The Hydrant - Water bottle for those with poor mobility or requiring flat bed rest (#2552)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
The Hydrant is a novel and effective solution of proviiding fluids to those patients with poor mobility or requiring flat-bed rest. it consists of a bottle and drinking tube that can be postioned to allow the patient to independently consume fluids.
Overview of Innovation:
Within the NHS dehydration remains a significant problem with recent reports suggesting it may affect as many as one in seven hospital patients and cost the NHS £1 billion a year. The majority of hydration in secondary care, is reliant on patients’ independent consumption of fluids.One way to improve hydration amongst these groups of patients is to increase accessibility of fluids using drinking aids. These aids encompass a broad range of products from insulated mugs that maintain drinks at the appropriate temperature to more complex devices designed for patients who find it difficult to drink from standard vessels. it consists of a bottle with an adjustable, self-supporting drinking tube with a bite valve that allows patients to draw fluid from the device. The device has won design awards and offers a sensible solution to providing fluids for those patients with poor mobility or physical capacity, or otherwise confined to flat-bed rest. The bottle has been trialled on the Neurosurgery ward at UHB and was greeted favourably by staff and those patients offered it.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Overview of Innovation:
We spend hours on admitting a child and family to the hospice, the process is seen by families and staff as clunky, disjointed and does not meet our ethos as a place to come to relax and spend time making memories and having fun. We want to investigate the process and identify what works and what doesn't then design a new and improved process which works for children, families and staff keeping those good practices and losing the rest.
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