Digital Technology for Improved Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)
How can digital technologies assist in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems in primary care within Adult Improved Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services?

Ideas (Publish, Detailed Submission)

Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':

MPS Connect is a mental health app which integrates with all major NHS systems to monitor and manage the wellbeing of users, enabling early intervention and relapse prevention.
Overview of Innovation:

MPS Connect is based on two proven components:

1. The self-help app, My Possible Self, which is based on content that is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild to moderate depression in eight weeks. It is listed at the NHS Apps Library and has been commissioned by the NHS-backed Good Thinking website. 

2. Remote monitoring and management of users via sister company Inhealthcare, a UK leader in digital health with more than 30 NHS commissioned services and backed by successful NICE evaluation.
Stage of Development:
Evaluation stage - Representative model or prototype system developed and can be effectively evaluated
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Mental Health: recovery, crisis and prevention
Benefit to NHS:
  • Visibility of joined-up patient journey through primary care, IAPT and secondary care services via full interoperability with all major NHS systems
  • Ability to set thresholds for patient wellbeing and trigger alerts when these are breached as indicated by self-report questionnaires
  • Identify patient need and target resources to enable early intervention, reducing avoidable referrals
  • Send appointment reminders and receive confirmation
  • Increase capacity in IAPT, allowing providers to scale up services to meet national targets
  • Full interoperability with existing NHS systems
  • Save time and staff cost on data entry from paper to digital
  • Free up professional time to support patients most in need
  • Population receives unlimited access to content clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and/or low mood
Initial Review Rating
2.60 (2 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
  • 24-7 access to self-help content based on tried-and-tested therapies
  • Increased self-awareness through innovative mood-tracking tool
  • Improving understanding of what to expect with IAPT
  • Confidence that mental health is being monitored
  • Ability to self-refer to IAPT services
Current and planned activity: 

We want to work with IAPT providers on the implementation and evaluation of MPS Connect to support users before, during and after IAPT in the Midlands. We would like help with patient recruitment and evaluation of data generated to demonstrate acceptability and efficacy of our service, especially in increasing engagement with IAPT services and reducing relapse.

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health wants expanded access to digital services to enable more people to receive effective care and provide greater accessibility and choice; providers to deliver a more nuanced service with contact through digital media backed up by face-to-face interventions and commissioners to improve outcomes through low-cost and easily scalable interventions.

The NHS Long Term Plan wants to create straightforward digital access to NHS services, and help patients and their carers manage their health and use predictive techniques to support local health systems to plan care for populations.
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
0-6 mon
Ease of scalability: 
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