Vital Statistics! Analysing Percentage & Proportion Data: a brief introduction to modern practice (#3031)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
A one-day hands-on interactive training workshop. Percentage & proportion data can't be analysed statistically unless transformed because spurious, misleading results occur. You'll learn appropriate transformations, useful analysis & display methods.
Overview of Innovation:
Percentage & proportion data (known as compositional data) can't be statistically analysed reliably unless appropriately mathematically transformed, as was recognised as long ago as 1896. But no-one discovered suitable types of transformation until the 1980s. These are not at all well known, beyond a small group of mathematical statisticians, because all the publications contain difficult, advanced mathematical explanations unsuitable for the average potential user.

This one-day hands-on, interactive training workshop will briefly introduce two of most straightforward ways of transforming this commonly occuring type of data that you can easily learn. Then you will learn briefly about some of the appropriate types of statistical analysis, meaningful ways of displaying the data and the results of their analysis. Emphasis will be on introducing how to interpret these results and the displays of those in ways you can use and explain to colleagues.
Stage of Development:
Evaluation stage - Representative model or prototype system developed and can be effectively evaluated
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