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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Prodlytic is a low cost, scalable tool to provide analytics and insights into how users are using your software and Apps or to investigate big NHS datasets.
Overview of Innovation:
Prodlytic – Analyses information via auto-tracking everything your users do (Staff or patients) whilst using your App or software. No more guesswork, coding, or painful waiting around for data to instantly understand user behaviour, problems with navigation or software, assisting you to make better, faster decisions about the user or your software.

Prodlytic supports instant retroactive analysis, each time a user interreacts with the Software/App the event/action is logged. Thus all events are recorded from the time when ‘Prodlytic’ is added to a system up to the last tracked interaction is displayed.

Thus from adding one line of code to your products and you can answer:
  • When did the user login/sign up to use or access our product/service?
  • How many active minutes do they spend with us? Or how long did it take a user to enter an answer or respond?
  • Where do they spend the most time? Where do they spend the least? What proxies predict this behaviour?
  • How did they navigate or in what order did they select items?
  • How does their behaviour change over time? Are the delays to answering questions, taking long or this changed since last time?
  • When or where do they stop using our service? Highlighting the potential for a follow up or possibly needs a red flag to the clinical team?
This technology has been used by leading car manufacturers to understand how their in car entertainment (ICE) is being used and by TV set top box providers to understand viewing and selection habits.

Hence are you making the most of your user data?

Do you Analyse the usage of your Apps or software.
We can provide information in a simple to understand way from your existing software tools and systems via Dashboards and reporting systems. To improve patient support and engagement to understand where they and staff have difficulties or delays in using your software. Which will help you in either amending and improving the systems and processes or indicate that the user needs help – training or medical.

Thus allowing greater efficiency and user satisfaction.

We can help you look at what kind of data do you have and what kind of data should you have? Our products can deliver a data strategy or AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning) strategy to supercharge your data-informed organisation.

Prodlytic offers these tools out of the box, cheaply and scalable.

Thus helping organisations turn data into actionable insights
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Prodlytic is GDPR compliant.

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