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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Cera is a multi-award winning, technology-enabled homecare provider. Our technology allows us to respond and deliver tailored care within hours of an enquiry, while empowering our care-workers to deliver the highest standards of care.
Overview of Innovation:
Cera is a digital disruptor of the home care space, with in-house and proprietary technology. We have created a platform able to i) create digital care reports whereby during a carer visit, carers log information on their smartphone using our platform, with health and behaviour data on the user, which allows for metrics to be monitored and better care to be delivered – this data is also accessible to family members and healthcare professionals permitting much better connected services; ii) use of artificial intelligence based on the data collected by carers, to predict if users are going to experience health deteriorations such as their blood pressure worsening or the onset of a urine infection, based on subtle signals that carers may have logged – this allows us to escalate a service user’s care should they be at high risk of deterioration, or contact their doctor more proactively, potentially preventing adverse health events or the need to go to hospital; iii) use of an artificial intelligence chatbot – Martha – that provides decision support to carers based on questions they ask. The chatbot aims to transfer some of the knowledge and experience which established carers possess to carers with less experience; by doing this, we aim to make care more consistent.

Cera has provided hundreds of thousands of care hours with a 95% satisfaction rating, and is growing at an average of 25% a month. It has received over £13 million of funding from investors such as Kairos Ventures, Kima Ventures, David Buttress (former CEO of JustEat), Paul Wilmott (leads digital globally for McKinsey), Charles Songhurst (former Global Head of M&A at Microsoft) and Peter Sands (former Chairman of Davos). It has been recognised by the Government's Cabinet Office as a role model for innovative businesses partnering with the public sector, and Sir Nick Clegg recently joined the company. Cera has received a number of awards including the Most Outstanding Digital Health Innovation of the Year, the LaingBuisson Dementia Care Award, the Best London Home Care Company at the Social Care Awards 2018.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Hello.  Following on from the question previously asked about GDPR it would be good to have that response please, but also to understnad the service users position, as it states they manage access / approvals, but it isnt clear how this works with user self care/ choice based on the explanation of the system?


Quick question - does this service meet:
- GDPR and data protection requirements
- The data that is collected  - where is it stored?
- What about Information Governmance - have you looked into meeting the NHS criteria?

Thank you 

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