The Multi Award Winning Neo-slip®

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Case Study Summary
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Overview summary:
The Multi Award Winning Neo-slip® is a novel, innovative yet practical solution that aids application of TED (thromboembolism-deterrent) stockings in a ward environment or whilst the postoperative patient is recovering at home.
Challenge identified and actions taken :
After seeing both nurses and patients struggling to apply compression garments in my role as a registered nurse I experimented with different materials in the hope of creating a smoothing aid that reduced friction and helped in the application of tight compression.

The result? The Neo-Slip.

Neo-slip® is a new, innovative low friction pouch available in colour coded sizes and fits onto the limb before the tight fitting compression, this creates a lubricous/slippery effect which slides the stocking into place and makes putting on stockings as easy as applying socks.

Neo-slip® enables patients to live independently and improve their quality of life thus enabling staff to focus on other tasks. Patients in the community no longer have to rely on nurses or social workers coming into their homes to apply tight surgical stockings.

Impacts / outcomes:
Neo-slip® delivers value for money by reducing the significant costs associated with DVT for the NHS, the economy and individual patients, which could also affect their family.

Health Select Committee estimated in 2005 that the total cost including the indirect cost to the UK for the management of DVT was approximately £640 million. In addition, the total annual costs of treating venous leg ulcers, a consequence of DVT, in the UK were in the region of £400 million.

Cost of treating complications is also very high; if you compare it to the cost of purchasing our product Neo-slip®, this will go on to encourage patients to wear their stockings that are vital in the battle against DVT.

Estimates show cost of treating a patient with DVT is £216 per day. With a typical stay in hospital of 5 days bringing total cost £1080 for just one occurrence of DVT.

Neo-slip® is sold to the NHS at £5.80 per unit and saves considerable time (and hence costs) of applying TED stockings, significantly reduces the cost of additional treatment and expensive stays in hospital (and thus increasing bed availability for serious illness) but most importantly helping nurses and patients, particularly when at home to apply their TED stockings correctly and easily.

Our strategy fits with current NHS strategy and objectives in driving efficiency and tackling waste, to make money invested in the NHS go further by delivering the services that patients want, including the latest technology.

Our innovation supports this by encouraging more efficient use of TED stockings. For example, a hospital purchased 27,779 pairs of anti embolism stockings at a cost of £68,158. However, Quinn et al (2015) surveyed 60 patients and found that over half found difficulty in the application of TED stockings, whilst physicians predicted that difficulty in the application was the main reason for non-adherence.

Anecdotal evidence suggests many patients do not adhere to the advice given in hospital to wear stockings for up to 6 weeks following discharge due to the difficult application.

Our innovation fits with current NHS strategy and objectives because the low unit cost pricing matrix of our innovation will support the NHS to take further action nationally to ensure that they can deliver more benefit for patients from every pound of its budget. As well as harnessing people power the NHS needs to leverage the potential of Innovation, which enables patients to take a more active role in their own health and care
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
Our strategy fits with current NHS strategy and objectives in driving efficiency and tackling waste, to make money invested in the NHS go further by delivering the services that patients want, including the latest technology.
Plans for the future:
We are expanding our range to include children size Neo-slip. This is a direct result of requests from nurses in the lymphedema clinics
Tips for adoption:
In the past two years, I have completed the design registration for Neo-slip®, trademark, patent pending, have obtained ISO9001 recognition, gained availability via NHS drug tariff (prescription) and, earlier this year, our nurse-led company achieved accreditation and listing on the NHS Supply Chain.

Listing on the NHS Supply Chain is vital for the future growth of the company, as this listing allows all NHS hospitals to order Neo-slip® without having to undertake their own due diligence on a product's efficacy and quality.

We currently supply private hospitals across the UK and recently have signed an agreement with Boots chemist to fulfill our prescription orders for community patients.
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