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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
The Zesty patient portal is simple to use, designed for mobile devices first and very cost effective. Patients love to use it, with adoption rates by specialty of more than 50%.
Overview of Innovation:
At Zesty we've been working hard with a group of NHS trusts to digitally transform outpatient appointment management.

Our patient portal has been built from the ground up with appointment management as its core function, ensuring a secure, robust and friction free patient experience. We deliver significant cost savings and overall efficiency gains via -
  • Full EPR integration – our system is read & write enabled.
  • A best in class user experience – support for all devices with a strong focus on smartphone.
  • Complex workflow management support, including support for integrated reporting and other downstream process management.
  • Support for first appointment, follow ups, remote consultations and ERS.
  • e-Broadcast – fill cancelled slots with patients further down the waiting list.
  • Intelligent SMS and notification support.
  • N3 secure hosting and access.
  • Complete control of RTT target times and slot publishing rulesets, customisable by specialty.
Digital Letters

The Zesty patient portalprovides patients access to their letters instantly and give them the ability to ‘opt out’ of paper completely.
  • Seamless integration with your existing HL7 messaging or document management system.
  • Instant document view on any device – optimised for smartphones.
  • Support for all letter and document types.
  • Automated suppression of paper letters, for those patients who have opted to go paperless.

Real world savings

We're committed to driving both tangible cost reductions and incremental revenue via the use of our portal. We can support the business case process with independently verified cost saving data, based on the % of patients who use our portal. We target a minimum 3:1 ROI.

We enable savings via
  • Less phone calls
  • Less paper, stamps and associated fulfilment charges
  • Lower in person administrative support
  • More accurate patient pathway management
  • More accurate patient demographic data
We generate income via
  • Increased attendance rate (lower DNA's)
  • Enabling remote appointment management – at the new tariff rate
Zesty is live across 11 NHS Trusts, our flagship NHS Trust is Milton Keynes University Hospitals.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Zesty was featured in -

Managing outpatient care can be a complex proposition. Just consider the increasing number of patients with complex, long term conditions who may have to see several different consultants at several different intervals and the challenges become clear.

Yet as Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MKUH) has demonstrated, it’s an area holds that holds serious potential for money-conscious organisations willing to digitally innovate.

For the past six months, the trust has been running an app that allows outpatients to book and manage their appointments. Already, MKUFT has seen take-up by more than half of all its outpatients, and predicts it will save over £1m in 2018/2019 by cutting out paper, postage and admin work associated with traditional outpatient processes.

“The take-up has been unbelievable,” says trust chief executive Joe Harrison.

“Without any sort of nudge, we’re seeing about 55% of all patients registering. We haven’t trained, we haven’t advertised: all we’ve done is send a text message out, and because it’s intuitive and people want it, they just get on and do it.”

The app, called MyCare, is the result of a collaboration between MKUH and Zesty, a digital healthcare appointment booking service that works with a number of NHS trust in the UK.

Key to the app is that it enables patients to manage their appointments directly, with updates written directly into the trust’s patient administration system (PAS).

This makes it different to services like DrDoctor, which sit on top of the PAS and still requires an additional intervention to make it live in the organisation’s electronic records.
Zesty was recently featured on the NHS Confederation website -

Developed by NHS Confederation member Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the app allows patients to change and confirm appointments on a smartphone, tablet or computer, with outpatient letters emailed in real time.

Described as the ‘Ocado app for outpatients appointments’, the portal speeds up the medical booking process, giving patients greater choice and flexibility.

And it is saving staff time and money, significantly slashing the amount spent on staff administration and postage.

£1 million saved

While many trusts are providing patient portals, Milton Keynes is the first NHS hospital to provide the ability for people to directly manage their appointments, including rearranging them solely online without needing to call the hospital.

The trust, which used to send over 400,000 letters a year, will save over £1 million in postage, stationery and admin costs in 2018/19.

And with the NHS spending on average £150 million a year on stamps, the digital solution has the potential to save the NHS millions.


The trust teamed up with digital health company Zesty to develop the app, designing the system so that is can be fully interoperable with electronic health record platforms Cerner and Epic. “What we wanted was a system not just for Milton Keynes,” said Professor Harrison.

Developed and run as part of the trust’s transformation programme, the app was co-designed with patients and clinicians. Patient surveys has revealed high levels of satisfaction with the new system, and trusts across the country are visiting Milton Keynes to learn more.

As a next step, the trust hopes to give patients access to their medical record.

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