Creating a Blueprint for STP Digital Strategy and Investment

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Case Study Summary
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Overview summary:
ETL has worked with SEL STP to refresh their Digital Strategy. The HSLI in Provider Digitisation provided the funding stream to deliver the priority changes. ETL facilitated the creation of the HSLI case over three years and the development of the PIDs Business Cases and Value for Money analysis for the initiatives. We are now supporting the delivery of priority FY18/19 projects, updating the digital strategy reflecting the ICS and NHS 10-year plans and prioritising initiatives for FY19/20.
Challenge identified and actions taken :
The existing SEL Digital Strategy was over 70 pages long, had not been updated for a while, and was not understood. The challenge was to update the strategy so that it reflected the latest thinking in the NHS and STP plans. We delivered a strategy that was a few pages long, easily understood, achievable and had STP-wide consensus.

In addition, there was a need to draft an investment case to secure 3-year HSLI in PD funding within a fixed deadline. The challenge was to get agreement on a set of initiatives that could be delivered in FY18/19 with robust benefits and outline proposals for FY19/20. These needed to be aligned to the criteria set out by NHSE as well as the STP and provider priorities.

Having secured HSLI in PD approval, we drafted quality PIDs, Business Cases and VfM analysis documents for FY18/19 and within tight deadlines. We worked closely with NHSE Chief Digital Officer to ensure that our proposed initiatives would meet expected criteria.

With key lessons learned we have an equally challenging task to refresh the STP digital strategy so that it is aligned to the ICS and NHS 10-year plans. We need to deliver the projects that we have committed to in FY18/19, whilst also getting priority FY19/20 initiatives. Finally, we need to draft quality submissions with robust business cases by Spring 2019.
Impacts / outcomes:
We now have a STP digital strategy that is agreed across the STP and can be communicated easily and understood by all stakeholders. It is also a strong reference point for measuring the alignment of the initiatives that the STP is pursuing to the strategy.

We have a robust HSLI in Provider Digitisation investment proposal that is agreed across the SEL STP and provider organisations. It has been approved in principle by NHSE and hailed as the standard for the whole of London to follow.

We have a set of documents - PIDs, Business Cases and Value for Money Analysis - for the initiatives that we are progressing and delivering in FY18/19. In addition, we have a template for future initiatives and lessons have been learned on how best to implement new and similar work. These lessons and good practices can now be shared readily with other STPs.
Supporting quote for the innovation from key stakeholders:
Quote from John-Jo Campbell the SEL CIO.

“I understand that ETL may have opportunities to undertake STP Digital work in other parts of the country. I am happy to confirm the excellent work ETL have undertaken in supporting SE London STP in updating and refreshing the Digital Strategy and roadmap in 2018 and more latterly driving the process of developing and submitting cases for HSLI digital funding.

As discussed, please share this as you see fit, I am happy to be contacted for further information or references for ETL.”
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
This innovation addresses the proposals set out by NHS Five Year Forward View, NHS Digital Priorities, Matt Hancock’s HSLI in Provider Digitisation initiatives and SEL ICS ambitions and NHS 10-year plan. It also helps significantly to improve and deliver the digital maturity in the NHS.
Plans for the future:
The next phase of the project includes:
  • Delivering the projects that we have committed to in FY18/19
  • Refreshing the STP digital strategy so that it is aligned with the SEL ICS ambitions and NHS 10-year plan
  • Securing SEL ICS wide consensus to priority HSLI in PD FY19/20 initiatives
  • Drafting quality submissions with robust business cases for NHSE to approve by the end of Spring 2019.
Tips for adoption:
The right type of leadership, governance and collaboration at STP and provider level are key to success. What this means is all the key stakeholders at the STP and Provider level recognising the importance of these initiatives, the commitment, collaboration and leadership that is required and the time that needs to be allocated to discuss, agree and stick to the priorities. Without that and the underpinning governance and decision-making forum would lead to initiatives that are not fully thought through and tax-payers money wasted. We have seen this first hand and recognise the true significance of this.

It is also very important that the leadership team engage the right type of expertise to drive this requirement at the STP and ICS level. Without that it will be very challenging to secure the funding and deliver the much-needed changes underpinned by digital solutions in the NHS.
Contact for further information:
John-Jo Campbell – CIO SEL STP
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