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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
doDOC streamlines collaboration by bringing people and processes together into a single platform, with end-to-end auditability, saving up to 70% in documentation time.
Overview of Innovation:
Life Science and Academic organizations operate in an extremely document-intensive, highly regulated environment. doDOC support this critical process of producing collaborative, compliant, quality documents within tight deadlines.
Whether working with a few individuals or large geographically diverse teams, doDOC makes the co-authoring, review and approval process less painful and more efficient by ensuring neither document quality nor deadlines are compromised in a integrated platform solution.

Documentation processes are typically managed in silos by multiple software in each working group of individuals leading to errors, duplicated information and delays, wasting billions of working hours every year.

doDOC proposal is simple: a single collaborative platform for the creation of documents with granular control over information processes and a system capable of integrating information from multiple sources avoiding duplication and manual tasks, generating a comprehensive audit trail with measurable effectiveness.

How doDOC does that?
1 – Streamlining collaboration and avoiding typical project miscommunication problems;
2 – Automating workflows, ensuring that the right people is doing the right thing in the right moment;
3 – Changing the writing process from a step by step reality to a concurrent and symbiotic experience;
4 – Bringing automation to technical tasks related with document production that until now undermine productivity;
5 – And since doDOC tracks every single event over the entire project, doDOC provides unique insights to allow managers and team members to track progress and access performance in real-time.

This change in the technology behind the creation of information allows doDOC users to decrease immensely the total time for the execution of their document-based projects.

doDOC Features:
Absolute Security: Full confidentiality, integrity, availability and auditability;
Real-time Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time across departments, regions and organizations.
Automatic Formatting: Full focus on content and automated publishing;
Full Control: Notifications, roles and accesses controlled automatically;
Information Integration: Centralize all records and information in one place;
Custom Workflows: Drive processes automatically and improve efficiency;
Simple Project Management: Optimize virtual teams and operations;
100% Traceability: Provide real-time insight with activity dashboards.

More about doDOC Platform: doDOC Product
More about doDOC: Website
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Patchwork is an award-winning solution built by doctors and HR managers, that connects NHS organisations to a growing pool of healthcare workers, reducing the reliance on locum agencies and improving the experience of flexible bank working.
Overview of Innovation:
Patchwork is an award-winning solution built by doctors and HR managers, that connects NHS organisations to a growing pool of healthcare workers, reducing the reliance on locum agencies and improving the experience of flexible bank working. 

Patchwork’s mission is to completely revolutionise the way temporary staffing is currently managed; helping NHS organisations save money, free up time and improve patient safety. 

Firstly, Patchwork helps NHS organisations save money and gain financial control by connecting staff banks directly to healthcare workers without agencies. Secondly, Patchwork frees-up time and reduces stress by automating complex and repetitive tasks. Thirdly, Patchwork improves patient safety by increasing bank fill rates to ensure safe staffing levels with compliant workers. 

Patchwork does this all via its mobile app for bank workers, and a cloud-based software for hospital managers. The solution is entirely tailored and flexible to each Trust’s unique challenges, and is implemented by Patchwork’s team of specialist temporary staffing advisors.

Patchwork is built in partnership with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It has been appointed as a Crown Commercial Services supplier for Flexible Resource Pool (RM6158) and is co-owned by the British Medical Journal; reaching over 72,000 doctors every week.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Wealth creation / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Patient and medicines safety
Benefit to NHS:
Example of Patchwork’s impact at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:
  • Since the launch of Patchwork’s first pilot at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust, the Trust has seen:
- £1.2 million saved annually on agency spend
- >90% fill rate Bank vs Agency
- 500% increase (1490 doctors) on staff bank
- 84% of shifts booked 4 weeks in advance
Patchwork primarily targets hospital efficiency & reduction of agency spending but could equally be used by smaller clinical establishments.

