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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Solesee is a foot inspection mirror designed for people with diabetes to help them see the whole of the bottom of their feet to check for cuts, grazes, dry skin & blisters. Solesee makes this much easier to achieve and encourages daily use.
Overview of Innovation:
The Solesee Foot Inspection Mirror has been specifically designed for people with diabetes to help them to see the whole of the bottom of their feet. With diabetes, people should be checking their feet every day for cuts, grazes, dry skin, blisters, changes to the colour and general condition, etc. Due to nerve and blood capillary damage caused by diabetes, people with the disease can develop peripheral neuropathy that reduces or removes any sensation or feeling in the feet.

If any break in the skin is not quickly noticed and treated, then it could become ulcerated. Ulcers are slow to heal and can quickly become infected. If this happens then the possibility of amputation is increased as the only means to treat the condition. In England alone there are over 140 diabetes relates lower limb amputations a week. Each ulcer can cost the NHS about £5,000 to treat. An amputation can cost £15,000 with the resulting rehabilitation of the patients costing a further £18,000.[Source: Diabetes UK].

Having a product like Solesee makes checking feet much easier to achieve and encourages daily use thereby helping to prevent problems occuring in the first place. Solesee was developed, using input from both podiatrists and diabetes patients, as a result of hearing about the lack of anything simple and easy to use to check the soles of your feet every day. The key elements to Solesee are:
  • A large shatterproof mirror;
  • The mirror is set at the perfect angle to allow users to see the whole of the sole of their foot when in a seated position;
  • It folds into an iPad sized folder for easy carrying and storage
  • ​It has been designed and manufactured in the UK
  • It is design protected
A big part of what Solesee aims to do is educate people about making foot checks as regular a part of the morning and evening routine as cleaning your teeth. Part of this is consumer education through general awareness building, but it is also through getting the professional clinicians involved as they are the people who probably have most influence over the patients that they are seeing.

The National Diabetes Foot Co-ordinator for Scotland sees a clear role for clinicians to use Solesee in their clinics to not only show the patients what the soles of their feet look like (before, during & after treatment) but also to show them how to use Solesee - to encourage them to go and buy one and use it themselves.Taking ownership of their condition if you will. Wider clinical take-up and patient awareness is our key aim.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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I presented at Shropshire Community Health Trust yesterday and they were keen to learn more about this and how to support their patients conduct self checks.  Once I have a name of the person I was talking to I will pass it on.  

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