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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Our Game Based Learning platform, aligned to the ‘Future in mind’ report could support the WM Mental Health community - parents, carers, teachers, clinical staff, in comms, intervention & prevention, especially for early intervention of young people.
Overview of Innovation:
Our Game Based Learning platform has a unique difference over 'other' digital / serious games providers. Our platform provides the ability to easily change, update and amend game experiences, so that any investment in an experience is extended to address an organisations ever changing requirements. Our platform allows a Game Based Learning experience to be developed in under 10 days and can be changed / updated in minutes. The platform is available 'locally' or in the Cloud and can be deployed on Tablets, PCs or via the Internet. We have already successfully worked with and developed a number of games within the Healthcare Industry - namely around the subject of 'Stop the Pressure' - Pressure Ulcer training for Tissue Viability professionals.

We believe that our Game Based Learning platform could be deployed to assist the Mental Health community to drive communication, early intervention and help with prevention of Mental Health - especially within the area of young people, as a Game Based Learning experience is un-intrusive, engaging and enjoyable, thus suiting the demographics for the younger generation.

Game Based Learning, provides an engaging conduit to deliver knowledge in an enjoyable format, games generally result in players relaxing and engaging in the defined subject. This creates a learning platform that is open to all levels of intelligence and education, providing an level playing field for the overall audience.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Hi Tony, are you still looking for collaboration opportunities to take this forward?  Are you still considering accessing the support in iCentrum or the Serendip digital health incubator?
Hi Tony
Just a small poiint about your elevator pitch - do you really mean to "prevent mental health"?  Perhaps it should refer to preventing mental ill-health?  Great idea btw, I wish you every success
You are correct, unfortuantely I cannot change the subnission, once it has moved on from draft. Thank you.

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