A Staff Morale Survey and the introduction of Excellence Reporting on Southmead Central Delivery Suite (CDS). (#2497)

Idea Description
Overview of Innovation:

Staff morale at Southmead Hospital Obstetric unit has been under pressure due to staff shortages, budget constraints and a heavy focus on critical incident reporting. This is not unusual across the NHS. We evaluated staff attitudes and morale to investigate and share key areas of concern, and act as a platform to launch Excellence Reporting. We hope that introducing a system of peer-reporting excellent practice would provide a positive opportunity for learning, and improve team resilience, morale and patient safety.

An electronic survey was distributed to all staff on the Delivery Suite in March 2017. We received 125 responses from across all staff groups. The majority of staff actually enjoyed coming to work, mean score 3.9 on a 5 point Likert scale (1= strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree), but with variation between groups. Staff perceive that learning from examples of excellent practice is as valuable as reflecting on their own mistakes (score 4.0 and 3.9 respectively), and both are more valuable than learning from other’s mistakes (score 3.2).

The free text responses described how morale is under pressure due to staff shortages and high workload. Staff frequently stated they would feel better appreciated with more positive feedback, and better communication and understanding of their roles from other members of the multidisciplinary team.

There is clearly a demand for Excellence Reporting on Southmead CDS. Most staff enjoy coming to work, but we need to sustain and develop this attitude across all staff groups. We plan to launch excellence reporting as a means of improving staff morale, resilience and retention by focussing attention on the many examples of excellent care. By selecting some of the reports and studying them in depth using an appreciative inquiry technique, we hope to learn how to make things go right more often. There might be scope for rolling this project out across the whole hospital site.

Design and Destiny
We launched an electronic Excellence Reporting system in September 2017, easily accessible on the hospital intranet page. It is being advertised in staff meetings by champions and by posters on the wall. Reports will be collated by a core team, and individuals will receive a Certificate of Excellence for their portfolios. Key themes each month will be shared by the eBulletin newsletter and in staff meetings.
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Hi, I'd be interested to know who was in your 'core team' and what you will be reporting on/to? Sounds great!
I would like to add Dr Nicola Weale (Consultant lead for obtetric anaesthesia at Southmead Hospital) as co-author.
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