of bank staff to initiate the system. Staff who request to join the Bank staff, upload their personal & professional credentials via the App, prior to undertaking a Trusts HR/Bank validation /acceptance process.
Customisation - Departments can specify their requirements, such as allowing any suitably qualified staff to fill vacancies, or requiring to approve any applicants prior to dept acceptance, as well as further approving any shifts they wish to work. Allowing Clinical managers to have full confidence in the staff hired to work in their discipline/Dept.
Benefits for Trusts and Locums
LocumTap provides a two way operation; Either locums can browse shifts and book shifts which match their credentials on-demand or elect to fill future shifts. Thus clinicians can plan ahead, control their time and manage their finances & work-life balance. Their shift information is recorded via Paperless Timesheets - Clinicians get a digital sign-off on their app for payment processing;
or through the Bank service indicating their shift vacancies Bank Admin can also look for suitable staff from a large repository of staff who can cover shifts and directly contact them via the App dramatically minimising the hiring of Agency.

All shifts vacancies can be seen – transparency. This has meant system has proved to be liked by staff as they feel in control and it has increased vacancy shift fill rates from 60% baseline to 98.5%. This is equivalent to £750,000+ per year in cost benefit to the trust (from junior doctor shifts alone).
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Wealth creation / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Patient and medicines safety
Benefit to NHS:
LocumTap primarily targets hospital efficiency & reduction of Agency spending, but could equally be used by smaller clinical establishments.
Automated and Streamlined Service
Cost Benefit
  • Reduction in Workload of HR (by reducing the administrative burden of managing the bank). Removal of inefficient and unreliable methods of communication, such an end to interrupting clinicians with numerous cold calls and emails to establish availability and to firm up bookings.
  • End to Mistakes due to human error & associated costs.
    Paperless Timesheets and pay-role outputs for finance, has meant less errors and thus  a reduction of Admin and Finance time dealing with payment queries & disputes
Morale Increased
  • Less Workload for staff bank – chasing and making changes to information
  • Minimum Admin Stress – removal/ reduction of time pressure
  • No high Staff turnover due to removal of pressure.
  • Ability to take on other productive tasks – e.g. recruitment drives
Recruitment Support
Cost Benefit
  • Increase of clinicians in staff pool – Flexibility, Personal Control & Transparency led to 38.5% increase of self electing Clinicians joining
  • Competition for available shifts – leading to early booked shift vacancies
  • Competitive adjustment of hourly rates – Staff selecting their own pay-rate (in Confidence)
  • Increase of Full shift coverage – leading to less HR staff stress but also increasing hospital capacity and reducing clinical / ward staff stress
  • Increasing the Choice for HR staff due to large pool of Trust staff being available
Reduced Reliance on Agencies
Cost Benefit
  •  Major Efficiency of spend - Cost benefit of £15,000 and £20,000 per mth for every 10% conversion of doctors and nurses respectively from agency to bank staff. Est. saving of £750,000+ per year in costs (from junior doctor shifts alone).
  • Consistent and trusted locums – Staff who know the hospital systems, procedures and protocols
  • Less opportunities for errors due to unfamiliarity with the hospital or insufficient induction
  • Greater Cross-cover for unfilled gaps in the rota – ability for staff to gain new experiences and insights
Real-Time Data
Cost Benefit
  • Increase in Proactive planning – Wards, Departments and Locums selecting their preferred shifts - Gamification
  • Available shifts publicised in advance of agency – Internal covered minimising need for Agency staff weeks before required (creating time to negotiate?)
  • Better Management oversight on locum activity and spend
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
Although our innovation does not impact on patient safety directly, it can greatly impact of the care provided by ensure staff levels are maintained and that staff that know the hospital and the hospital them are in attendance. The evidence in the literature is patchy, although it is conventional wisdom that wards are more effective when appropriately staffed and bank staff are more efficient than external agency staff (the latter are less familiar with hospital processes, guidelines and IT).