Reduced Reliance on Agencies
  • Major Efficiency of spend - Cost benefit of £15,000 and £20,000 per mth for every 10% conversion of doctors and nurses respectively from agency to bank staff. Est. saving of £750,000+ per year in costs (from junior doctor shifts alone).
Recruitment Support
  • Increase of clinicians in staff pool – Flexibility, personal control & transparency
  • Competition for available shifts – leading to early booked shift vacancies
  • Competitive adjustment of hourly rates – Staff selecting their own pay-rate (in Confidence)
  • Real-time data - Increase in proactive planning – Wards, Departments and Locums selecting their preferred shifts - Gamification
Automated and Streamlined Service
  • Reduction in Workload of HR by reducing the administrative burden of managing the bank. Removal of inefficient and unreliable methods of communication, such as interrupting clinicians with numerous cold calls and emails to establish availability and firm up bookings.
Morale Increased
  • No high Staff turnover 
  • Ability to take on other productive tasks e.g. recruitment drives
  • Greater Cross-cover for unfilled gaps in the rota – ability for staff to gain new experiences and insights
  • Minimum Admin Stress – reduction of time pressure
  • Reduced Workload for staff bank – reduced chasing and changes to information
  • End to mistakes due to human error & associated costs.
    Paperless Timesheets and payroll outputs for finance, meaning fewer errors and reduction of Admin & Finance time dealing with queries & disputes
  • Increase of full shift coverage – leading to less stress for HR staff stress and clinical/ward staff stress
  • Increasing the Choice for HR staff due to large pool of Trust staff being available
  • Better Management oversight on locum activity and spend
  • Consistent and trusted locums – Staff who know the hospital systems, procedures and protocols
  • Fewer opportunities for errors due to unfamiliarity with the hospital or insufficient induction
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
Within the Management Function, Patchwork facilitates:
  • Better Recruitment Support - The platform has a recruitment tool to manage candidate applications - onboarding and verifying new locums.
  • Efficiencies of a Streamlined Service - Platform streamlines the entire shift booking cycle & improves adherence to operating procedures and policies.
  • Insights via Feedback and Rating System - Clinicians can be scored on their care quality, communication and punctuality. To ensure quality control and rehire-ability.
  • Informative Powerful Dashboards - Data is presented in dashboards, providing management with real time insights into all locum activity.
  • Finance / Operation Service Improvement:
    • Reduction in delayed staff payments due to removal of paper timesheets not arriving with finance in a timely fashion.
    • Reduced the time it takes to process weekly payrolls.
    • Captured escalations and virtually eliminated unwarranted and unauthorized escalations in participating departments.
    • Department managers have more visibility over the locum activity in their areas by accessing real-time and department-specific dashboards.
For other benefits please see previous sections.
See for further information
In early 2019, the NHS published its Long Term Plan which set out how “improved technology will mean that services are organised and delivered more efficiently, which will contribute to improved productivity.  One of the key areas for improvement is in delivery of temporary medical staffing where the national picture suggests medical banks are on average used less effectively than for other staff groups, with less than 1 in 4 temporary staffing shifts being filled by a bank worker rather than agency.

In order to maintain patient safety, it is imperative to have adequate ward cover of medical staff.  Patchwork streamlines the recruitment and onboarding of bank staff to join York Teaching Hospitals and helps to improve overall fill rates.  Patchwork empowers these (often substantive) staff who are familiar with the patients, policies and procedures of NHS organisations to work additional shifts rather than relying on agency staff who often only work on a very short term basis.  As reported by a study in the King’s Fund (2018), patient experience is negatively associated with “higher spend on agency staff and fewer doctors”
Current and planned activity: 
Patchwork is currently live in twelve NHS Trusts. Plans are to continue to expand into other NHS organisations, development of collaborative banks and movement into other staffing groups. 

