IoT solutions for Integrated Health and Social Care Technology (#3211)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Caburn Health integrates IoT technology solutions for health and social care to enable patients with long term conditions to stay safe and well in their own homes.
Overview of Innovation:
Caburn Health develop and deploy technology solutions for integrated health and social care provision, answering the challenges set by aging populations and ever more thinly stretched budgets.

Our Home Hub allows simple connection of authenticated health, social care and home automation devices using open industry short range wireless standards to create a single view of the patient’s wellbeing, the environment around them and how they are interacting.

Scalable and future-proof
Our major focus is in delivering simple to use, stand-alone, highly extensible monitoring and reporting systems based on open industry standards to ensure future relevance and interoperability with existing technologies.

The secure data platform can be easily configured to direct monitored data, alerts and alarms to the relevant people and systems by any preferred method or protocol.

The benefits are enjoyed by:

Patients, who spend the maximum time in familiar surroundings, minimise or avoid acute illnesses and exposure to the risk of hospital acquired infection.
Health Services, who reduce the number of emergency admissions to over-full hospitals, and are enabled to discharge recovering patients to home more quickly freeing beds for new arrivals.
Families of patients, who are better able to monitor the care and wellbeing of their relatives with less disruption to their daily lives.

Our partners include:

Atos, who provide scale capability, logistic and systems integration support.
M2M Intelligence, who provide resilient, managed multinetwork SIMs and data services.

Stage of Development:
Evaluation stage - Representative model or prototype system developed and can be effectively evaluated
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The partner ecosystem approach helps ensure that the Caburn Health solution avoids the common pitfalls of this area of innovation. Atos Consulting (UK) provide secure, compliant managed hosting and private cloud infrastructure for many NHS partnerships and trusts, especially Scotland where we are undertaking field trials.

Atos also provide 'out-of the box' integration with a majority of widely used Electronic Patient Records systems, and a platform that allows patients and carers secure access to their own data.

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