‘When Crazy Beats Logic’ – Digital training, coaching and 'magic', soothing the people-pain of Healthcare Transformation (#2997)

Idea Description
Supplementary Information
Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Do you feel the frustration of having a really great idea, stonewalled by the people you’re trying to help?
WCBL is a training and coaching package we're developing to help Healthcare Transformation champions resolve the people-factor issues they face
Overview of Innovation:
What is the WCBL Package?
  • There are existing courses to address the rational, process approach to change
  • This package complement those, by addressing the human, emotional side of change.
  • We will use a people-centred approach, focusing on key aspects of how we think, communicate and build resilience as individuals.
  • The package will include various coaching methods, using traditional coaching and NLP communication tools as most appropriate.
  • The package will consist of two main elements:
    • A Digital Coaching & Training Course to bring the delegates up to an initial capability;
    • An Ongoing Support facility to help the delegates apply their newfound skills in practice and to facilitate resolution of more challenging issues.
Course Structure
The course is made up of a number of live sessions, mainly provided digitally by webinar, sandwiched with initial and final sessions face-to-face.
WCBL Toolkit: The live course elements are supplemented by an online digital ‘toolkit’ of useful video and written material, available to the delegates throughout.
WCBL – Ongoing Support
Course ‘graduates’ will have gained new skills in resolving people-factor issues. Ongoing support facilitates the transition to using these in practice. This support also makes use of a mix of digital online and direct elements.

Package Aims
  • To empower delegates with understanding and rapport, so as to address human and emotional aspects of transformation programmes.
  • To build their resilience, providing the energy and motivation to resolve such issues.
What are the initial course Measurable Objectives?
  • To enable transformation ‘champions’ to resolve c.80% of the people-factor (non-functional, emotional, ‘illogical’) issues that they come across.
What are the ongoing support Measurable Objectives?
  • To enable transformation ‘champions’ to resolve nearly all of the remaining, more challenging people-factor issues that they come across.
Stage of Development:
Trial stage - Trial stage to prove that the idea actually works as intended
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Hi Andrew,
Thaks for your feedback... happy to chat drop a line at info@jkmcaresolutions.co.uk when the opportunity presents
Hello - crazy beats logic on most days in my role and the WMAHSN is currently pulling together a specification to provide a service to our regional stakeholders who are adopting innovation and support them with some development and peer support.  I think this is something that may fit into this and will communicate the spec on Meridian once it has been completed. Having come from a transformation background myself I think this is something that people could benefit from. Thanks for brining it to our attention.
Hi Lucy - yes, maybe we should have named this 'When Logic Beats Crazy', which is a far rarer event ;-)
Glad to hear that the idea resonates with you and your work.  Look forward to seeing the specification for the support requirements.  Many thanks for the feedback.

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