Opportunities for:
  • Links to relevant stakeholders and acute Trusts
  • Promotion of the benefits Patchwork can bring to their organisations – reduced reliance on premium agencies, improved patient care, huge cost savings, ensuring safe levels of medical cover, increased morale.
  • Accelerate adoption of Patchwork innovation
  • Bringing data-driven decision making to organisations and collaboration (e.g. control centre)
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
The software is copyrighted.
The system and  App is password protected and has basic encryption
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Very high
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
0-6 mon
Ease of scalability: 
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Achiever Medical LIMS helps research institutions to improve lab efficiency, facilitates return on investment into sample collections & demonstrates compliance to legislation. Inbuilt security protects patient identifiable data with controlled access
Overview of Innovation:
With increasingly stringent regulations and greater emphasis on profitability placed on laboratories, Achiever Medical LIMS was designed in conjunction with leading scientists & clinicians to provide an easy-to-use sample management system incorporating sample tracking, clinical data management, workload & communication management. The system addresses the gap left by traditional LIMS systems by providing enhanced donor and research profile data.
Achiever Medical LIMS is a process driven & web browser-based laboratory & clinical data management system that is flexible/scalable to evolve as needs develop. Using Open Standards to streamline the sharing of information across existing applications Achiever Medical LIMS allows data to be imported from, e.g. Patient Information & Storage Environment Management Systems, Lab equipment, Emails & Calendars for an holistic overview of samples, equipment, environment & workload.
Achiever Medical LIMS enables the mapping of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure staff adhere to agreed standards, ensuring regulatory compliance & promoting quality, efficiency & consistency. Achiever Medical LIMS can assist in compliance with the Human Tissue Act, Good Laboratory Practice & CFR 21 Part 11.
Sample tracking functionality delivers complete traceability with automatic generation of unique reference numbers for each sample. Core sample details e.g. location/sample type are tracked as values change for a complete audit history. Sample profile information is captured including sample & tissue type, tissue collection details and associated patient & project information. Barcode labels can be generated for single/multiple samples & customised information can be contained within each label. These labels can be scanned to facilitate rapid sample retrieval.
Achiever Medical LIMS integrates data and processes across multiple faculties/diverse into a single solution. This enables authorised users to gain an holistic oversight, having full access to complete donor/patient records. Robust security filters and flexible tools within the LIMS allow the creation of custom levels of user security access to samples, donors or project information. This flexibility is especially useful for biobank or bio-repository management or when conducting multiple studies/clinical trials/projects with multiple collaborators. These tools support collaborative working and simplify a task that can otherwise be legislatively difficult and time-consuming.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Advanced diagnostics, genomics and precision medicine / Clinical trials and evidence / Digital health
Benefit to NHS:
Achiever’s LIMS ability to quickly and efficiently organise samples for tracking, storage and retrieval, enables the full economic and scientific value of existing samples to be effectively realised and more efficient processing of sample requests and tests.
Achiever Medical LIMS enables sample aliquots to be easily generated from the parent record for complete traceability with a sample ‘family history’ view available, from both the parent & child records, allowing rapid navigation between samples within the same family.
Tools to enable the detailed tracking & monitoring of a sample via comprehensive sample location & check in/out auditing are provided. These include recording each time the sample is removed from its location, who checked it out and for what purpose. Samples that have been ‘checked out’ are easily identifiable and can be quickly ‘checked in’ when required along with their full audit trail information.
Samples used and associated stock depletion during testing or analyses are automatically flagged with Achiever Medical LIMS.
Composite samples such as Tissue Microarrays can be easily created within Achiever Medical LIMS, with each individual sample’s position within the composite sample recorded, any requests for removal can be easily and effectively managed.
External sample requests received by biobanks & bio-repositories can be managed through Achiever Medical LIMS using its built in management protocols. This facility provides staff with complete chain of custody details for each sample ((the person who requested the sample, reason for request, who approved the request & expected return date (if required) are captured)). Rejected requests are appropriately managed with reasons for rejection being recorded. Where only part of the sample is required, aliquots can be generated for the required amount along with accompanying complete family history record. Dashboards highlight samples due for return, allowing staff to monitor/chase up samples where required.
Achiever’s complete sample auditing & sample tracking functionality records changes by staff to core sample information. Audit trail information includes details of specific information fields changed, values pre & post change, date, time and name of the user who made the change etc. Chain of Custody details, including who checked in the sample, to whom it is checked out (where relevant), storage location, details of processing and projects included in are also captured.
Initial Review Rating
4.20 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
The West Midlands population has access to the most extensive range of specialist tests from a range of stakeholders, showcasing the potential of laboratory contributions to raise the profile of the research, clinical and diagnostic expertise of the region’s NHS laboratory staff.
For laboratories, biobanks and bio-repositories sample tracking & donor management capabilities are of huge importance in donor profiling, consent management, traceability, chain of custody & regulatory compliance.
The integration of a potentially region-wide system to manage tissue tracking across multiple teams, hospitals and sites can avoid duplication of data entry and maximise data quality while working within the IT and legislative constraints imposed by disparate working environments of the users.
Having sought approval for sample collection, samples need to be treated in line with SOPs and available for use in research both internally and with permitted collaborators.  Utilisation of samples is important to maximise the potential benefit from the donor and to make best use of the resources available to clinicians and researchers.  Cost recovery models allow for income generation to promote the sustainability of the biobank.
Improving the value of data quality enables laboratory staff and researchers to search for tissue samples from specific cohorts of donors, filtering by level of consent given by donors, allowing them to search for tissues that have not opted out of specific elements of research. This level of capability will allow biobanks and bio-repositories to service very specialist research requests, increasing value.
The quality of the donor, consent, storage and tissue viability data greatly increases the value of the tissues to laboratory staff and researchers. Once cleansed, Achiever Medical LIMS’s storage management capabilities help to increase levels of utilisation, reducing overhead costs per sample.
The ‘Achiever Medical Researcher Portal’ allows authorised collaborators to view restricted data for relevant samples.  This external view portal promotes the management of sample requests all within a single system, giving an easy means of sharing samples and the relevant data.  Automatic alerts ensure applications are managed efficiently.
In addition, reports and analysis providing real-time data, can be run at the touch of a button instead of valuable laboratory personnel spending days (sometimes weeks) painstakingly collating information from various spreadsheets.
Current and planned activity: 
We are a West Midlands based company wishing to work with our regional health providers.  
Our current users include Leeds (LTHT), Nottingham (NUH) and Cambridge (CUH) Trusts all of whom use the system to manage their research samples, donor data and to support HTA Audits.
Both NUH and CUH use Achiever Medical as part of their involvement with GEL.
Achiever Medical is being used to pioneer the data standards being promoted by UKCRC.
We would like to work with WMAHSN who are leading the collaboration of The West Midlands Genomic Medicine Centre (WMGMC), a partnership of 18 NHS Acute Trusts across the region, working collaboratively to help to deliver the UK 100,000 Genomes Project.   
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any requirements for sample management and donor management, projects and disease specific systems for either single organisations or multi-institutional requirements.
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
All IP is owned by Interactive Software Limited.
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
2 years
Ease of scalability: 
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
An expert-lead education platform for medical and dental professionals, providing crowd-sourced digital verifiable CPD and revalidation capabilities to improve patient care and administration for healthcare professionals and hospital trusts.
Overview of Innovation:
Medical professionals face a burden on managing their continuing education. To date, the methods of gaining CPD are largely book-based, rudimentary, expensive, fragmented and inconvenient. According to our market research, over 80% of dentists and medics surveyed wished to have a cheaper and simpler way to gain their CPD. Further to this, hospital trusts face great difficulties with CPD administration including revalidation, which is currently a largely manual based task in NHS trusts.
With over 95% of doctors and nurses owning a smartphone, there is an overwhelming need for a disruptive force to digitalise and advance this vastly under developed sector of professional education within one technological umbrella.
To solve these problems, we have been working with a large team consisting of 40 expert content writers, 5 experienced developers and several leading figures in NHS innovations to facilitate implementation within the wider healthcare environment.
With this great team, we have created the world's first innovative, simple and high-quality CPD education mobile app for medical professionals that crowdsources the way that expert-level content can be consumed and centralises all paperwork for the individual and HR trust.
An individual can gain all their CPD needs, directly accessing the expert knowledge pool of fellow medical professionals via our app, whilst enjoying the cheapest and easiest solution to do so from our market research*. An individual can save up to £130 each year on their required CPD hours from the MedicaliQ service, and hospital trusts will save an average of £10,000 annually. By creating an open platform for experts to contribute content, this will create a paradigm shift in the way that knowledge is gained and shared.