The results from our current work at Chelsea-Westminster demonstrate higher staffing levels and also greater utilisation of bank staff rather than external agency staff with significant Cost savings.
The application of our technology could also be applied across Trusts with multiple sites where staff may be able to work in multiple locations or only within one or more locations. Thus this greater pool of Bank/Locum staff to draw upon should increase efficiencies and cost savings from Agency staff hire as well as reduce / remove any issues due to temporary staff not being familiar with the hospital, ward or their procedures and practices.
Within the Management Function it facilitates (Not covered above):
  • Better Recruitment Support - The platform has a recruitment tool to manage candidate applications - onboarding and verifying new locums.
  • Efficiencies of a Streamlined Service - Platform streamlines the entire shift booking cycle & improves adherence to operating procedures and policies.
  • Insights via Feedback and Rating System - Clinicians can be scored on their care quality, communication and punctuality. To ensure quality control and rehire-ability.
  • Informative Powerful Dashboards - Data is presented in dashboards, providing management with real time insights into all locum activity.
  • Finance / Operation Service Improvement:
    • Reduction in delayed staff payments due to removal of paper timesheets not arriving with finance in a timely fashion.
    • Reduced the time it takes to process weekly payrolls.
    • Captured escalations and virtually eliminated unwarranted and unauthorized escalations in participating departments.
    • Department managers have more visibility over the locum activity in their areas by accessing real-time and department-specific dashboards.
For other benefits please see previous sections.
See for further infiormation
Current and planned activity: 
Current Activity
Following a successfully implementation at Chelsea-Westminster Hospital Trust, we are now looking to expand across the UK and have initiated conversations with NHS trusts & STPs.
We are interested in being connected with healthcare organisations that are members of WM AHSN looking to improve on their staffing and agency operations and wish to reduce their spending.
Planned Activity
Thus we would like to discuss:
  • Procurement / Adoption -  LocumTap by WMAHSN Trusts, STP’s or CCGs
  • Concept Development Due to LocumTap’s flexibility & customisation, we welcome opportunities to discuss your requirements and how we may extend its capabilities for other health institutional requirements. We have plans to integrate Bank Nursing & Professions Allied to medicine and welcome input and interest in these services for your service 
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
The software is copyrighted.
The system and  App is password protected and has basic encryption
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Very high
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
0-6 mon
Ease of scalability: 
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
An online platform to recruit doctors and nurses for locum/temp shifts, and permanent shifts.  
Overview of Innovation:
MedicBank is an online platform to recruit locum and permanent nurses/doctors to hospitals, cutting the current high costs associated with traditional agencies. Nurses and doctors will be able to select shifts at immediate and elective notice, and matching AI software will aid this process to improve links between staff managers and their staff. This AI component will also help hospitals better understanding pricing by: times of the day, seasonal holidays, position and urgency.

The platform has been designed to improve the usability and interface between hospitals, their staff and future hires. Maintaining a real-time focus on intelligent pricing strategies and demand planning backed by our custom big data algorithms. The impact of this is seen on healthcare delivery. Hospitals will save a lot of money through our novel billing system, and this means that they can spend more directly on healthcare provisions. Furthermore, as a result of better staffing, patients will be seen sooner and should receive a higher quality of care.
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Wealth creation
Benefit to NHS:
MedicBank has multiple benefits:
- Significantly more cost effective (up to 40%) due to our novel billing system
- Cheaper than existing traditional agencies
- Help solve short-term staffing problems (locum and temporary staff) as well as long-term recruitment issues (permanent staff)
- It targets both doctors and nurses. Other organizations have avoided focuses on nurse recruitment as this has significantly more administrative barriers to market.
- It reallocates the distribution of power from staff agency firms to the hospitals through unique features.
- This digitalizes the process of international recruitment of staff to help solve the issues underlying the staffing crisis.
