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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
DrDoctor provides healthcare transformation services through a digital patient layer which automates patient engagement from referral, through the booking process, to collecting outcomes and informing scheduling decisions.

Overview of Innovation:
DrDoctor is a digital health company transforming the way hospitals and patients communicate, by using pragmatic, common-sense technology to tackle the financial strain on the NHS. Our platform empowers patients to view, schedule and change their appointments themselves, online, on smartphone or by conversational SMS. This automation and efficiency improvement also allows for a greater quality of care provided and helps staff to operate at the top of their practice by focusing their efforts where they can have the greatest impact.

Once they've onboarded, we then move patients up the digital value chain by using outcome measures and need based scheduling to slash face to face follow up appointments, while giving patients better insight into their wellbeing.

Patients using DrDoctor have a better experience and are more likely to attend. DrDoctor also provides paperless correspondence to maximise the use of current resources and reduce administration paper costs. Finally, DrDoctor brings together data from disparate systems to facilitate interoperability and better communication across care boundaries.

DrDoctor is available on the GCloud10 Framework, as seen here:


Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Aptvision is revolutionary to the radiology sector providing a paperless & cost effective workflow.  Designed with radiology experts, practiced in-depth and customised to meet the specific needs of today’s modern & demanding radiology environment.
Overview of Innovation:
Total Radiology Solution including RIS and other innovative solutions has been designed to increase efficiency in hospitals and clinics - not just to store patients’ data. It’s unique innovation can be seen in:
  • Cost savings and increased productivity
  • Increase revenues for hospitals and clinics: web booking, schedule optimisation
  • Reduce errors and staff duties
Aptvision RIS is the most innovative RIS on the market offering fully paperless workflow from start to finish: eReferral letters automatically attached to the RIS, e-consent forms, Online Results, etc. Aptvision RIS also assures:
  • Electronic access to all documentation and forms
  • Quick access to all medical history
  • Fully web based, no installation - just the web browser
  • Ability to report on studies from any location without a need of installing dedicated software on individual doctor’s PC.
Much more than a standard RIS, Total Radiology Solution offers:
  • Fully integrated Web Booking in which patients can book their appointment like a seat on an airplane. From the clinic’s website patients can see which appointments are available for the type of exam they need and book it immediately.
  • Aptvision’s system automatically provides a call back from a clinic’s Call Centre, to verify the selected appointment and go through safety questions. The operator is prompted by the system to ask the appropriate questions.
  • This feature has reduced the 40% dropped calls rate to zero and practically eradicated no shows and errors.
  • Before the appointment, the patient receives a SMS Reminder of their visit and gains access to the Online Consent Form. They can complete it on their phone or computer before their visit day.
  • On the appointment day, patients can use Online Registration in the clinic using the interactive kiosk or tablet & without the need to stand in a long queue at the reception. They can also monitor their live updated waiting time on dedicated monitors.
  • The electronic consent form as well as all previous medical history is attached to patient’s record in Total Radiology System leading to completely Paperless Workflow. Once the appointment is completed, patient is informed with an SMS telling them their results are ready and can be viewed in the Online Results portal if this is appropriate.
  • Voice Recognition to more quickly create medical reports
  • Scan Audits to improve the quality of the reports and enable sharing of expertise.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Advanced diagnostics, genomics and precision medicine / Wealth creation / Clinical trials and evidence / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Patient and medicines safety
Benefit to NHS:
Revenues increase
  • Across 16 clinics in Ireland we have facilitated savings of up to €600,000 per clinic through reducing no-shows, errors and through modality optimisation
  • We have also increased revenues by €2.4 million in an 18-month period through web-booking and e-referrals
Efficiency increase and cost reduction
Through fully paperless workflow
  • An advanced, configurable, fully integrated e-referral platform feeding actual availability of modalities
  • E-referral letters automatically attached to the RIS, e-consent forms, Online Results, etc
  • Electronic access to all documentation and forms
  • Quick access to all medical history
  • ensure scan is possible and safe for patient (availability & safety questions)
Reduction of manual processes
  • Fully business rules driven without manual intervention
  • Built-in processes for auto scheduling and bulk appointment operations
  • No re-typing of information
  • No web booking missed
  • Medical call centre takes over all calls so reception could focus on patients and their needs
  • Interactive kiosks, tablets and monitors allow patients to register online without a need to come to reception
Improved Patient satisfaction
  • Reduced waiting times for scans and results
  • Ensures patients safety and enhances patient experience at all stages of their appointments (web booking, online forms and results, SMS notifications, online registration etc.)
Quality improvement
Peer review feature that allows anonymous review of radiology reports by random peer
Better hospital/clinic management
Live updated personalized dashboards for quicker decision making and detailed reporting: revenue reports, comprehensive operations reports, etc.
Savings in time
  • Quick system implementation - within few days, not months
  • Easy and intuitive up and running in 30 mins
  • Improvements visible from day one
Existing customers have reported statistics of:
  • Modalities capacity increase of 30%
  • 1 extra scan per hour
  • 10 more booking per day
  • Reduced reporting time 20min -> 4min
  • 50 reports per day vs 15
"Aptvision is revolutionary to the radiology sector and is the key to a paperless workflow. It improves daily operations and leads to quicker reporting times and early diagnosis. My experience suggests that Aptvision RIS increases a clinic's efficiency and bottom line from day one and has been the answer to our digital problem in one step."

