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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Aptvision is revolutionary to the radiology sector providing a paperless & cost effective workflow. Designed with radiology experts, practiced in-depth and customised to meet the specific needs of today’s modern & demanding radiology environment.
Overview of Innovation:
Total Radiology Solution including RIS and other innovative solutions has been designed to increase efficiency in hospitals and clinics - not just to store patients’ data. It’s unique innovation can be seen in:
  • Cost savings and increased productivity
  • Increase revenues for hospitals and clinics: web booking, schedule optimisation
  • Reduce errors and staff duties

Aptvision RIS is the most innovative RIS on the market offering fully paperless workflow from start to finish: eReferral letters automatically attached to the RIS, e-consent forms, Online Results, etc. Aptvision RIS also assures:
  • Electronic access to all documentation and forms
  • Quick access to all medical history
  • Fully web based, no installation - just the web browser
  • Ability to report on studies from any location without a need of installing dedicated software on individual doctor’s PC.

Much more than a standard RIS, Total Radiology Solution offers:
  • Fully integrated Web Booking in which patients can book their appointment like a seat on an airplane. From the clinic’s website patients can see which appointments are available for the type of exam they need and book it immediately.
  • Aptvision’s system automatically provides a call back from a clinic’s Call Centre, to verify the selected appointment and go through safety questions. The operator is prompted by the system to ask the appropriate questions.
  • This feature has reduced the 40% dropped calls rate to zero and practically eradicated no shows and errors.
  • Before the appointment, the patient receives a SMS Reminder of their visit and gains access to the Online Consent Form. They can complete it on their phone or computer before their visit day.
  • On the appointment day, patients can use Online Registration in the clinic using the interactive kiosk or tablet & without the need to stand in a long queue at the reception. They can also monitor their live updated waiting time on dedicated monitors.
  • The electronic consent form as well as all previous medical history is attached to patient’s record in Total Radiology System leading to completely Paperless Workflow. Once the appointment is completed, patient is informed with an SMS telling them their results are ready and can be viewed in the Online Results portal if this is appropriate.
  • Voice Recognition to more quickly create medical reports
  • Scan Audits to improve the quality of the reports and enable sharing of expertise.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
PharmacyFace matches community pharmacy services to the needs of their community to encourage medicine adherence and heathy lifestyles. 
Overview of Innovation:
PharmacyFace uses search engine marketing and online booking to make gaining healthcare support from a pharmacy easier. As many pharmacies are becoming more aware of the need to be 'more service' rather than dispensary-driven, PharmacyFace makes this process easier for the business and patient.

This offers an alternative solution to the increasing pressures on GP surgeries capacity and a viable option to out-of-hours hubs to direct relevant customers to community pharmacy.

The PharmacyFace online booking widget is easy to implement on the pharmacies website with one line of code. We can also develop websites for pharmacies which do not yet have one. Any service provided by that particular pharmacy can be added to their booking widget, with private / NHS services clearly labelled.

Further plans include the ability for the pharmacist to send an MUR proposed booking time out to their patient through their preferred channel (text or email); ability for a patient to cancel and reappoint a booking through their mobile/online; integration with popular PMR systems; app enabling the public to locate/book in with the pharmacy convenient to them based on location.

The pharmacy gains insights on how well their current offerings are matched to public need, eg whether staffing levels/appointment capacity is correct at peak times and whether they are losing any customers as a reult of this. Pharmacist can easily locate, cancel and move a booking, create linked bookings rapidly (eg. smoking cessation or weight management courses).

The PharmacyFace system will also deliver open-ended questioning techniques / training videos which can help pharmacists to gain better customer 'buy in' to medicine adherence. (Evidence-based guidance to NICE guidelines).
Eg. Suggested questions to parents of a child with asthma ‘how is your child sleeping’ and ‘how are you sleeping as a result’. This creates a different conversation instead of focusing only on the physical aspects of taking medication. How much exercise does the child get? Has he/she ever felt excluded from exercise or social activities he/she would like to do as a result of the condition? It is proposed that linking these real-life priorities can lead to the patient and parents of the patient understanding the specific benefits to them of medication adherence. The pharmacy sends an online review request to customer to receive feedback which can form the basis of a personal endorsement of the pharmacy with customers online contacts.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Wellness and prevention of illness / Education, training and future workforce / Wealth creation / Digital health / Patient and medicines safety / Person centred care
Benefit to NHS:
57 million GP appointments/annum are taken up with minor ailments in England. 1 in 6 hospital visits could be prevented with correct adherence to medication, with 30-50% medications estimated to be taken sub-optimally (costing £1.42Billion/annum - R Pharm Soc.) GP’s would like to spend more time with patients with complex physical and/or mental health conditions but capacity is an issue.
Greater 24/7 access for patients to an alternative to GP surgeries for minor ailments, leading to cost savings and greater capacity. Faster access to a community healthcare professional for appropriate signposting which can prevent health conditions worsening and resulting in costly hospitalisations (by improving digital access to community pharmacy). Potential to connect community pharmacy and community health trainers who could deliver healthy lifestyle support within pharmacy branches which have less capacity to offer servcies beyond dispensing at present and have under-utilised consultancy rooms. (Initial discussions have taken place with healthcare trainers.) 

An opportunity to show community pharmacists that helping support customers to make healthy lifestyle choices will benefit their reputation commercially through customer loyalty, word of mouth and OTC sales, improve job satisfaction and staff retention, creating longer term buy-in. This long-term buy in with community pharmacy can help to unlock pharmacy as an 'untapped resource' in the prevention of LTC through healthy lifestyle and better medicine optimisation. Training support for on effective questioning (during MURs) for speciific conditions (following NICE guidelines and evidence-based) will help to build confidence and community pharmacies capacity to unlock better medicine adherence amongst their customers who may have felt they have their condition under control (e.g. asthma) when behavioural evidence suggests otherwise (eg. high use of reliever inhalers, low use of preventer inhalers).

We also have plans to increase awareness via schools etc. Enabling lead nurses the time to book phone time online (and eventually face to face screen time) with a pharmacist enables them to collate questions from their colleagues regarding patients medications and get them answered by the pharmacy they have an existing relationship with in a more efficient manner, promoting better medication adherence and reducing risk of more complex and costly problems later on.
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6.00 (2 ratings)
Initial Review Rating
4.60 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
Better access 24/7 to advice on medications, Self-employed who have avoided blood tests, blood pressure checks they do not want to 'lose a days work' can book in for an appointment with the pharmacy able to provide the service they require.

Expansion of PharmacyFace sales and pharmacy support staff will increase employment and wealth creation within the area. We also use local printing, graphic design and web development personnel to maximise the economic benefit in the region whrn commercially viable to do so.
Current and planned activity: 
We have had meetings with pharmacies in Coventry, Solihull and Birmingham who have expressed a desire to have the PharmacyFace widget implemented on their website. Tested training staff in a pharmacy showed very few problems with using the PharmacyFace system. We are also developing websites currently for two pharmacies who wish to use PharmacyFace. Two pharmacies wish to use the system for their travel vaccinations initially whilst they bring in other services. Having had initial conversations with community pharmacies in Walsall we are now starting to gain personal referrals to other pharmacies in that area. All pharmacy websites using PharmacyFace to have SSL certificates to improve security of any emails customers choose to send the pharmacy. The majority of community pharmacy websites do not currently have this.
Build network of pharmacies using the system in the region through email marketing combined with useful content to build awareness, direct contact/sales. 
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
Under advisement.
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
3 years +
Ease of scalability: 
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