Initial Review Rating
3.40 (2 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
The societal need is a general improvement in healthcare provision. This includes:
o Reducing waiting times for emergency and elective procedures. More staffing in emergency departments will aid patients being seen within a reasonable time. This has further implications for elective procedures also.
o A higher quality of care that is associated with a fully-staffed healthcare team. When a ward is fully staffed, then patients receive a greater amount of care as there are more people to provide it. This means more time for patients.
o More available options due to reduced spending on staff (a lot of which goes to agencies and not to the staff). Trusts are limited by their capital and equipment, this leads to greater waiting times for patients.
o Happier staff will deliver better care. The current mood within the medical workforce is poor. They feel over-worked and targeted, and it is difficult for this not be translated into their work mood.
Current and planned activity: 
Our current plans are to engage with AHSN that are nearby to our current location (East Anglia/London) to try and commence procurement. 
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
Code, AI, and undisclosed features are our IP.
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
2 years
Ease of scalability: 
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Overview summary:
Lantum is an intelligent clinical bank management platform using AI & machine learning to send the right shifts to the right people with minimal effort

Our Health Partnership (OHP) is a GP partnership in Birmingham/surrounding areas, consisting of 38 practices & nearly 240 GPs serving around 333,000 patients
Lantum set up a collaborative staffing bank for OHP in August 2016 with salaried “roving” GPs/local locums. Lantum’s approach of establishing a network of trusted, readily accessible online local doctors has led to impressive results for OHP
Challenge identified and actions taken :
As part of their aim to improve life for their members, Our Health Partnership (OHP) were looking to provide a way for all practices to share local GPs without paying high agency fees.
The challenge they faced, was how to achieve this without creating more time consuming, manual scheduling for the central admin team and local practices.
In June 2016, Lantum began working with OHP to set up a digital collaborative staff bank, with the goal of transforming the way member practices manage their locum requirement.
Lantum provided an end to end platform with tools for both GPs and OHP practices. For both admin staff and GPs everything is highly automated to save time and effort: timesheets, payroll, pension forms, optimising gap filling and even much of credentialing.
Lantum also helped OHP devise an implementation strategy including communications to both practices and GPs, a launch event, and support via a dedicated activation team.
The bank - comprised of local locum contacts & salaried ‘roving’ GPs to further reduce costs - went live on the 8th August, 2016.
Impacts / outcomes: 

Lantum’s technology now allows OHP practices find GPs in seconds.
When a job is posted on Lantum it triggers smart app, text message and email notifications to be sent to GPs who are available to work in the area. OHP Practices can also choose for any sessions not filled by staff from the collaborative bank to be made available for the wider community of local GPs on Lantum.
3 months after the launch, OHP practices filled 90% of all hours posted on Lantum. 46% of those hours were filled with an OHP bank GP, saving practices £2,653 in agency fees.
Cumulative savings 12 months after launch were in excess of £24k and there are now nearly 90 OHP bank GPs, working as many as 100 hours per month across member practices.
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
NHS England’s 2016-17 Business Plan – “Primary care is the bedrock of the NHS. We will support GPs, widen the workforce, harness digital technology and increase use of pharmacists. We will extend the range of services and improve access to them.” Lantum’s intelligent staff management platform uses digital technology to assist healthcare providers to improve the continuity of care they provide to their patients by enabling them to source high quality and cost-effective GP cover for their practices.
Supporting quote for the innovation from key stakeholders:
We were looking for an innovative way to meet the challenge of sourcing high quality and cost-effective GP cover in our practices. We wanted a reliable and effective solution and the Lantum approach, of establishing a network of trusted local doctors that are readily accessible online, was instantly appealing.
The platform is easy-to-use and the energetic activation teams who assisted with the set-up meant our practices were fully bought in from the word go. We have seen impressive results since its launch and are excited to see what it can deliver in the future.

Dr Mark Newbold, Managing Director, OHP

The beauty of the Lantum platform is how easy it is to use and the cost savings it offers to our member practices when they book a bank GP. Looking to the future, we are really excited to see how the idea can be applied to other grades of staff.”
