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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
We run a Suicide Crisis Centre in Gloucestershire, which was set up and is run by a person with lived experience. We've been providing services for 3 years and have never had a suicide of a client under our care.
Overview of Innovation:
The charity Suicide Crisis was set up in December 2012. It was set up by a woman who experienced suicidal crisis following a traumatic experience in March of that year. She couldn't find the right kind of help so she created what would have helped her. Our services have evolved to become what our clients have said they want and need. They have shown us what additional services we have needed to provide.

First we set up a Trauma Centre in May 2013 and this continues to run as part of our charity. This is about early intervention: supporting people to try to prevent a descent into crisis. After she was discharged by the NHS crisis team in the summer of 2012, the founder of Suicide Crisis was told that there would be an 8-month wait before she could access psychological therapy. Whilst waiting for therapy, she attempted suicide twice. This highlighted the need for ongoing support after a traumatic experience.    

The Suicide Crisis Centre opened in autumn 2013 and is based in the centre of Cheltenham and serves the whole of Gloucestershire. Clients can come in every day when at high risk. We provide face to face individual support.

A client at particularly high risk will have access to 24-hour support.

We have never had a suicide of a client under our care and have identified a number of reasons why. We believe that it's because of a combination of the way that our services are set up and our ethos. We're happy to give presentations about our work to explain this.

We often look to psychiatrists and professors for possible ways of reducing the number of people who die by suicide. We are different in that it is a 'mental health patient' who came up with the idea of our Suicide Crisis Centre, set it up and who continues to run it. Although she had no contact with mental health services prior to 2012, she has since been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and a posttraumatic syndrome. We have gone beyond co-production. This has been originated by a service user.

Our work is now starting to attract national attention. We have been visited by Helen Garnham, the national lead on suicide prevention at Public Health England. She has described our work as "inspiring" and asked us to address a suicide summit in February in London. Luciana Berger, the former Shadow Minister for Mental Health, asked to visit us in January and met staff and clients. The South West Zero Suicide Collaborative's steering group has described our work as "inspirational" and "extraordinary". 
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Absolutely smashing idea,  to understand why people survive is such a strong starting platform to more fully understand suicide.

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