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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Birmingham Surgeons created endoscope-i an award-winning system that enables the viewing, recording & sharing of HD endoscopic images & videos using an iPhone/iPod. Endoscope-i works with existing endoscopes or supplied as a secured turn-key solution
Overview of Innovation:
Smartphones & tablets are becoming a central technology within clinical care systems for their high definition cameras, brilliant screens, integrated sensors and unlimited software potential.

Originally developed as a simple and cost effective solution to mobile endoscopic HD imaging Endoscope-i can benefit both clinicians and patients across several specialities. To date otolaryngologists, urologists, gynaecologists, orthopaedic physicians, laparoscopic surgeons and anaesthetists are some of the many specialties which benefit from using endoscopes. The superior lighting and optics allow for visualisation of 'hard to reach' areas within the human body. Endoscope-i has been involved in a number of projects globally to facilitate cost effective HD imaging and documentation.

The multiple award winning Endoscope-i is simple to operate and comprises an adapter to connect a medical endoscope to align with the camera of an iOS device (iPhone or iPod). The ‘e-iPro’ app allows the user to calibrate and centre the acquired image and prevents rotation allowing images to be recorded in high definition (HD) video or still images which can be shown to the patients and stored in the patient’s medical record in seconds.

Endoscope-i will fit any endoscope with a 32mm eyepiece, which means the possibilities are endless. A shared endoscopic view was previously the reserve of the privileged few - where they have large expensive stacking systems - Endoscope-i makes this technology available to everyone, at a fraction of the cost and in a more convenient portable format.”
People are surprised to hear that before Endoscope-i, clinicians relied on hand drawn sketches to update patient records.

NB: Data and images are currently distributed via Discussions are ongoing with the Information Commissioners Office to design bespoke data management protocols.

Endoscope-i is available to fit a range of iOS devices and has a multitude of uses which include both clinical and non clinical applications such as:-

HD imaging of the ear nose & throat to allow rapid and easy storage and sharing of images and videos with both patients and clinicians

Portable HD viewing to facilitate endoscopic fibre optic intubations available at any time

Small and large animal endoscopy from the surgery to the field using the most advanced portable camera technology

Carry only one portable device for communication and sharing of images obtained on site
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Great idea!
Hi Neil
With regards to IG we are using the IG toolkit through NHS Digital which is currently undergoing a revamp. All our governance measures still follow this and all the required risk assessments. We are currently awaiting our ODS number to apply for access through to the N3 once all the governance paperwork has been checked, it would be nice to go through this with you. Ideally we would like to use a cloud based service apprpriate to ICO recommendations when all the governance checks are cleared. It appears that N3 are advertising this and taking details of interested parties. In the meantime we are actually working with the team via accenture as this is the only safe way of transfering any OFFICAL SENSITIVE data netween accounts. e-i are looking to obtain their own accounts. The accenture team and e-i are working with each others APIs to create a fully automated safe system to store and transfer data.

The porposed pathway is the one currently being used as a service evaluation in two of the 6 CCGs in the Staffordshire STP footprint, This is that the GP uses our technology to examine, record and send any queries to myself or Chris in e-i. We respond with an answer. Provisional datat shows 90% of referrals to e-i avoid a hospital attendance.

In terms of a business model we see this being sold as a package to the GPs. There is more to the technology and its worth seeing in person. The e-i kit is capable of so much more without any further capital investment. Would love to show this to you sometime. 

Best wishes
Thanks for such a comprehensive answer Ajith.

Precisely what I was hoping to hear!

Good to hear thanks. Happy to discuss more in detail f you would like to know more about the tech.

Bets wishes

I have a few questions:
  • What IG measures are in place to ensure that the storage, transmission and retrieval meet NHS security requirements?
  • What's the proposed pathway? Is the expectation that GPS will use this to support referral, or for secondary care/hospital use?
  • what's the business model? Is the expectation that it will be paid for by GPS, commissioners or acute providers?
Happy to discuss if someone from Endoscope-i would contact me?



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