Further to this, we have created a breakthrough and simplified administration system for healthcare trusts to intelligently manage workforce-related issues such as revalidation and mandatory training, which is currently being piloted with the Manchester Hospital Trusts. 
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Education, training and future workforce / Digital health / Innovation and adoption
Benefit to NHS:
Directly supports NHS workforce development

By crowdsourcing expert knowledge via CPD we aim to reduce the current CPD spend in terms of both administration time and in providing externally accredited courses (HR spend per staff on providing externally-accredited courses are estimated at £800/staff per module. This can greatly be reduced with our centralized pool of experts.  
Opportunity to deliver mandatory staff training through the education platform, encouraging greater autonomy in learning styles – can carry out training and revision both online and offline. All articles have an audio assist option with a variety of accessibility options to appeal to the wider learning taskforce.
We are piloting a breakthrough service with the University of Central Lancashire whereby the CPD courses offered within the app will also be academically certified as a qualification (PGCert, PGDip or Masters level), the first service of its kind in the UK.
The MedicaliQ platform can tie in with existing third-party educational resources and CPD providers to partner and add value to their educational offerings, allowing individuals to test and certify their knowledge in a unique collaborative environment.
Regular board meetings with advisory panel with divisional leads to direct key educational strategies

Content produced by senior practising clinicians and healthcare professionals within the NHS and private sector, ensuring a bank of expert-level knowledge disseminated for other clinicians
Management of workforce issues via our Revalidation program will help support individuals and trusts to streamline their administration requirements with the provision of approved and certified educational materials.

This dynamic educational resource will be available 24/7 and offline, and thus facilitates training in a cost-effective and immediate manner ensuring up-to-date knowledge for a better-informed workforce to improve patient outcomes and care. 
Initial Review Rating
4.60 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
MedicaliQ will have a NHS-wide and global reach.

An improvement in skills and knowledge of clinicians to offer enhanced patient care to citizens of the West Midlands region.

Unique opportunity for the local industry to gain feedback in current medical practices from leading consultants and professors, via in-app feedback, for crowdsourced knowledge pooling.

More simple, affordable and efficient access to high quality education for clinicians in the region and across England.