Prof. Michael Maher
Consultant Radiologist, Cork University Hospital
Professor of Radiology, University College Cork
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
With rapidly increasing demand for diagnostic imaging and hospital and clinics workflow heavily relying on paper and manual duties radiology providers are sometimes unable to cope with that increased demand and provide their diagnostic in efficient and timely manner which can result in patient dissatisfaction and in some cases even lost lives.

Aptvision Total Radiology Solution offers a solution that can revolutionize radiology industry by promoting efficiency and paperless workflow that increases productivity in hospitals and clinic and ultimately benefits patients and their lives.
Our innovative features can benefit patients in numerous manner including:
  • Better and quicker access to radiology
  • Reduced waiting times for scans and results which can save lives
  • Ensures patients safety and enhances patient experience at all stages of their appointments (web booking, online forms and results, SMS notifications, online registration etc.)
  • Quality improvement - Peer review feature that allows anonymous review of radiology reports by random peer. It improves the quality of the reports, enhances share of expertise and allows discussion of interesting cases with experts in anonymous manner. This hugely benefits patients and again helps to save lives
  • Make use of modern ecommerce technologies to patients
Current and planned activity: 
Aptvision has just completed the Serendip programme.

We have applied for late inclusion into supplychain RIS/PACS frameworks.

We are actively engaging with Queen's hospital (BHR hospitals trust). We have presented the system and received a very positive response and we are currently organising a full day workshop with all staff.

We are presenting shortly to Black County Alliance.

