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Overview summary:
FindMeALocum was created by NHS MLCSU’s Digital Innovation Unit in conjunction with a range of NHS stakeholders.

FindMeALocum is a digital solution developed by people at the sharp end of general practice: Practice Managers wanting to find high quality Locums quickly and Locum GPs wanting to work more flexibly.

It provides a low-cost, flexible, easy to use, digital solution for GP Locum Banks, Primary Care Health Professionals & Practice Managers to advertise Locum assignments.

Designed by the NHS, for the NHS and used by the NHS today.
Challenge identified and actions taken :
There are many challenges when it comes to shortages of GP’s in the NHS. This means that many GP Practices often struggle to find good Locums quickly. As a result, clinics and appointments are cancelled/rearranged leading to a range of impacts e.g:
  • further work and even greater pressure on GP Practices, re-arrangement of clinics and appointments
  • greater burden on Acute services, inappropriate attendances that are often the default position for patients when they cannot secure timely GP appointments
  • poor access for patients and disruption through lack of timely access to GP appointments
  • increased risk to patients’ health outcomes from delayed or cancelled appointment
Another driver for the creation of FindMeALocum is to encourage doctors who might otherwise leave the profession, to remain in clinical general practice e.g. through allowing them flexibility to select sessions to support their work life balance.

Other drivers for the creation of FindMeALocum are to encourage doctors who might otherwise leave the profession and retired GPs wishing to return to the profession through allowing them flexibility to select sessions to suit their needs and work life balance.
Impacts / outcomes:

The above identified challenges led to the Digital Innovation Unit, in conjunction with Howbeck Health Care Ltd, the North Staffordshire GP Federation and the South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance creating the FindMeALocum solution designed to help fill shortages of Locums at Practices expediently so that there were fewer cancellations to clinics etc.

For GP Practices, the solution enables the promotion of sessions to Locums in the area. Registered Locums can see what sessions are available, so that they can apply for roles that fit their schedules. Once applications have been made by professionals, GP Practices can then pick Locums who meet their requirements. The tool, therefore, has helped to stimulate the market by creating a simpler way for Locums to apply for the positions they want and for GP Practices to promote sessions.

The solution is a responsive web application with Apple/Android mobile app capability that enables a simple booking solution for Locums. The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and enables Locum GPs the ability to view and apply for sessions in a simple and hassle-free way. Locums can ask questions of the Practice before applying and review which sessions they have been chosen for.

The solution also removes the need to pay Locum agency fees meaning that GP Practices benefit financially and offers potential financial benefits to Locums through the broader and more transparent sessions that are available.

Registrations of GPs to the solution entails employment checks which are in line with the latest CQC guidelines. Such checks are carried out once by the umbrella organisation (such as the Federation or PCN) on behalf of all member Practices. An electronic profile of GPs is securely accessible to Practices for reference purposes.

There are many positive impacts and outcomes that have derived from the FindMeALocum solution.

The benefits of the FindMeALocum solution are:
  • It is a digital service accessible through the web or app.
  • It’s for both Doctors and GP Practices across the UK.
  • It is quick and easy to use for both parties involved.
  • It saves time and money for GP Practices and the NHS.
  • The app is flexible and efficient.
  • It is affordable with its pricing and free upgrades are included.
  • Supports improved patient access to GP appointments
Some examples of how GP Practices have used the project:
  • Retaining clinicians on flexible terms.
  • Helping to sustain primary care.
  • Increasing the medical workforce numbers in primary care.
  • Attracting new workforce to our local health economy.
  • Adding skill mix, with standardised minimum expertise, within primary care.
  • Act in an enabling role, helping to reduce the primary care healthcare team’s workload.
For GP Locums it increases the opportunity to:
  • Work flexibly and choose what they would like to cover.
  • Select areas they would travel to and work at.
  • See the sessions available for them to work.
  • Receive alerts on mobile for urgent vacancies.
  • Use the app as a personal planner.

For GP Practices the FindMeALocum solution is quick, secure and low cost, it:
  • Takes the hassle out of filling Locum sessions, saving time.
  • Helps GP Practices to have access to accredited Locums in seconds not hours, again saving time and resources.
  • Gives a full audit trail in line with CQC recommendations.
  • Reduces the reliance on recruitment agencies.
  • Saves GP Practices money within a year.
Supporting quote for the innovation from key stakeholders:
“FindMeALocum has taken the stress out of finding GP Locums. It’s made it easy to fill our locum sessions quickly, with experienced, knowledgeable, reliable clinicians. I highly recommend this fabulous resource to practices.”
Kirsty Moore -Practice Manager

“FindMeALocum has become my main way of accessing locum sessions. I find it: clear, up-to-date and easy to use, I have a broader circle of practices that I am connected with, and it has helped me to stay local to the Staffordshire area without having to look elsewhere for work.”
Dr David Weldon MRCSEd MRCGP- Locum Sessional GP

“I can honestly say FindMeALocum has been a Godsend to me, we have had an ANP leave this year and I was struggling to find a GP. I tried the agencies but they either let me down or never came back to me. The website is very easy to use, I have found all the GPs amazing when they have done sessions, they have been efficient and basically once I had synchronised their smartcard etc it was really easy for them to go straight into the EMIS solution. This has saved me time and money over the last 6 months.”
Susan Pyatt, Practice Manager

I’ve found the website easy to use. Being able to see potential Locum shifts has made it easy for me to fit shifts around my availability. I’ve found the booking process easy and hassle free.
Dr Matthew Lancett, GP
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
The FindMeALocum solution addresses the shortage of Locums in GP Practices. The FindMeALocum solution is designed to support the National GP Retention Scheme
Plans for the future:
There are now approximately 100 GPs registered with the solution who have fulfilled approximately 1400 vacancies over an 8-month time period[1]. However, there is still a shortage of GPs registered. Over 1800 vacancies were advertised over the same period.

Therefore, the plan for the future is to further promote the solution so that the number of shortages of GPs decreases. The more the app is advertised and known the more Locums and GP Practices would register and gain from the app’s benefits. Furthermore, this would improve the services that patients receive.

A new Nurse Bank module will be launched soon. Further improvements such as Locum invoicing and a Practice Admin Bank are in the pipeline with an expected release in late 2019 or early 2020.
[1] As at Spring 2019
Tips for adoption:
FindMeALocum has been created to save money for GP Practices from DAY ONE

Option 1: Package including installation, full training and ongoing support

Option2: Option 1 plus one-off project management support to launch the solution

Option3: Option 2 plus ongoing project management including employment checks

For more information or to book a demo please contact: Priyantha Jayawardane ( /
Contact for further information:
If you would like to look at more information on the solution, then please visit the website where you can sign up and download user manuals:
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