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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
An online platform to recruit doctors and nurses for locum/temp shifts, and permanent shifts.
Overview of Innovation:
MedicBank is an online platform to recruit locum and permanent nurses/doctors to hospitals, cutting the current high costs associated with traditional agencies. Nurses and doctors will be able to select shifts at immediate and elective notice, and matching AI software will aid this process to improve links between staff managers and their staff. This AI component will also help hospitals better understanding pricing by: times of the day, seasonal holidays, position and urgency.

The platform has been designed to improve the usability and interface between hospitals, their staff and future hires. Maintaining a real-time focus on intelligent pricing strategies and demand planning backed by our custom big data algorithms. The impact of this is seen on healthcare delivery. Hospitals will save a lot of money through our novel billing system, and this means that they can spend more directly on healthcare provisions. Furthermore, as a result of better staffing, patients will be seen sooner and should receive a higher quality of care.
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Patchwork is an award-winning solution built by doctors and HR managers, that connects NHS organisations to a growing pool of healthcare workers, reducing the reliance on locum agencies and improving the experience of flexible bank working.
Overview of Innovation:
Patchwork is an award-winning solution built by doctors and HR managers, that connects NHS organisations to a growing pool of healthcare workers, reducing the reliance on locum agencies and improving the experience of flexible bank working. 

Patchwork’s mission is to completely revolutionise the way temporary staffing is currently managed; helping NHS organisations save money, free up time and improve patient safety. 

Firstly, Patchwork helps NHS organisations save money and gain financial control by connecting staff banks directly to healthcare workers without agencies. Secondly, Patchwork frees-up time and reduces stress by automating complex and repetitive tasks. Thirdly, Patchwork improves patient safety by increasing bank fill rates to ensure safe staffing levels with compliant workers. 

Patchwork does this all via its mobile app for bank workers, and a cloud-based software for hospital managers. The solution is entirely tailored and flexible to each Trust’s unique challenges, and is implemented by Patchwork’s team of specialist temporary staffing advisors.

Patchwork is built in partnership with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It has been appointed as a Crown Commercial Services supplier for Flexible Resource Pool (RM6158) and is co-owned by the British Medical Journal; reaching over 72,000 doctors every week.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Wealth creation / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Patient and medicines safety
Benefit to NHS:
Example of Patchwork’s impact at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:
  • Since the launch of Patchwork’s first pilot at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust, the Trust has seen:
- £1.2 million saved annually on agency spend
- >90% fill rate Bank vs Agency
- 500% increase (1490 doctors) on staff bank
- 84% of shifts booked 4 weeks in advance
Patchwork primarily targets hospital efficiency & reduction of agency spending but could equally be used by smaller clinical establishments.

Reduced Reliance on Agencies
  • Major Efficiency of spend - Cost benefit of £15,000 and £20,000 per mth for every 10% conversion of doctors and nurses respectively from agency to bank staff. Est. saving of £750,000+ per year in costs (from junior doctor shifts alone).
Recruitment Support
  • Increase of clinicians in staff pool – Flexibility, personal control & transparency
  • Competition for available shifts – leading to early booked shift vacancies
  • Competitive adjustment of hourly rates – Staff selecting their own pay-rate (in Confidence)
  • Real-time data - Increase in proactive planning – Wards, Departments and Locums selecting their preferred shifts - Gamification
Automated and Streamlined Service
  • Reduction in Workload of HR by reducing the administrative burden of managing the bank. Removal of inefficient and unreliable methods of communication, such as interrupting clinicians with numerous cold calls and emails to establish availability and firm up bookings.
Morale Increased
  • No high Staff turnover 
  • Ability to take on other productive tasks e.g. recruitment drives
  • Greater Cross-cover for unfilled gaps in the rota – ability for staff to gain new experiences and insights
  • Minimum Admin Stress – reduction of time pressure
  • Reduced Workload for staff bank – reduced chasing and changes to information
  • End to mistakes due to human error & associated costs.
    Paperless Timesheets and payroll outputs for finance, meaning fewer errors and reduction of Admin & Finance time dealing with queries & disputes
  • Increase of full shift coverage – leading to less stress for HR staff stress and clinical/ward staff stress
  • Increasing the Choice for HR staff due to large pool of Trust staff being available
  • Better Management oversight on locum activity and spend
  • Consistent and trusted locums – Staff who know the hospital systems, procedures and protocols
  • Fewer opportunities for errors due to unfamiliarity with the hospital or insufficient induction
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
Within the Management Function, Patchwork facilitates:
  • Better Recruitment Support - The platform has a recruitment tool to manage candidate applications - onboarding and verifying new locums.
  • Efficiencies of a Streamlined Service - Platform streamlines the entire shift booking cycle & improves adherence to operating procedures and policies.
  • Insights via Feedback and Rating System - Clinicians can be scored on their care quality, communication and punctuality. To ensure quality control and rehire-ability.
  • Informative Powerful Dashboards - Data is presented in dashboards, providing management with real time insights into all locum activity.
  • Finance / Operation Service Improvement:
    • Reduction in delayed staff payments due to removal of paper timesheets not arriving with finance in a timely fashion.
    • Reduced the time it takes to process weekly payrolls.
    • Captured escalations and virtually eliminated unwarranted and unauthorized escalations in participating departments.
    • Department managers have more visibility over the locum activity in their areas by accessing real-time and department-specific dashboards.
For other benefits please see previous sections.
See for further information
In early 2019, the NHS published its Long Term Plan which set out how “improved technology will mean that services are organised and delivered more efficiently, which will contribute to improved productivity.  One of the key areas for improvement is in delivery of temporary medical staffing where the national picture suggests medical banks are on average used less effectively than for other staff groups, with less than 1 in 4 temporary staffing shifts being filled by a bank worker rather than agency.

