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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Clinical decision making improved via proactive digital remote monitoring. Together driving cost efficiencies, improving patient outcomes & avoiding hospital admissions. (CE Class 1a: data server sits within HSNC: proven ¯ 67% admissions: scalable)
Overview of Innovation:
CliniTouch Vie is a digital health solution that reduces unnecessary hospital admissions.

CliniTouch Vie is a locked-down tablet with integrated 3G for intensive monitoring, education & empowerment with integrated direct messaging & video support. Dynamic care plans & evidence-based algorithms enable automatic triage for healthcare teams. Fast & simple to implement for the most at-risk patients.

Launched in 2016, system is CE marked & MHRA approved. An evidence based digital health platform that clinically supports patients to better manage their condition. It has the flexibility to be adapted for data analytics & clinical decision-making support in chronic disease management (eg COPD, heart failure & diabetes), frailty & assisted discharge programmes for ambulant & non-ambulant patients

Clinical & economic evidence has been generated from trials with 300 respiratory patients [Ghosh et al, 2016,]. Our evidence based digital solution increases patient access to care & promotes greater clinician-patient collaboration for the 15million people with LTCs. It drives timely, proactive intervention, minimising need for more acute costly care enabling sustainable long-term outcomes success

Evidence based: Study published in the British Journal of HC Management showed 67% reduction in unscheduled COPD admissions & saving of £2,278 per patient pa. (NB: programme continues to deliver same level of savings)

Patient-centred: Personalisation of goals, metrics & parameters makes system truly patient centred providing real-time remote monitoring closer to home to improve patient experience & outcomes whilst generating savings

Secure & integrated: Data server sits within HSNC enabling it to push-pull data securely between healthcare provider & service users. Includes bespoke integrated secure video-conferencing platform with end-to-end encryption, allowing remote monitoring of medical conditions, improving quality of life & avoiding unnecessary admissions

Flexible Modular Architecture: Enables clinically validated question sets re: symptoms, to be easily tailored to specific therapy areas for qualitative data collection

Tiered Service: no upfront costs to NHS on PAYG basis:
- Digital platform integrated into existing healthcare pathways
- Light touch triage service informing local health teams of urgent priority patients for interventions
- Fully-Managed digital platform and nurse-led service providing triage & interventions
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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