Lesley Evans, Operations Director, OHP
Plans for the future:
OHP and Lantum are now working on applying the GP bank model to other grades of staff. By building a flexible staffing platform for forward thinking providers like OHP, Lantum aims to help maximise the potential of local workforces across the NHS, improving patient access and reducing temporary staffing costs.
Tips for adoption:
Engagement (of both practice staff and locum GPs) is key to the success of a collaborative staff bank. In practical terms, this means communicating the goals of the initiative early and often, whilst making sure everyone understands the benefits they can expect by participating.
I particularly liked the approach of OHP working in collaboration with Lantum to bring the concept to life. Their team provided ample support throughout the process with bi-weekly conference calls to discuss the progress of onboarding practices and GPs. We were able to quickly build a great working relationship and I believe this was key to the bank’s success.”
Lesley Evans, Operations Director, OHP
Contact for further information:
Simon Wright, Engagement Manager
07985 648 871
0203 793 4257
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Aurora Innovation Logo
The teleQ communication solution enables healthcare facilities to save money, drive productivity & increase patient care & satisfaction. Dynamic, inbuilt decision software mini-triages calls & contacts to the right person/service/department 1st time.
Overview of Innovation:
Aurora teleQ (TQ) is an advanced cloud-based communication solution for health care providers that need to stay available with high inbound call volumes.
In a busy department or clinic phones can ring continuously causing patients and staff unnecessary stress. TQ helps to address those areas that have limited resources, ensuring efficiency is maintained by getting callers directly to the person that can address their needs first time. Whether that is connecting a patient to a doctor, a ward nurse or a specialist.  
One of the key advantages of TQ’s dynamic, inbuilt decision software is that it can reroute calls to the most appropriate or next on duty person (e.g. locum doctor) without requesting the user (patient/carer) dial a new number. Therefore, reducing time and stress for caller, especially if they require emergency advice for themselves or a loved one. It can equally be used by staff needing to access consultants or specialist when there is a crisis or need. This reduces stress for clinical staff using the system.
The statistics in TQ are presented with easily accessible diagrams and provide snapshots of a department/unit’s availability and contact patterns. Based on the statistics, the department/unit can optimise its resources, so the right number of staff handle the right number of contacts at the right time. The statistics can highlight pressure points / areas where efficiencies need to be created.
The system can be integrated with electronic patient record systems and other systems gathering crucial patient info (ex. APPs), to immediately bring up patient details thus saving time and ensuring calls and contacts are structured.
TQ integrates with analogue and digital infrastructures but takes full advantage of digital and mobile communications. The importance of varied channels of communication is growing. Therefor it is essential to have a tool that brings points of communication together as more channels of communication are added to the legacy points of contact
The solution is made up of several modules, all in one interface. Provides a scalable & tailored, system for your requirements; you pay for the modules you need.
Main Modules in Aurora teleQ
  • Call back
  • Call queue
  • Duo – call back and queue
  • Response groups
  • Interactive voice menu
  • Interactive voice menu messages / extra message
  • Video
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Voicemail plus
Our aim is to allow you to spend more time with patients as you remove communication roadblocks.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Long term conditions: a whole system, person-centred approach / Wellness and prevention of illness / Wealth creation / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Patient and medicines safety / Person centred care
Benefit to NHS:
The NHS is facing tough challenges, dealing with an increasing volume of patients and an ageing population that will lead to ques on calls and communication. A structured and automated way to manage the volume of contacts is needed. This both for patient, carer and internal contacts.
Ineffective communications leave patients and staff feeling frustrated and can create a long lasting negative perception. Communication solutions need to focus on your patient’s needs and can adapt to changes within the healthcare provider, easily and efficiently.
The TQ platform helps a caregiver to efficiently gather information from a variety of sources at the point of contact. With the on slew of self-monitoring and APPs collecting data from patients with long-term or multiple illness, an easy consolidator is needed. TQ has several solutions that are integrated and used on a daily basis, such as; fully automated patient triage, lung capacity monitoring etc.
