UroShield: A breakthrough in treating CAUTI (#2913)

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Catheters cause 250,000 serious infections, 3,000 deaths & up to £500m in healthcare costs a year research reports. UroShield prevents bacterial biofilm formation, increases antibiotic efficacy & decreases pain & discomfort of urinary catheter use.

Overview of Innovation:
90,000 Britons are fitted with a urinary catheter each year. Catheters are essential for a wide range of conditions that compromise the ability to empty the bladder effectively, such as prostate cancer patients and those with incontinence and neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and spinal injury.

Indwelling catheters serve as an environment for bacterial attachment, biofilm formation and subsequent urinary tract infections (UTI). Biofilm formation is a thick, bacterial ‘glue’ that sticks to the surface of the catheter plastic and is highly resistant to antibiotics, making infections difficult to treat. Such catheter-acquired infections are one of the most common iatrogenic complications and may lead to increased mortality rates, extended hospital stays and increased medical costs for healthcare providers.

UroShield uses soundwaves to ‘shake’ away bacteria, protecting patients from painful and potentially life-threatening bladder infections. It is composed of 2 components: A disposable actuator which clips onto the external portion of the catheter and a portable battery powered driver.

The device sends out low-frequency ultrasound waves (Surface Acoustic Waves) which run longitudinally along both the inner and outer surfaces of the catheter. These surface acoustic waves prevent bacteria from docking and adhering to the catheter and subsequently prevent the formation of biofilm.

If there is a biofilm already present or one does form, the ultrasound waves help to break up the normally impenetrable biofilm matrix to allow access of the antibiotic to the biofilm. This increases the antibiotic efficacy by working synergistically so that patients may have a shorter course and lower dose of antibiotics.

In addition, independent studies from leading Universities have shown that the UroShield device enhances the immune systems’ ability to fight biofilm. In further studies the Uroshield device achieved a 90% reduction in the presence of common bacteria most likely to cause infection including E. coli and Staphylococcus epidermidis.

The action of the ultrasonic waves on the surfaces of the catheter interfere with the attachment of bacteria, prevents infections developing, reduces catheter encrustation and blockages and decreases or eliminates the need for antibiotics, reducing risk and improving patient outcomes. This in turn reduces the costs associated with indwelling catheter complications that may lead to increased medication and extended hospital stays.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Is this device available for use and purchase in the UK and by the NHS?  I note from your website that it is in use in Germany and Israel but have all the regulatory requirements been met for use in the UK?  
Hi Bethan,
Yes I can confirm that the product is CE marked and licensed for use in the UK. We actually have a number of sites engaged in small service evaluations with an intention to purchase devices. 
Please let me know if you need any further information regarding the product. 

72 yrs female. Having a neurogenic bladder unable to catheterise so utis acute 3 weekly .Up to 5 yrs ago when moved saw Prof ML for rotated antibiotics .But infections [ pyuria -sepsis?] affecting other organs where have underlying weakness - spina bifida abnormal EEG 1969 Royal Free .This is making kyphosis caused by infection worse - spasticity .Had MI cardiac arrest 13 yrs ago about to get stem cells if medics agree as have heart failure, afib & lipo-lymphoedema .I had dysponea & disabled function not treated  or diagnosed but tarhgetted in 1996 out of employment  till MI .Still heart failure is ignored  as ewell as PA & lipo-lymphoedema stage 2 .
Getting targetted antibiotics is like getting blood out of a stone  so causing more stress so this may be the answer?Could I be considered to try this out as continually taking 2-3 antibiotics  & if don't address could end up permanently in wheelchaior with noone to push.Already on mobility scooters & rollator & stools re : breathing /PAH dysponea ??
Hi Julie,
I would be happy to give you my details to pass onto your consultant / GP. We are seeing some amazing results with patients who have complex catheter problems.


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