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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
A workforce management solution (including scheduling, rostering, mileage optimisation and BI tools) which enable the NHS to achieve greater quality & efficiency, whilst improving patient wellbeing and outcomes.
Overview of Innovation:
NHS Community Teams are dealing with increasing numbers of early discharges from hospitals, complex care packages, patients with co-morbidities & mental Heath challenges. Organisations are also trying to make a concerted effort to reduce hospital admissions in order to ease the pressures within the acute sector, while continuing to provide the best clinical outcomes for patients. CM2000 works with the NHS to develop innovative workflows & processes needed to ensure that existing Community based teams are working to optimal efficiency. Safety is key but there is also a need to ensure that teams have a strong cohort of experienced staff with the capacity and experience available to meet the ever increasing demand, this is where CallConfirmLive! comes into its own

CM2000 delivers innovative IT solutions to help enable the NHS to achieve greater quality & efficiency, whilst improving patient wellbeing & clinical outcomes. CM2000 has a proven track record of working with NHS organisations and over 900 Private Providers of health & care services in the community, and over 75 Local Authorities, ensuring that care is delivered cost effectively, efficiently & safely

CallConfirmLive! is an electronic rota management solution, schedule optimisation tool, mileage wizard & mobile working solution (facilitating lone working too!) for teams working on the frontline and for Trust wide visibility, we use our Business Intelligence solution (CMBI) which provides a strategic view for effective performance management & capacity planning across one, or all of the services you manage allowing for a more unified service

CallConfirmLive! can not only help to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs but can also support with the prevention of Mental Health Crisis events - Health Care Professionals & team Managers benefit from real time updates via the observations feature & assessment platform. This allows all staff to; report on a Patient’s changing condition, raise alerts back at base for further input, plus ensuring if a patient receives multiple visits per day, all staff have the most up to date information

The CallConfirmLive! solution, used in conjunction with the online carers/patient portal allows for information regarding patients visits/progress to be monitored by family members/advocates/patients themselves

The solution ensures a proactive approach when a patient is at an elevated risk of crisis and inform those closely involved with the patients care
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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