TQ provides integration into patient facing APPs, for easy communication with patients.

Aurora teleQ (TQ) is an innovative communications solution that is designed to maximise resources, provide more efficient collaboration and decision making. Thereby providing real benefits in patient care and staff efficiencies whilst reducing operating costs and stress.
The statistics in Aurora TQ are shown as easily accessible diagrams that provide snapshots of the unit’s availability and communication patterns. Based on the statistics, the unit can optimise its resources, so the right number of staff is assigned to handle tasks. TQ provides several management reports that provide direct decision support. Providing clear information on patient communication efficiency, staffing and competency. The statistics allow for simulation of how the unit can best plan staffing and inbound and outbound call and communication times to meet variety of availability needs and measurements.

In addition to the statistics, that are integrated in to the report function, a large volume of data points can be integrated into big data decision tools. This provides an overview of point of contact in relations to the rest of the organisation, allowing for better decisions. TQ builds a model that will provide more accurate decision support over time.
Aurora TeleQ will help NHS to enhance patient care, reduce operational costs and increase staff productivity whilst reducing stress.
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
Healthcare organisations are facing increasing financial and patient care level pressures. They require improved communications to provide exceptional service and best value to patients. Patients expect to be involved in decisions and kept informed.
Care Giver
Your telephone and text system are the gateway to your service. Staff members shouldn’t be spending time on administrative patient work, answering inappropriate calls and redirecting them than on actual patients. Aurora TeleQ (TQ) ensures a timely patient contact whilst delegating work to the contact most suited for the work. This could even mean an electronic contact for information seekers.  those who need to make contact can get through and are able to access the right help when it is needed most. TQ provides a unified communication solution that improves patient care, lowers costs and frees up the time of healthcare professionals.
Patients and relations will find communications more efficient and to the point. Less time spent trying to find information or getting to the correct contact. When communication with the Care Giver the communication will be more to the point and more informed. The quality will be perceived to be better & more efficient.
Decision support
Proficient call and communication logging enables analyses of data & provide meaningful reports about support, usage, costs, capacity & quality of service. By having these statistics at hand, you can react in real-time or identify trends, letting you make informed decisions about future resourcing & commercial needs.
Aurora consultants have a 20 years of experience in Patient communication. The intricacies of communication dynamics are part of the Aurora delivery.
The Aurora TeleQ system will provide time and cost saving. How much and how is dependent on what you want to achieve. If you are focusing on internal time saving you will find that TQ will provide a time saving of some, 1 to 15+ minutes per transaction. In addition to the time saved you will experiens a more harmonious & structured work environment that will be less stressful. Do not hesitate to see what VUmc in Netherlands has experienced
For other customer presentations please see

To assist us brining our technology to the UK we are looking for a NHS partner (more details below) we would look to them to assist and support us with validation studies and trials.
Current and planned activity: 
Aurora has 20 years of expertise in patient contact and communication. Aurora consultants work closely with health & care providers to optimize the patient flow and journey. The result is a highly satisfied patient and an effective and low stress communication strategy.
Aurora, requires a NHS developmental partner to collaborate with us to run a test installation/Pilot (free of charge). The aim is to customise the solution to match the needs of UK healthcare and the needs of the NHS Trust or partner/s.

The NHS organisation would gain the improvments in efficiency & cost savings along with increased satisfaction of patients and Staff. The pilot process would demonstate the benefits gained in Sweden & Spain whilst helping the company uncover what adaptation & modifications are needed to the system, protocols and API’s to match UK healthcare needs as well as our legal and regulatory requirements.

NHS Partner will have the opportunity to customise a solution for their specific requirements.
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
All IP belongs to Aurora Innovation
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
0-6 mon
Ease of scalability: 
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
LASSO utilises disruptive 'Uber style' technology to introduce a unique approach in nurse recruitment. It enables the immediate supply of higher quality, temporary nurses to the healthcare market at half the current cost. 