We are seeking to work in partnership with an NHS Trust to deliver an early demonstrator for the NHS.
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
Full intellectual property of all applications and solutions is owned by Aptvision Ltd.
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
2 years
Ease of scalability: 
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
AccessibleGP will nurture and encourage transformational behaviour change among patients and GP services facilitated by an interactive website and communications platform to promote patient self-care and reduce unnecessary GP appointments.
Overview of Innovation:
GPs are the most trusted source of health advice in the community.  But increasing workloads mean time available to support individual patients is reducing. Digital technologies introduced to ease some of the pressures, including the ability to book appointments and access medical records online, are rarely promoted in practices nor used by patients. New approaches to freeing up GP time and resources are urgently needed so they can devote more time to improving patient care.
AccessibleGP (AGP) is a model that facilitates transformational behaviour and service change. It aims to promote greater patient self-care, drive down unnecessary demand on GP time and enhance communication and information exchange between patients and GPs by using an interactive website and communications platform.
The platform sits behind local Practice websites, maintaining their individual look, feel and local content.  It offers improved content and functionality, with the ability to communicate:
  • personalised and reliable information and advice relevant to individual patient health care needs
  • relevant and timely information relating to particular patient ‘groups’.
It provides access to consultation notes, test results and recommended next steps, as well as motivational tools - such as the ability to set and monitor personal health goals with email reminders. It helps patients avoid accessing the wrong information online by linking directly to their GP and other trusted sources of advice, and has the potential for email, video and live chat functionality.
In the testing phase, ‘digital champions’ will be available to support the platform roll out within GP practices. They will help increase patient engagement and assist staff to embed its use into practice life. ‘Patient Activation Measurement’ (PAM) scores will be used to track any resulting health improvements and patient motivation increases. Reports generated from GP EMIS systems will also help monitor health improvements and GP usage.
Initial testing will focus on the top 10 health conditions frequently leading to unnecessary GP appointments. Concept testing has already been undertaken with a number of patient cohorts through a market research company. Patient engagement in co-designing the platform accessibility, ease of use and content will be central to the testing phase.
Stage of Development:
Trial stage - Trial stage to prove that the idea actually works as intended
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Long term conditions: a whole system, person-centred approach / Wellness and prevention of illness / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Person centred care
Benefit to NHS:
The AccessibleGP platform has the potential to offer a number of different benefits to the NHS focusing on reducing patient dependency on local GP practices and associated services and delivering prevention and early intervention by helping patients to have more control over their own health.
During the trial we will build a robust evidence base that tests the ability of the platform and engagement activities to:
  • enhance clinical capacity by reducing the number of unnecessary and unavoidable GP appointments while improving/maintaining overall GP accessibility
  • reduce re-occurrence of patient episodes associated with long-term conditions and therefore the draw on NHS primary and acute services
  • increase patient use of online services identifying any resulting in reductions in administrative demand on GP practices
  • support the current shift towards collaborative working between GP practices to improve access
  • help practices capitalise on additional NHS income generation opportunities.
Initial Review Rating
3.40 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
AccessibleGP has the potential to offer a number of benefits to the West Midlands population by:
  • improving interactions between patients and their GP, leading to greater patient satisfaction and confidence in the NHS/GP service
  • helping to maintain the ‘special relationship’ between patient and their GP
  • optimising the opportunity to promote key health messages to targeted audiences
  • improving patient motivation and engagement in managing their own health and adopting healthier lifestyles
  • creating greater clinical capacity for more vulnerable and urgent need patients
  • building greater long-term resilience among the West Midlands population leading to better health outcomes overall.
Current and planned activity: 
We have had initial interest in the product from a national NHS body, a number of GP consortiums and a local CCG. We have undertaken a concept scoping exercise with patients and practice staff by through support from a market research company. We are working with an experienced CRM and digital communication platform company, have engaged a number of Universities in the product development and are drawing together a number of GPs to act as 'critical friends' during the product testing and development.
We would value help with: intellectual property rights issues; funding to develop the IT platform and ensure its integration with EMIS and Vision; help to overcome Information Governance issues; and support to link with complementary innovations such as digital consent technology.
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
Prime AccessibleGP as a name and logo is registered, however, copyright and patenting of intellectual property and the process for this is not yet completed and where guidance and support would be welcomed.
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
1 year
Ease of scalability: 
Regional Scalability:
To be completed
To be completed
Adoption target:
To be completed
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Sensely Ask NHS mobile app offering is a virtual nurse, Olivia, who guides the patient through clinical triaging or long term condition monitoring. Integrated and working with the NHS workforce. 
Overview of Innovation:
'Ask NHS' powered by Sensely provides patients and clinicians with improved access to NHS 111 and their local NHS services. Patients can talk through your symptoms in complete confidence with Nurse Olivia, a virtual nurse. If needed, Olivia she will arrange for a call back from a 111 Nurse to discuss symptoms further. Patients can also search NHS approved healthcare advice, schedule GP appointments and search opening times/locations of local healthcare services. It's the link for improving patient experience with Healthcare Providers and helping to cope with patient demand. Our key value proposition is to automate tasks for providers. We are Trusted , Empathetic, Personalised, Mobile First.

Sensely offers

- Mobile application platform that engages in natural conversations with patients.
- A clinician facing product which is data and process driven patient risk assessment.
- Direct Appointment Booking with GPs
- Service Locator (Integration with the NHS Directory of Services)
- Self Care Advice. Easily search through trusted NHS Choices healthcare advice and resources to gain a deeper understanding of conditions and treatments.
- Triage and Integration with Clinical Hubs (inc. NHS 111)
- Chronic Disease Management (CHF, COPD, Diabetes)

Olivia, our virtual nurse is connected with patients - 24/7 via their mobile device. She can help by answering their medical questions , measure their blood pressure, weight or glucose via blue tooth device, take a picture of their rash or swollen ankles and ask triage questions integrating with primary care services.

Olivia has been designed to embody the bedside manner of real healthcare professionals, and to be the clinician’s presence in patient’s life 24/7. Most importantly she does not only act as your virtual nurse - collecting vitals, scheduling appointments, offering health and wellness advice - she acts as your constant stream of accurate and clinically triaged information.

'Ask NHS' is powered by Sensely and delivered in collaboration with the NHS, NHS 111 and Odyssey by Advanced Healthcare. Visit http://www.sensely.com/asknhs to learn more.

For more information visit : http://www.asknhs.co.uk/ or email us at nhs@sensely.com
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Mental Health: recovery, crisis and prevention / Long term conditions: a whole system, person-centred approach / Wellness and prevention of illness / Education, training and future workforce / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Patient and medicines safety / Person centred care
Benefit to NHS:
Key Benefits

1) Saving the Clinician time. Pre Appointment Triage / Screening of patients, helping to prioritise those who need to be seen urgently - acting as admission avoidance tool. Sensely also offers the ability to directly book / cancel appointments into EMIS Web practices helping users to make an appointment when needed. Sensely supports CCGs achieve patient online programme initiatives through collaborative working we're providing the complete solution - one bundled app to navigate UK healthcare.

