Silhouette Digital Wound Assessment and Information Management System (#1817)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Electronic wound imaging, 3D measurement, documentation, reporting, data sharing and informatics system.  An enabling technology to support objective wound assessment, quantitative outcomes monitoring and evidence-based treatment.
Overview of Innovation:
Silhouette is an easy-to-use wound imaging, 3D measurement & documentation system providing accurate wound information at the point of care to support effective clinical management of patients. Silhouette wound informatics are available as a wound assessment PDF report and on a secure web-enabled database and for easy access and sharing across the entire care team. 

The wound images and wound healing progress charts are highly visual and provide immediate and clear indication of a patient's response to treatment.

This award-winning system includes an imaging 3D camera that precisely and consistently measures the area, depth & volume of wounds to track and report healing progress. Silhouette enables wound assessment activity and wound outcomes to be monitored, providing wound information that is available instantly to key stakeholders, integrated with your EMR system. Silhouette is proven in both clinical research & clinical practice.

Silhouette supports pro-active management of wound-related risk & improves communication, helping practitioners to be more productive & effective in their delivery of wound care. Silhouette is suitable for all settings, including acute out-patient clinics, community-based care, home health & telehealth wound care.

The Silhouette system is made up of three main parts – a point of care wound camera, smart software for measuring wounds, & a wound information database:
  • The SilhouetteStar® specialized camera (pictured right) captures the wound image;
  • SilhouetteConnect® software for accurate 3D measurements of the wound based on the data acquired by SilhouetteStar (see below), together with healing progress charts & electronic wound assessment summary reports. 
  • SilhouetteCentral®, a secure Internet-accessible database that stores & consolidates the information obtained from the organisation’s SilhouetteStar + SilhouetteConnect devices, including integration with the EMR.
Unlike non-3D and traditional methods, which are imprecise & unreliable, Silhouette provides meaningful information for better clinical decisions. It is also extremely easy to use & is ready to integrate with EMR systems. Silhouette was first established in clinical research, which requires rigorous source documentation, & is now available for widespread use in clinical practice.

Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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See update on EMAHSN Technology-enabled transformation of Diabetes Foot Service.  A great success story of EMAHSN, NHS Partners and industry working together to deliver improved diabetes foot care in the East Midlands. This digital telehealth solution (Silhouette) supports improved diabetes foot service access and lower service costs and is ready for replication across the NHS. Come and see us at the Entec Health, Silhouette stand at Meridian Live on Wed 15th February, Birmingham event. We look forward to partnering with NHS Innovators in the West Midlands to transform management of diabetes foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and complex wounds to support better patient experience and outcomes.
See EMAHSN update report here:
Watch this 3 minute BBC Regional News Report to find out how the EMAHSN Diabetes Foot Service, enabled by Silhouette, is improving service access, patient experience and joining up integrated diabetes foot care. This solution supports NHS Providers to comply with NICE Guidelines for managing patients with diabetes foot ulers by enabling rapid escalation/de-escalation and MDT management based on objective DFU progress data. A key clinical goal of diabetes foot care is to ahcieve rapid healing of foot ulcers to prevent secondary complications such as unneccessary amputations.
Watch the video:
Entec Health is proud to let everyone know that a successful Silhouette telehealth demonstrator has been established for the management of patients with diabetes foot ulceration.  
The initiative is supported by the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network.
This Silhouette technology-enabled initiative went live in July 2016 in the Royal Derby Hospital out-patient clinic and in the Derbyshire Community Healthcare Services Trust in Sept 2016. 
The EMAHSN Diabetes Foot digital solution is releasing pressure on an over-booked out-patient DF clinic, improving access to MDfT care and reducing tariff costs across the integrated pathway. The patient response has been very positive to the reduced travel time, wait time and convenience.The Derbyshire team are now working on securing funding for expansion of the model to additional community sites. 
See EMAHSN Press Release:

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