ReHab Me: a digital platform empowering patients to self-rehabilitate from MSK, injury or surgery (#3112)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Enabling patients to self-rehabilitate with clinically evidenced treatment plans to improve the speed of recovery and enhance patient outcomes. Reducing unnecessary prescription of medicines, scans and surgery; along with GP and Physio workloads.
Overview of Innovation:
Rehab Me offers GP’s a tool to help advise and support their patients without necessarily referring them to a physio for a scan or prescribing pain medication. It provides easy to access evidenced based advice sheets, treatment plans and interactive prompts to support compliance and outcome tracking, as well as signposting patients to further support and prevention pathways.

How it works: A simple digital solution, accesses on-line or via a downloadable all which operates on a stand-alone basis or be integrated into existing GP systems.

Step 1 - patient injury or MSK condition identified by GP who then prints off the relevant advice sheet from the Rehab Me website. This provides evidence-based exercises and advice regulated by standard physiotherapy practice and directs patient to the Rehab Me website for the patient to register.

Step 2 - patient registers on the Rehab Me website and selects the treatment plan advised by the GP. This will then provide scheduled exercises including frequency and number of repetitions across the treatment plan period. This is automatically linked to the patient’s calendar to enable reminders and prompts over the treatment period which can be anywhere between 6-10 weeks.

Step 3 - the patient can access the plan via the website or a downloadable app. The patient will be prompted each day and guided by their virtual physio with the use of easy to follow HD videos and/ or detailed descriptions. Patients track their own adherence and progress through the website or via the app. They can also record and track pain each day to help assess progress and provide PROM data for their GP.

Step 4 – at any time the GP can view progress and results for a patient on a treatment plan; and if appropriate advice on a new exercise plan virtually so the patient can progress without the need for another appointment.

Step 5 – during or after a course of treatment, Rehab Me can signpost access to other relevant resources to encourage people to adopt exercise into their everyday lives to prevent relapse. This includes a social prescribing section encouraging patients to join gyms, walking clubs etc.

Part of the service provided by Rehab Me includes educational training on MSK issues as part of the process to this new pathway for GP’s to adopt in their practice.

The Rehab Me data platform adheres to appropriate NHS data IG and GDPR requirements, with all data securely stored on a cloud based server.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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'Elevator Pitch'- sums it up. I have personaly found 'chiropractic treatment' to be more a more robust intervention to aid speedier treatment(radical in nature though), whilst phyio may be good for rehab. Rather unfortunate that chiropractic treatment is not readily funded by NHS. Best wishes for this project.

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