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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Neurocare’s™ muscle stimulation  therapy is safe, comfortable, non-invasive and clinically proven to accelerate  wound healing and musculoskeletal  rehabilitation which enables major treatment  cost reduction with  significant increases in HRQoL.
Overview of Innovation:
Neurocare™are seeking to promote the adoption in the UK of their muscle stimulation device and its comprehensive treatment protocols .
Neuromuscular electronic stimulation therapy is well established in many countries in the world particularly in the U.S.A. and with six FDA indications has a strong clinical trial evidence base in most of its  applications.  The Canadian and American Health Authorities have recommended its use in healing pressure ulcers as did the EPUAP/NPUAP collaboration in work published in 2009.
Patient compliance is potentially a challenge particularly where adherence to a treatment programme over a period of time is necessary. Many muscle stimulation devices can be painful  when set at voltages required to achieve a therapeutic level of muscle recruitment.
The Neurocare™ device has a unique electronic configuration which features AC output and allows very high voltage for full muscle recruitment at very low amperage for pain free comfortable therapy. Whether treatment occurs in clinic or in the home the objective is to recruit the patient as an enthusiastic active participant in their own programme of therapy.
The Neurocare™ device functions by introducing an electrical signal into the motor nerve of the muscle causing a muscle contraction which replicates exercise whilst activating the peripheral arterial and vascular systems which are essential to moving freshly oxygenated blood through the wound site.
Each treatment lasts between 30 to 45 minutes and may be administered once or twice daily as necessary at a cost of approximately £2 per treatment.
As an option remote web-based management incorporating a “virtual clinic” allows home self-treatment without the presence of healthcare professionals facilitating much more intensive therapy than periodic clinic/outpatient visits allow. This has potential for substantial cost reductions and significant acceleration of healing wounds or musculoskeletal rehabilitation with consequent improvement in HRQoL and timescales reduction.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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I would be interested in learning more about this innovation.  The cost of treatment appears to be very cost effective.

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