2) Improve health data. Using data captured through wearables. Sensely helps capture data and readings e.g blood pressure and weight measurements which can be subsequently filed to the GP patient record. Through the use of GPSoC APIs - data is recorded in a standard format using Readcodes ensuring high quality data capture and future analysis.

3) Using Sensely on smartphones provides clinicians with an ever-present clinical decision support tool that ensures they are providing patients with the best care plans.

4) Improved Patient Care - 24/7. Always available. Users can use the app to monitor their health and understand their body better. Subsequently, through Senselys integrated offering - the platform can alert a clinician when a patient who is being remotely monitored is flagged at being at risk. In the US - Sensely is used for supporting Chronic Care Management.

5) Improved efficiency to urgent care delivery. NHS 111 currently receives approx 30,000 calls per day. At an average of £13/call. This equates to £390,000 per day. Through the use of Sensely Artificial Nurse - we believe we can deal with a percentage of the self care queries / calls which are dealt with by a non clinical advisor (approx 20%) for which we could help save the NHS a potential of £78,000 per day.

6) Sensely interfaces with the Directory of Services which is utilised by NHS 111. Through the use of Service Locator - both clinicians and public can locate the right service at the right time. The tool ensures visibility of new services is transparent as possible to the right user. It is simple to use, accurate - always available tool where the content is locally administered by commissioning dos leads.
Initial Review Rating
4.20 (2 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
To solve the health industry operational problems, we created Sense.ly. Sense.ly is a mobile-first application platform that engages in natural conversations with patients to educate them, assess their medical conditions, answer their questions, and find the best possible sources of virtual assistance, telemedicine, or facility assistance. Our technology gives health providers and insurance companies the power to tailor unique customizable communication protocols and interaction workflows for each patient. The product offers the following capabilities:

1. Provides patients with a high quality “mobile virtual assistant” that proactively and reactively engages people in natural, personalized conversations and educational topics depending on their status, historical, and current issues.

2. Continuous monitoring of patients via mobile app

3. Connects patient/provider/payers with secure telemedicine and SMS platform

4. Delivers clinical, educational, and NHS/CCG information directly to the patient based on daily clinical picture, stage of treatment, claim progress, and immediate needs

5. Analyzes health data to calculate clinical improvement, compliance, readmission risk, and patient engagement.

6. Analyzes data-aggregates across disparate populations for the purposes of machine learning, disease prevention, risk/cost management, and clinical trials. Doctors and specialist use the information Sense.ly provides to optimize their team’s workflow around patients requiring immediate attention, while freeing up resources that would otherwise be allocated to less demanding cases.
Current and planned activity: 
Concept/Idea (No prototype, wireframes): Prescription Ordering

Working prototype developed (gathering feedback): Service Locator, Self Care, Direct Appointment Booking

Prototype with pilot users/clinical trials (test/validating): NHS 111 Odyssey Assessment integration with NHS 111, Medication Check

Prototype with paying customers: Patient Kiosk, Daily Check In

Fully developed product (paying customers, renewing contracts): Chronic Care Management
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
The IP include 7 patent applications allowing us freedom to continuing to operate and innovate on our products and service lines by refining
our proprietary avatar conversation engine and clinical decision support system. The IP includes code, methods, and integrations defining the
conversation engine.
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
6-12 mon
Ease of scalability: 
Regulatory Approvals:
Please describe any current regulatory approvals you have achieved and how they were met/ in progress/planned.
Commercial information:
Please describe how the product/service is being developed commercially, whether in development, trials, pilot or full commercial delivery. Include the results you have from any market/demand surveys and forecasts . Please include any research you have on the broader commercial opportunity for the innovation both within the health sector nationally and internationally.
Investment activity:
Please describe what stage of investment you have reached and whether you are seeking additional rounds of investment. Please include cash investment as well as investment of soft assets such as access to specialist equipment, knowledge, trial base etc. and indicate the types/sources of your investment such as grants etc.
Regional Scalability:
Please describe how the innovation could be scaled across the WM region. Have you implemented at scale in any other regions?
What outcomes are you hoping to achieve and what are the measures that you will use to gauge the success of the innovation and how will these assessments be made? Please ensure that you have quality, safety, cost and people measures.
Adoption target:
What are the targets for adoption across the WM and what are the minimum viability levels?
Investment sought:
What investment are you looking for in order to support wider adoption of this innovation and what have you managed to secure to date? Please provide a breakdown of these costs if possible.
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