Overview of Innovation:
LASSO is an innovative technology solution aimed at addressing the crisis in healthcare recruitment. A unique, mobile-centric platform has been created to allow healthcare workers the ability to directly interface with hospital providers through a simple, user-friendly, free smartphone app. This eradicates the need for third party agencies and gives workers full control back in terms of managing their own lives, at their own convenience. The same technology can also be utilised to manage hospital temporary staffing 'banks,' without the need for employed bank administrators and managers.
This disruptive technology enables immediate supply of higher quality, temporary staff to the healthcare market at significantly reduced cost. Currently, £3.6 billion is spent on NHS agency staffing pa with this spend recognised as one of the most significant causes of deteriorating hospital finances. Unfortunately, this spend sits alongside a noticeable decline in the quality of temporary staff, traditional recruitment agencies knowingly making excessive margins, aging IT platforms resulting in inefficiency and declining productivity, and antiquated, manual paper-based processes operated by teams of administrators.
LASSO utilises ‘Uber’ and ‘TripAdvisor’ style technology to eradicate unnecessary manual intervention. Its unique and dynamic system and simplicity of process are offered for instantly seeking/booking temporary work and immediately receiving feedback/rating on the service provided. This responsive approach not only increases productivity and removes un-necessary waste,  but it also  delivers millions of pounds of savings to healthcare organisations. LASSO’s pledge is to re-invest a proportion of any profit back into training and education to increase and incentivise its future partnership. LASSO believes its approach and value proposition will not only drive up quality but also support the retention of UK trained nurses, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and doctors.
With an annual 28% increase in NHS agency nursing spend and NHS organisations now fined for agency overspending, Introducing such a unique product with significant customer/user value proposition into a sector that has experienced little disruption in 15 years, will result in rapid time to value. 
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Education, training and future workforce / Wealth creation / Digital health / Innovation and adoption
Benefit to NHS:
Economic- LASSO will provide significant direct and indirect savings to NHS providers. In terms of direct savings, LASSO recruitment fees will be at most 50% of the current fees charged by the traditional recruitment agencies with an instant realisation of benefits as the savings are shift related.  Initial projections highlight this equates to millions per annum (pa) for most Trusts.. More efficient automation will result in indirect savings through increased productivity with the release of workforce time and the introduction of a paperless framework.
• Social- one of LASSO’s major aims is to instantly improve its partners' quality of life and give back direct control of working life. Staff are empowered and able to immediately post when and where they wish to work rather than wait for third party intervention. Equally, providers have the opportunity to post shifts immediately and choose who fills the shift in a more responsive way informed by staff rating. Receiving feedback through the rating system, makes staff feel valued and appreciated at work and provides motivation to 'be the best.'
• Educational - LASSO believes, with a 20% reduction in applications for nurse training, investment in future partners is critical. Once financially stable, LASSO will therefore invest in the training and education of new and existing staff. This investment will be in the form of free extra placements/courses and costs are built in.
• Political– recognising the NHS is 'publicly' managing the largest deficit it has ever faced, there is now a strong political imperative to reduce spending. Agency staffing cost accounts for one of the largest contributors to this deficit with most trusts spending millions pa. This scenario is compounded by the fact that the quality of temporary staffing is falling resulting in the potential for patient safety to be compromised and for trusts to face reputational and regulatory pressure. With no market transformation  or alternative approach, trusts are struggling to comply with the new targets. LASSO will address this.
• Environmental - transforming the recruitment and placement approach from a traditional administrator-led, paper-based process to one delivered through innovative technology offers real, tangible benefit that can be instantly realised. A paperless system removes any waste associated with documentation and waste disposal.
