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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Key challenges for Health and Care are Staff, Beds and Costs. These exacerbate, breaches, delays and overall efficiency. Our web based innovation ‘VIDIMO’ addresses all of these by bringing Health and Care organisations together 'in a virtual sense'.

Overview of Innovation:
VIDIMO - A real-time, web based platform specifically designed to target key operational challenges. Its primary audience is Health and Care professionals. At its core, VIDIMO is about reducing patient waiting times, Delayed Transfers of Care and Manual Overheads endured by front-line staff whilst improving overall visibility, efficiency, collaboration and patient flow across multiple care settings.

In essence, VIDIMO takes the Internet of Things (IoT) approach and applies it to the Care World:

Bringing Ambulance Trusts and Hospitals together, by delivering real-time visibility of hospital status and capacity to Ambulance Trusts and their crews to:
  • Rreduce waiting times for crews and patients
  • Reduce the £78.4m spend on private ambulance companies
  • Remove the risk of redirects altogether.
Bringing Acute hosiptals and Social Care Boroughs together by providing:
  • Real-time visibility of available beds within and beyond the organisational boundary and across multiple care settings.
  • A collaborative platform to monitor, reduce and manage Delays more effectively.
  • Reduce penalty tariffs
  • Significantly reduce manual overheads.
Bringing Social Care and other Care organisations together, allowing much greater flexibility and efficiency in locating appropriate care beds and services regardless of patient location. VIDIMO provides:
  • The mechanism for Care Homes (large or small), to make available bed assets visible to the widest possible Health and Care audience. This includes Rehab Centres, Extra Sheltered and D2A partner initiatives.
  • Provides Social Care and CCG Brokerage Teams with a single platform of visibility and management.

VIDIMO's more clever together approach is a step change from the traditional silo'd approach and provides more intelligent ways of working.
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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