In order to maintain patient safety, it is imperative to have adequate ward cover of medical staff.  Patchwork streamlines the recruitment and onboarding of bank staff to join York Teaching Hospitals and helps to improve overall fill rates.  Patchwork empowers these (often substantive) staff who are familiar with the patients, policies and procedures of NHS organisations to work additional shifts rather than relying on agency staff who often only work on a very short term basis.  As reported by a study in the King’s Fund (2018), patient experience is negatively associated with “higher spend on agency staff and fewer doctors”
Current and planned activity: 
Patchwork is currently live in twelve NHS Trusts. Plans are to continue to expand into other NHS organisations, development of collaborative banks and movement into other staffing groups. 

Opportunities for:
  • Links to relevant stakeholders and acute Trusts
  • Promotion of the benefits Patchwork can bring to their organisations – reduced reliance on premium agencies, improved patient care, huge cost savings, ensuring safe levels of medical cover, increased morale.
  • Accelerate adoption of Patchwork innovation
  • Bringing data-driven decision making to organisations and collaboration (e.g. control centre)
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
The software is copyrighted.
The system and  App is password protected and has basic encryption
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Very high
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
0-6 mon
Ease of scalability: 
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Overview summary:
FindMeALocum was created by NHS MLCSU’s Digital Innovation Unit in conjunction with a range of NHS stakeholders.

FindMeALocum is a digital solution developed by people at the sharp end of general practice: Practice Managers wanting to find high quality Locums quickly and Locum GPs wanting to work more flexibly.

It provides a low-cost, flexible, easy to use, digital solution for GP Locum Banks, Primary Care Health Professionals & Practice Managers to advertise Locum assignments.
Designed by the NHS, for the NHS and used by the NHS today.
Challenge identified and actions taken :
There are many challenges when it comes to shortages of GP’s in the NHS. This means that many GP Practices often struggle to find good Locums quickly. As a result, clinics and appointments are cancelled/rearranged leading to a range of impacts e.g:
  • further work and even greater pressure on GP Practices, re-arrangement of clinics and appointments
  • greater burden on Acute services, inappropriate attendances that are often the default position for patients when they cannot secure timely GP appointments
  • poor access for patients and disruption through lack of timely access to GP appointments
  • increased risk to patients’ health outcomes from delayed or cancelled appointment
Another driver for the creation of FindMeALocum is to encourage doctors who might otherwise leave the profession, to remain in clinical general practice e.g. through allowing them flexibility to select sessions to support their work life balance.

Other drivers for the creation of FindMeALocum are to encourage doctors who might otherwise leave the profession and retired GPs wishing to return to the profession through allowing them flexibility to select sessions to suit their needs and work life balance.  
Impacts / outcomes: 

The above identified challenges led to the Digital Innovation Unit, in conjunction with Howbeck Health Care Ltd, the North Staffordshire GP Federation and the South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance creating the FindMeALocum solution designed to help fill shortages of Locums at Practices expediently so that there were fewer cancellations to clinics etc.