Engagement with higher educational institutions in the West Midlands to supplement and deliver their medical educational courses via more innovative platform (via in-app integration – currently being trialed with UCLan).

A specialist advisory board will be set up in the Medical and Dental sectors with meetings held in the West Midlands 4 times per year.

Devolves development and delivery of medical-related educational programs and CPD from hospitals to individuals in conjunction with the current expert pool via regional organizations and professional bodies such as the Royal Colleges and regulatory authorities.

Potential to utilize the crowd-sourced nature of the platform to develop the services to devolve and facilitate individual clinicians to partake in primary care research across the West Midlands area.

Reduces the administrative burden on staff for CPD whilst opening access to high-quality continuing education to ensure up-to-date knowledge and optimised patient care.

Ability to convert your CPD earned in the app into a real-life qualification via our academic partners UCLan.

Affiliations with national conferences held at the NEC Birmingham to administrate their CPD.

MedicaliQ will immediately create new jobs in the local area to support production with an opportunity for the team to grow as the services develops.

Looking to develop a global training focus on e-education in the West Midlands.
Current and planned activity: 
The current concept of mobile-based education is proven with our world-leading student app, and signing up over 5,000 dentists onto our dental CPD app.
MedicaliQ has been accepted onto the Digital Health.London 2016 accelerator, a pioneering NHS accelerator program that works to bring new innovations into the healthcare ecosystem.
Our pilot with the Manchester Trust will help inform our plans to create a product that can scale to the standard administration protocols of a large NHS Healthcare provider.
In scaling the mobile product, we will create a third party system for existing CPD providers to provide content. General CPD material will first be provided for the average medical professional with a view to engage specialist interests, in partnership with our advisory board. We are then looking to integrate the product to offer CPD solutions to the wider allied healthcare professionals, such as paramedics and health care assistants.
NOTE: Please see attached business summary
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
MedicaliQ Ltd owns all IP involved in the innovation. The brand names, ‘DentaliQ’ and ‘MedicaliQ’ have been trademarked as both image and text (see attached). 
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
1 year
Ease of scalability: 
Regional Scalability:
Once developed, MedicaliQ can be scaled and adopted across hospitals and primary care providers in the West Midlands area for both individual based CPD and revalidation needs. Our pilot with the Manchester Hospitals trust will demonstrate how we may integrate such a solution from the HR personnel perspective, creating a streamlined system that can be scaled to any other hospital setting including the West Midlands. Our solution benefits both the individual clinician and the administration backend of hospitals, ensuring a two-pronged strategy. Distributing the platform via local GP surgeries to provide a similar service, via EMIS, will further provide scalability options in the region. There is a large focus towards a digital transition to care as part of Digital Birmingham’s agenda, so it would be concordant to roll the product out to other providers in the region. Hospital universities in the region will also benefit from the whitelabelled CPD package for their postgraduate students.
There are three main outcome areas that impact is being measured against: individual clinicians, hospital trusts and contributing authors.
Individual clinicians: improving access and convenience to expert-lead education to enhance continuing education and promote self-learning. This ultimately leads to having more up-to-date knowledge and providing better patient care.
Hospitals: enhancing, digitalizing and streamlining the workforce administration methods for continuing education and revalidation to save clinical time and prioritise patient care.
Contributing authors: to provide authors with an opportunity to curate and disseminate their expert knowledge within a crowd-sourced environment to provide an independent income stream.
To support the above impact areas, we will be applying the following measures to gauge success of the innovation across both quantitative and qualitative aspects:
  • Number of monthly downloads
  • Monthly revenue
  • Profit margins
  • Number of purchased articles and repeat
  • Number of customers (and thus the market share)
  • The number of articles in our bank
  • User rating
  • User reviews
  • Time spent on app
  • Number of successful revalidation applications
  • Number of post-graduate student signups via University courses
Other measures across the broader aspects include:
Customer: number of purchased articles, repeat customers, user feedback/rating, time spent on app
Technology: reliability, accessibility, downtime
Customer: accurate educational content (verified by expert panel)
Technology: meets information governance standards, appropriate 2-step authentication procedures, back-up content
Customer: customer acquisition costs, amount paid per customer, amount earned by author’s per article
Technology: operational costs
Authors: quantity, engagement and submission rates; experience/qualifications
Adoption target:
The conservative business model assumes a national registered member accounting for 10,000 Year 1, 50,000 Year 2 and 100-200,000 Year 2. Our original DentaliQ product had 10,000 users register in the first month of launch in 2016. Assuming a 10% uptake by registered users for a paid-for CPD service, MedicaliQ will be viable by Q2 of Year 2.
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