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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Greenbox is a mutlifunctional data capture device which can be used for the verification and registration of both staff and patients.
Overview of Innovation:
Greenbox is a desktop-sized device which connects through USB to a laptop or desktop PC, it's has huge potential in patient/staff enrollment as well as verification and registration.
Greenbox consists of 5 forms of data capture methods: a high resolution digital camera, a smart card reader, digital biometric thumb-print scanner, digital signature pad and document scanner. Paired with the GreenForm software, it is a powerful tool in the creation of forms. The forms which can be customised to be populated with any information required use the forms of data capture within Greenbox to help populate the forms. Forms can be used during the assessment of patients prior to surgery, in A&E departments during the diagnosis of patients and even for the verification of patients prescribed with restricted drugs.
Greenbox has implemented throughout clinics in Pretorius, South Africa, to counteract fraud related incidents and verify the correct patients receive the correct drugs. This has been done to counteract South Africa’s street-drug problem and has streamlined patient enrollment and verification within Pretorius. Greenbox has also been implemented within the security sector and education sector with customers who required staff and student screening, registration and verification. Greenbox is a bespoke product which allows a degree of customisability. Features can be remove and the box itself can display anything on the screen such as the NHS logo.
Pairing Greenbox and GreenForm with a document management system allows the streamlining of any forms or records. Workflow can perform optical character recognition and using a complex set of rules can allocate documents to users for approval, archive documents where needed and even automatically send documents to their correct location with no user input needed. This ergonomic solution is amplified as documents are digitalised, reducing paper costs and reducing storage space.
GreenDoc Technologies is a solution like no other, a one-step solution to compliance. To discuss this product further or to discuss its potential please call us on 01785 785 655. Likewise email us on to discuss further.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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