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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
myCOPD is the first step for patients in having their COPD pathway online. 98% of patients had their inhaler technique corrected with no clinical interaction with myCOPD.
Overview of Innovation:
myCOPD is a complete online self-management solution for patients with COPD. Developed under a £1millon NHS contract, myCOPD was selected by Sir Bruce Keogh for the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme.
myCOPD is able to deliver the expertise normally provided by the consultant, nurse, physiotherapist, pharmacist and even psychologist at a time and place to suit the patient.
Built by clinicians and tested with patients, myCOPD delivers a simple, functional user interface that can be accessed on any device that connects to the Internet from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers delivering advanced patient self-management, education, pulmonary rehabilitation and disease management at an individual and population level.
myCOPD brings together patients and clinicians in a single, integrated platform delivering an interface for the clinician managing a population of patients with COPD. The clinician dashboard allows the prompt identification of patients with worsening symptoms. Allowing clinicians to monitor their population more efficiently and allocate resources more appropriately. 
myCOPD is scalable, fully language and region translatable allowing the application to be used in multicultural communities and wider markets in Europe and beyond.

myCOPD has proven to correct 98% of inhaler errors (present in over 90% of patients) with no other clinical intervention.

Patient features
  • An interface where patients can feedback their symptoms and quality of life scores to their health care provider
  • Online self-management plan
  • Patient education
  • Online inhaler diary
  • Oxygen alert card
  • Inhaler technique videos
  • Comprehensive online pulmonary rehabilitation program
Clinician features
  • Community/Exacerbation Review
  • Primary Care Review
  • Secondary Care Review
  • Oxygen Assessment
  • Spirometry
  • Medicine use review
  • Upload any document
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Ian - I have passed this on the LPN Chair of the West Midlands to see how it supports the Community Pharmacy agenda as well as the BSol CCG Respiratory Network programme manager.  I will let you know if I hear anything. 
Thanks Lucy
Who is the BSol CCG Respiratory Network programme manager? Thanks.
We have recieved great news from Ian regardarding myCOPD which has had some significant news coverage across the country with Simon Stevens announcement at the NHS Confederation 2016. 
Please see some of the links below for reference.
NHS website link
National news stories:-
Hi Ian

Nice to see an innovation that has the user right at the centre of the design.

You mention a clinician dashboard and a document upload facility.  Are these currently integrated with any of the common NHS clinical systems?

The short answer is no, not yet, but it has been built so they can be with things like systmOne, Emis etc.
I work in Ladywood, Birmingham, which has the worst prevalence of COPD in the City.
The City Council wants to transform the Ladywood Health and Community Centre, into a Creative Well Being Hub. The aim is to co design and deliver a blend of physical, cultural and training activity, to enable community capacity and resilience.
I wondered if we could arrange a large group demonstration at the Centre?
We could invite local patients and health professionals into the Centre, to introduce the app (and provide some hot food provied by the Real Junk Food Kitchen)?
The Centre has wifi, so we could help support patients to monitor their condition, in their community?
Thoughts welcome.
Dear Denise,

My contact details are - please email me and we can go from there.
Happy to support you with this Denise and will be in touch. Thanks, Lucy
I think this is very good and places the patient at the heart of treatment. One of the innovations we have is to attach scannable QR codes to the inhaler packaging which connect to inhaler technique videos.

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