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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
SaccScan - a tool for rapid, accurate & affordable diagnosis & clinical management of major psychiatric disorders. Identifies eye movement abnormalities to objectively diagnose illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder & severe depression
Overview of Innovation:
The Diagnostic Problem
Delivering an accurate and timely diagnosis remains one of the most pressing challenges of modern psychiatry. 1 in 4 adults suffer from mental ill health during their lifetime but around 50% of cases are misdiagnosed. There are still no objective diagnostic tests to validate the decision. Diagnosis and clinical management are based solely on the patient’s history, symptoms, and behaviour. Treatments are available that allow patients to resume normal functioning in society but clinicians struggle to make accurate diagnosis, match therapy to condition and provide timely care.

It is common in psychiatry to find that symptoms are insufficient to give a clear diagnosis and a lengthy consultation period of several years may be necessary. Delays in receiving a diagnosis can significantly impede delivery of the most effective treatment plan, exposing the patient to risk of further deterioration in well-being, reduction in quality of life leading to job loss, family breakdown, and self-harming.

Ultimately the wider economy shoulders the burden from loss of economic output, commitment of healthcare resources, and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by patients and their families.

SaccScan is a novel eye movement test, designed as an assistive point-of-care tool for diagnosis and clinical management of psychiatric disorders.

Using high specification eye tracking technology, and access to a proprietary clinical reference database, the diagnostic tool utilises eye-movement abnormalities as objective clinical diagnostic biomarkers for illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depression. The test can be completed within 30 minutes in a standard consulting room. A shorter version of the test is being developed for use in primary care settings to assist with differential diagnosis of psychosis from mood disorders, better informing referral of serious mental illnesses to secondary care services.

SaccScan not only reduces the overall cost of managing psychiatric illness but will improve patient outcome.

A Step Change for Psychiatry
SaccScan has been demonstrated to detect schizophrenia with better than 95% accuracy (> 90% sensitivity & specificity) and has been extended with the same precision to bipolar disorder and major depression illnesses. No brain imaging, serology or DNA test approaches this level of performance (sensitivity, specificity and repeatability).
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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