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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Changing Health address signficant barriers to access by providing X-PERT diabetes education on line together with personalised evidence based telephone coaching to enable sustained behaviour change leading to improved clinical outcomes.
Overview of Innovation:

Changing Health offers the 1st evidence based digital education and personalised support programme for people living with Type 2 diabetes. Our digital diabetes prevention programme is currently under evaluation by Public Health England to be launched in September.

Our high quality service is based on evidence gathered from research led by Prof. Michael Trenell’s team at Newcastle University and the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, conducted over 8 years and funded largely by the NIHR and MRC. This background has been licenced to Changing Health and combined with other state of the art structured education.

The service has been reviewed by NHS England Right Care, Public Health England, as well as other national stakeholders. Furthermore, it has undergone cluster based control trial, reviewed by NHS England and NICE, and submitted to be included in the first wave of approvals for mobile digital services. Exclusive instant online access to X-PERT, the only Type 2 diabetes education programme proven to have clinically meaningful impact on weight and glycaemic control, together with ongoing learning via a referenced knowledge base. Re-designed for delivery through mobile and web apps, content is delivered in a variety of formats - including cartoon animations, interactive exercises and article text - supported by a personal coach.

Key features:
  • Evidence based behaviour change tools, including: the ability to create goals, make specific plans and self-monitor by tracking physical activity directly from the phone, record food intake, weight and other important data.
  • Communication with a personally assigned coach trained in evidence based behaviour change techniques, with the ability to book coaching sessions over the phone.
  • Online education modules in behaviour change for healthcare professionals, accredited by the Royal College of Physicians, equipping them with evidence based tools to help their patients better self manage. These modules are designed to be used alongside the aforementioned patient-facing tools, enabling HCPs to hold informed dialogue.
Recognising important cultural and linguistic diversity, Changing Health has collaborated with the South Asian Health Foundation and Diabetes UK to make services available in English, Punjabi, Gujarati (Bengali/Urdu dialects) and Polish languages.

The service is offered by the Modality Vanguard and is ready for wider adoption.

Evidence & Research
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Our service will be featuring in a BBC1 documentary "How to Age Well" scheduled for broadcast on September 13th at 8-9pm with two further programmes the following two weeks at the same time.

The documentary will cover the journies of a number of people using the Changing Health digital tools and our coaches. 

Keen to make our service as easy to use and as effective as possible for everyone, we have focused hard on the interaction with healthcare professionals. Through close collaboration we have created an innovative pathway for patients to be recruited that has led to a hugely update in education and supported self management. Tests have revealed that practices and community service providers using this new route achieve three times the response than traditional methods of engagement. Patients responding have been found to be more highly motivated than those recruited via traditional channels. Initial feedback from commissioners and providers has been very positive. 

We'd be pleased to explore this further with West Midlands commissioners and providers on request. 
Today we are in seven CCGs, in London, Birmingham and Manchester with several more due to offer Changing Health's services to their patients in the coming months. 

Most recently we have been creating further innovative solutions for people at risk of Type 2 diabetes and last week completed the evaluation of our Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme with Public Health England with a view to this being made available after September.

Changing Health orignated as a spin out from Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust armed with the IP and knowhow arising from eight years of research led by Prof Mike Trenell, which was funded largely by the NIHR and MRC. 

This research included RCTs, systematic reviews and metanalyses. The attachment provides a summary of the evidence. The individual papers can be found on our web site where you are welcome browse or download each of them. Please visit the following URL:

We have also incorporated the only Type 2 diabetes education service proven to generate clinically meaningful impact, X-PERT translating the course into a digital format. The evidence base may also be found at the same link.

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