West Midlands Health Informatics Network (WIN)

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Case Study Summary
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Overview summary:
WIN is a group of professionals and enthusiasts passionate about utilising digital technology to improve the healthcare. It collates information and provide guidance on health informatics solutions. It facilitates discussion forums through social media, website, workshops and conferences to discuss and disseminate learning around priority areas in health informatics. We will also support educational initiatives to enhance health informatics knowledge and research programmes that will transform the delivery of healthcare services.
Challenge identified and actions taken :
Despite an initial surge in membership of clinicians and academics following the development of the network, growth decreased considerably. In order to address this, steps were taken to ensure that the reach of WIN extended beyond those initially deemed relevant:
  • Widened geographic reach to include and individuals / organisations that may wish to do business within the West Midlands
  • Increased industry engagement to include different forms of health provision
  • Increased local authority engagement to address aspects of integrated health and care
  • Development of public sector, industry and academic databases for targeted communications
  • Updated Advisory Group terms of reference to incorporate multi-stakeholder representation
  • Formalised policies and processes, with professional marketing material.
Impacts / outcomes:
  • A continually growing membership of 644 members as of December 2015
  • A dedicated website with online discussion forums and events
  • Active engagement from the informatics community across healthcare, academia and industry
  • A health informatics educational needs assessment has been undertaken
  • An elected advisory group now established
  • Significant reputational benefits to WMAHSN by successful, well-attended regional events and presentation at national events, including EHI Live
  • Over 250 attendances at WIN events in 2014/15: WIN National Conference in December 2014 with 81 delegates, WIN industry event in January 2015 with 78 delegates and 95-100 attendees at the November 2015 event
  • Raised profile through membership and social media presence (Twitter, LinkedIn).
Supporting quote for the innovation from key stakeholders:
Professor Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Head of Research, Institute of Digital Healthcare, WMG, University of Warwick and Co-Director of the Digital Theme, West Midlands Academic Health Science Network: “The West Midlands Health Informatics Network (WIN) is passionate about health service improvement, education and research in the health informatics domain. Our aim is to support the NHS and affiliated healthcare organisations in adopting information technology solutions in order to provide effective, efficient and high quality healthcare for patients/carers. We do this by connecting health informatics experts, professionals and enthusiasts across geographical, organisational and professional boundaries to work towards the goal of achieving in West Midlands and beyond. This is an independent network, with a culture of reciprocity, mutual respect, sharing good practice, support, equal access and shared responsibility.”
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
Harnessing the Information Revolution
Plans for the future:
  • New website to allow members to access knowledge and expertise within the network.
  • Consideration of implications of digital health / justice
  • Increased networking activities to promote best practice and innovation.
Contact for further information:
Theo Arvanitis
02476 151341
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