For GP Practices, the solution enables the promotion of sessions to Locums in the area. Registered Locums can see what sessions are available, so that they can apply for roles that fit their schedules. Once applications have been made by professionals, GP Practices can then pick Locums who meet their requirements. The tool, therefore, has helped to stimulate the market by creating a simpler way for Locums to apply for the positions they want and for GP Practices to promote sessions.

The solution is a responsive web application with Apple/Android mobile app capability that enables a simple booking solution for Locums. The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and enables Locum GPs the ability to view and apply for sessions in a simple and hassle-free way.  Locums can ask questions of the Practice before applying and review which sessions they have been chosen for. 

The solution also removes the need to pay Locum agency fees meaning that GP Practices benefit financially and offers potential financial benefits to Locums through the broader and more transparent sessions that are available.  

Registrations of GPs to the solution entails employment checks which are in line with the latest CQC guidelines. Such checks are carried out once by the umbrella organisation (such as the Federation or PCN) on behalf of all member Practices. An electronic profile of GPs is securely accessible to Practices for reference purposes.

There are many positive impacts and outcomes that have derived from the FindMeALocum solution.

The benefits of the FindMeALocum solution are:
  • It is a digital service accessible through the web or app.
  • It’s for both Doctors and GP Practices across the UK.
  • It is quick and easy to use for both parties involved.
  • It saves time and money for GP Practices and the NHS.
  • The app is flexible and efficient.
  • It is affordable with its pricing and free upgrades are included.
  • Supports improved patient access to GP appointments
Some examples of how GP Practices have used the project:
  • Retaining clinicians on flexible terms.
  • Helping to sustain primary care.
  • Increasing the medical workforce numbers in primary care.
  • Attracting new workforce to our local health economy.
  • Adding skill mix, with standardised minimum expertise, within primary care.
  • Act in an enabling role, helping to reduce the primary care healthcare team’s workload.
For GP Locums it increases the opportunity to:
  • Work flexibly and choose what they would like to cover.
  • Select areas they would travel to and work at.
  • See the sessions available for them to work.
  • Receive alerts on mobile for urgent vacancies.
  • Use the app as a personal planner.
For GP Practices the FindMeALocum solution is quick, secure and low cost, it:
  • Takes the hassle out of filling Locum sessions, saving time.
  • Helps GP Practices to have access to accredited Locums in seconds not hours, again saving time and resources.
  • Gives a full audit trail in line with CQC recommendations.
  • Reduces the reliance on recruitment agencies.
  • Saves GP Practices money within a year.
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
The FindMeALocum solution addresses the shortage of Locums in GP Practices. The FindMeALocum solution is designed to support the National GP Retention Scheme
Supporting quote for the innovation from key stakeholders:
“FindMeALocum has taken the stress out of finding GP Locums. It’s made it easy to fill our locum sessions quickly, with experienced, knowledgeable, reliable clinicians. I highly recommend this fabulous resource to practices.”
            Kirsty Moore -Practice Manager

“FindMeALocum has become my main way of accessing locum sessions. I find it: clear, up-to-date and easy to use, I have a broader circle of practices that I am connected with, and it has helped me to stay local to the Staffordshire area without having to look elsewhere for work.”
            Dr David Weldon MRCSEd MRCGP- Locum Sessional GP

“I can honestly say FindMeALocum has been a Godsend to me, we have had an ANP leave this year and I was struggling to find a GP.  I tried the agencies but they either let me down or never came back to me.  The website is very easy to use, I have found all the GPs amazing when they have done sessions, they have been efficient and basically once I had synchronised their smartcard etc it was really easy for them to go straight into the EMIS solution. This has saved me time and money over the last 6 months.”
            Susan Pyatt, Practice Manager

I’ve found the website easy to use. Being able to see potential Locum shifts has made it easy for me to fit shifts around my availability. I’ve found the booking process easy and hassle free
            Dr Matthew Lancett, GP
Plans for the future:
There are now approximately 100 GPs registered with the solution who have fulfilled approximately 1400 vacancies over an 8-month time period[1]. However, there is still a shortage of GPs registered. Over 1800 vacancies were advertised over the same period.

Therefore, the plan for the future is to further promote the solution so that the number of shortages of GPs decreases. The more the app is advertised and known the more Locums and GP Practices would register and gain from the app’s benefits. Furthermore, this would improve the services that patients receive.

