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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Software that automatically engages with stakeholders to track performance & risk and identify continuous improvement opportunities in campaigns and/or contracted out services.
Overview of Innovation:
Do you find it difficult to track and measure contract or campaign performance? Compared to well-managed contracts/campaigns, unmanaged or poorly managed contracts/campaigns can lead to costly inefficiencies, poor performance and an increase in risk.
ContractsWise is now offering its innovative, cloud-based contract management tool: ECMS, (available via the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud Framework Agreement if required). Designed by experienced contract managers, ECMS can increase performance and savings, improve service quality, and mitigate risk, with an automatically backed-up database to prevent loss of data.
Some of ECMS’s features include:
  • A  register to record all contracts/campaigns and associated documents in a secure database
  • A dashboard that can be individually configured for each user, with information on performance and risks
  • Compatibility with any device with a web-connection, including tablets and smartphones, without the need to download additional software
  • Actively and automatically engage with stakeholders.
For those who don’t need all of ECMS’s features, there’s ECAS, an administration system that is scalable to your needs and will help improve control of information and documentation.
ECAS’s Entry Level Plan features include:
  • Searchable database of your information and documents
  • Automated reminders for important dates
  • Secure cloud storage with automated data back-up which frees up physical space
  • Archive old information
  • Online tutorials and help documents.
All of ECAS’s features are included in ECMS.
Understanding contract management and how to improve performance can be difficult, which is why ContractsWise also run an online training course: An Introduction to Contract Management, which combines theory and best practice to give you a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
For more information on the ways that ContractsWise can help please visit
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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