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Overview of Innovation:
Please watch our video celebrating our successful event held in November 2017.


Attendees share their experiences of LfE in the video, reflecting on the event and how they will apply LfE in their working lives to improve the safety and quality of compassionate care for patients.
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Helen Hunt 12/12/2017 - 13:11 Publish Login or Register to post comments
Overview of Innovation:
Submitted on behalf of Dr Tamsin Holland-Brown

Greatix (reporting and learning from staff excellence) was introduced to CCS Paediatric department (8 South Cambridge based paediatricians, 5 North Cambridge Paediatricians,  2 psychologists and 5 secretaries) for a period of 12 months. Appreciated Inquiry (AI) was fitted into the agenda of the paediatric Business/ education meetings, monthly. 

Over the 12 month period 12 Datix and 19 Greatix were reported.
Greatix reports: admin initiatives (several); New course set up for parents; therapist who made up new therapeutic and fun games; a better type of work diary used; valuable education session; listing the plug sockets; filling cleared; weekend support; a meeting chaired well and sensitively, etc.
Audit after 12 months:  Audit of 20 people in Block 13  Ida Darwin Hospital Cambridge (Community paediatricians, speech & language therpists, occupational therpists, admin/ support staff, community nurses) at the end of the 12 month period
12 people had heard of Greatix (8 people had not and had only ever used Datix)

Of those (12 people)  that knew about Greatix
5 people felt that they would use Greatix and Datix equally
5 people felt that they would be more likely to report a Greatix
2 people felt that they would be more likely to report a Datix
3 people  felt that changes were made as a result of using Greatix (8 thought no changes were made and the rest were uncertain)
11 felt that it was possible to make service improvements with Greatix ( 1 didn’t think so)
9 felt that Greatix highlighted good role models   
9 Felt that Greatix contributed towards a better working environment
11 Felt that Greatix raised staff morale
11 Felt that Greatix shared best practice
11 Felt that Greatix improved our service to children
Discussion and results:
*  Staff like to use the Greatix system
*  Over 12 months trial period, Greatix was a more popular reporting tool than Datix.
*  Most staff think that Greatix would improve the service, highlight good role models, create a better working environment, raise staff morale, share best practice.
*  Are we missing a way of reflecting and learning from practice across our NHS Trust by only incident reporting?
*  Staff need to feel that changes could be made through the Greatix system.

Update (since the audit)
*  The speech and language therapists have asked to join Greatix reporting system.
*  Learning from Excellence first newsletter circulated
*  Managers now wanting to roll out Learning from Excellence Trust wide. 
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Emma Plunkett 30/09/2017 - 13:59 Publish 1 comment

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