A new Nurse Bank module will be launched soon.  Further improvements such as Locum invoicing and a Practice Admin Bank are in the pipeline with an expected release in late 2019 or early 2020.
[1] As at Spring 2019
Tips for adoption:
FindMeALocum has been created to save money for GP Practices from DAY ONE

Option 1: Package including installation, full training and ongoing support

Option2: Option 1 plus one-off project management support to launch the solution

Option3: Option 2 plus ongoing project management including employment checks
For more information or to book a demo please contact: Priyantha Jayawardane ( /
Contact for further information:
If you would like to look at more information on the solution, then please visit the website where you can sign up and download user manuals:
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Overview summary:
Lantum is an intelligent clinical bank management platform using AI & machine learning to send the right shifts to the right people with minimal effort

Our Health Partnership (OHP) is a GP partnership in Birmingham/surrounding areas, consisting of 38 practices & nearly 240 GPs serving around 333,000 patients
Lantum set up a collaborative staffing bank for OHP in August 2016 with salaried “roving” GPs/local locums. Lantum’s approach of establishing a network of trusted, readily accessible online local doctors has led to impressive results for OHP
Challenge identified and actions taken :
As part of their aim to improve life for their members, Our Health Partnership (OHP) were looking to provide a way for all practices to share local GPs without paying high agency fees.
The challenge they faced, was how to achieve this without creating more time consuming, manual scheduling for the central admin team and local practices.
In June 2016, Lantum began working with OHP to set up a digital collaborative staff bank, with the goal of transforming the way member practices manage their locum requirement.
Lantum provided an end to end platform with tools for both GPs and OHP practices. For both admin staff and GPs everything is highly automated to save time and effort: timesheets, payroll, pension forms, optimising gap filling and even much of credentialing.
Lantum also helped OHP devise an implementation strategy including communications to both practices and GPs, a launch event, and support via a dedicated activation team.
The bank - comprised of local locum contacts & salaried ‘roving’ GPs to further reduce costs - went live on the 8th August, 2016.
Impacts / outcomes: 

Lantum’s technology now allows OHP practices find GPs in seconds.
When a job is posted on Lantum it triggers smart app, text message and email notifications to be sent to GPs who are available to work in the area. OHP Practices can also choose for any sessions not filled by staff from the collaborative bank to be made available for the wider community of local GPs on Lantum.
3 months after the launch, OHP practices filled 90% of all hours posted on Lantum. 46% of those hours were filled with an OHP bank GP, saving practices £2,653 in agency fees.
Cumulative savings 12 months after launch were in excess of £24k and there are now nearly 90 OHP bank GPs, working as many as 100 hours per month across member practices.
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
NHS England’s 2016-17 Business Plan – “Primary care is the bedrock of the NHS. We will support GPs, widen the workforce, harness digital technology and increase use of pharmacists. We will extend the range of services and improve access to them.” Lantum’s intelligent staff management platform uses digital technology to assist healthcare providers to improve the continuity of care they provide to their patients by enabling them to source high quality and cost-effective GP cover for their practices.
Supporting quote for the innovation from key stakeholders:
We were looking for an innovative way to meet the challenge of sourcing high quality and cost-effective GP cover in our practices. We wanted a reliable and effective solution and the Lantum approach, of establishing a network of trusted local doctors that are readily accessible online, was instantly appealing.
The platform is easy-to-use and the energetic activation teams who assisted with the set-up meant our practices were fully bought in from the word go. We have seen impressive results since its launch and are excited to see what it can deliver in the future.

Dr Mark Newbold, Managing Director, OHP

The beauty of the Lantum platform is how easy it is to use and the cost savings it offers to our member practices when they book a bank GP. Looking to the future, we are really excited to see how the idea can be applied to other grades of staff.”
Lesley Evans, Operations Director, OHP
Plans for the future:
OHP and Lantum are now working on applying the GP bank model to other grades of staff. By building a flexible staffing platform for forward thinking providers like OHP, Lantum aims to help maximise the potential of local workforces across the NHS, improving patient access and reducing temporary staffing costs.
Tips for adoption:
Engagement (of both practice staff and locum GPs) is key to the success of a collaborative staff bank. In practical terms, this means communicating the goals of the initiative early and often, whilst making sure everyone understands the benefits they can expect by participating.
I particularly liked the approach of OHP working in collaboration with Lantum to bring the concept to life. Their team provided ample support throughout the process with bi-weekly conference calls to discuss the progress of onboarding practices and GPs. We were able to quickly build a great working relationship and I believe this was key to the bank’s success.”
Lesley Evans, Operations Director, OHP
Contact for further information:
Simon Wright, Engagement Manager
07985 648 871
0203 793 4257
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