Initial Review Rating
2.60 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
The LASSO project aims to commence its implementation in the West Midlands region as the first roll out area. Projections across the West Midlands region calculate the potential NHS saving to be around £10m pa. LASSO has already partnered with Worcester Hospitals NHS Trust to act as the pilot Trust. It will therefore be Worcester that work directly with the LASSO team to refine the project and make it individual for their nurses and ‘shift bookers.’ They currently spend £7.7m pa on agency nursing fees of which £1.2m is recruitment agency costs. LASSO will therefore save the hospital up to £600k pa on agency spend.
Worcester currently have a contract for their ‘bank staff’ with NHS Professionals (NHSP). This contract is due to expire, and as the service provided is of poor quality (less than 28% of shifts filled) and expensive, the Trust have  also agreed to work with LASSO to develop a bank product. They will serve notice on the NHSP contract and once the LASSO bank product is developed they intend to purchase bank nurses from LASSO, which will not only provide savings but offer a significantly higher quality of service. Once both LASSO products are embedded in Worcester, they will be rolled out across the West Midlands and then other regions nationally.
Current and planned activity: 
Engagement with the NHS can be challenging, based on the complexity of the organisations and the political agenda. This challenge has been simplified with several of the LASSO leadership team are already known to the NHS and well regarded. As such LASSO has already undertaken engagement with a number of NHS organisations including NHS Trusts and NHS Improvement. St Bartholomew’s Hospital (a LASSO partner) worked with the development team to help scope and create the LASSO prototype, through a number of user workshops. Nurses and ‘shift bookers’ engaged to describe the challenges they faced, inform the team of the flows associated with existing process and then redesigned these flows and the associated requirement to inform the prototype design. LASSO has shared its aspirations and work directly with NHS Improvement to get their full ‘buy-in’ to the programme and the team have now commenced engagement with a number of West Midlands Trusts to prepare for the first regional roll-out. 
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
As the technology itself is not new, Intellectual Property does not apply in this instance. The innovation comes from the use of this technology to transform temporary nurse recruitment. LASSO has protected this innovation with robust Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) being agreed with all organisations prior to formal engagement.
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
2 years
Ease of scalability: 
Regional Scalability:
The Business Case and associated Implementation Plan propose the roll-out of the product across the West Midlands over a 24 month period. This allows for lessons learnt to be understood and embedded for every new site, to ensure the technology is highly responsive to users, potential future partners and other commercial opportunities. Positive conversations have already commenced with Trusts who are due to be targeted after the pilot site.
LASSO will provide direct and indirect savings for NHS organisations with an 'increased volume/reduced cost' model seeing providers paying a baseline cost which is 50% lower than the current commercial rate and as the volume of LASSO shifts posted and filled increases, so the costs of buying LASSO shifts fall. This saving, along with fill rates and speed of shift fill will be monitored and reported on a monthly basis to all Trust Boards as part of the project.
The Trip Advisor App embedded within LASSO provides the opportunity to instantly measure and feedback on the quality of the temporary workforce being utilised. This unique system offers both nurses and providers the opportunity to rate each other and provide feedback - something both parties expressly requested in the workshops. This information will be utilised by LASSO and the organisations to monitor and check quality and inform required changes as necessary.
In line with all healthcare providers, LASSO will ensure all regulatory and compliance standards and requirements are met, with the use of technology being utilised to simplify this protracted process and also ensure that all appropriate checks are undertaken and recorded electronically for reference. 
Within the individual nurse profile sits a full training and education profile which will need to be reviewed and updated to support ongoing LASSO compliance/registration. This information is then stored in the form of an electronic 'training' passport which nurses can share with Trusts and other organisations. This information can also be utilised to assist in training and development programmes. Once a 'swell' of nurses are registered on the LASSO system, LASSO has agreed to share regional and national workforce information to support workforce planning and education programmes.
Adoption target:
There is a proposed detailed phased roll-out plan of all the West Midlands Trusts highlighted with the Business Case. This has been designed to ensure early adoption within less complex organisations followed by an ability to scale up at pace and market the opportunity to numerous customers, once the implementation model is proven.
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