MOVOBall - The Data Driven Gym Ball for evidence based treatments (#2448)

Idea Description
Overview of Innovation:
There are 100's of Swiss/Gym Ball exercises & treatments for a wide range of health issues. The Swiss ball was invented in the 1960's & is a versatile product that has been rigorously tested in care settings. However, the gym ball is a dumb device that has been unable capture historical usage data so that treatment programs have had to rely on subjective observation of treatment success & failure.

The Gym Ball Joystick
MOVOBall is innovative Health product that has enabled the Swiss or Gym ball to become a Data driven device that can use Video Games for Health Applications. The device is a motion sensitive cradle that allows a user to sit on a gym ball & use their core strength & leg muscles to interact with Mobile Phone games.

Serious Game Design
Practitioners can design & build serious video games that promote correct positioning & create an interaction that develops specific exercise routines for certain conditions, such as lower back pain & walking gait weakness for fall management in older adults.

Because the motion data & statistics that are captured & can be stored during & after use. These can be analysed & reported against for future enhancements & improved game design. The data provides valuable objective reports for health practitioners to use for development & improved game design.

Fully Working Prototype
MOVOBall is a fully operational prototype & can be demonstrated on a normal TV. It is very responsive to user movement & comparable with the Microsoft Kinect. MOVOBall can already use a wide range of Mobile Phone games & is fully workable through Android & iPhones.
Health Practitioners & Subject Matter Experts Business Model
The business model is based upon the Healthcare Practioner owning the Intellectual Property Rights to any game or application that gets developed & certified for use on MOVOBall. Therefore any investment in the application or game can result in expansion in to both the UK & USA markets as the MOVOBall product is patented for these markets.
UK - GB2504972 (A) - A dish input device with a movable member
United States -

​We are looking to work with any Health Care applications that use a gym ball & can use user interaction with a Mobile Phone Game or specific application. The result will be to use motion to improve health outcomes by using MOVOBall.
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