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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
ETL is expert in health and care digital transformation developing, digital strategies, creating robust business cases, design and development of solutions architecture, process redesign, training and implementation support and benefits realisation.
Overview of Innovation:
The constant need for change

Underpinning every STP plan is the need for a coherent digital strategy encompassing Record Sharing, Whole System Intelligence, Citizen-Facing Technology, Self-Care Management, Infrastructure Interoperability and Digital Maturity.

What can ETL do for you?

We can provide much needed support around

Digital Strategy – based on revised STP, ICS, and NHS 10-year plans
Cost to Change – secure funding backed by robust business cases
Programme and Project Management - credible plans with strong governance
Delivery – capacity and capability to ensure full utilisation for Go Live
Competing Priorities - address BAU, STP, ICS, LDR, GDE, LHCRE
Technical - capable infrastructure, applications which support interoperability
Integration - processes and systems, co-operation and collaboration of inter- and intra-organisation boundaries
Timetable for deployment – solutions delivered and aligned to the process and organisational changes.
Benefits Realisation – establishing reliable processes and data for measuring benefits.

How ETL can work in collaboration with you?

We would work in collaboration with you to develop coherent digital transformation plans. The aim is to identify initiatives, prioritising those that provide the advanced care and generate the greatest value.

We would combine resources that can architect solutions and suggest ways in which you can augment resource/services to enable the internal teams to engage with the STP programme.

What are the benefits of working with ETL?

ETL will work with you in an efficient and effective way, providing expertise, support and resource and help guide you through the digital transformation providing:
  • Independent, expert advice and support
  • Delivery of IT projects using proven methodologies
  • Help with creating and presenting robust business cases
  • Programme and project management expertise
  • Process re-design and change management support
  • Effective stakeholder management and collaboration expertise
  • Technical architecture skills and knowledge of new applications
  • Expertise in systems integration, optimisation and interoperability
  • Methodologies for benefits management and realisation
ETL will ensure maximum engagement from staff throughout the STP and provider organisations, ensuring that solutions are used to their full potential and that money is being spent effectively on priority initiatives.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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Overview summary:
ETL has worked with SEL STP to refresh their Digital Strategy. The HSLI in Provider Digitisation provided the funding stream to deliver the priority changes. ETL facilitated the creation of the HSLI case over three years and the development of the PIDs Business Cases and Value for Money analysis for the initiatives. We are now supporting the delivery of priority FY18/19 projects, updating the digital strategy reflecting the ICS and NHS 10-year plans and prioritising initiatives for FY19/20.
Challenge identified and actions taken :
The existing SEL Digital Strategy was over 70 pages long, had not been updated for a while, and was not understood. The challenge was to update the strategy so that it reflected the latest thinking in the NHS and STP plans. We delivered a strategy that was a few pages long, easily understood, achievable and had STP-wide consensus.
In addition, there was a need to draft an investment case to secure 3-year HSLI in PD funding within a fixed deadline. The challenge was to get agreement on a set of initiatives that could be delivered in FY18/19 with robust benefits and outline proposals for FY19/20. These needed to be aligned to the criteria set out by NHSE as well as the STP and provider priorities.  
Having secured HSLI in PD approval, we drafted quality PIDs, Business Cases and VfM analysis documents for FY18/19 and within tight deadlines. We worked closely with NHSE Chief Digital Officer to ensure that our proposed initiatives would meet expected criteria.
With key lessons learned we have an equally challenging task to refresh the STP digital strategy so that it is aligned to the ICS and NHS 10-year plans. We need to deliver the projects that we have committed to in FY18/19, whilst also getting priority FY19/20 initiatives. Finally, we need to draft quality submissions with robust business cases by Spring 2019.
Impacts / outcomes: 
We now have a STP digital strategy that is agreed across the STP and can be communicated easily and understood by all stakeholders. It is also a strong reference point for measuring the alignment of the initiatives that the STP is pursuing to the strategy.
We have a robust HSLI in Provider Digitisation investment proposal that is agreed across the SEL STP and provider organisations. It has been approved in principle by NHSE and hailed as the standard for the whole of London to follow.
We have a set of documents - PIDs, Business Cases and Value for Money Analysis - for the initiatives that we are progressing and delivering in FY18/19. In addition, we have a template for future initiatives and lessons have been learned on how best to implement new and similar work. These lessons and good practices can now be shared readily with other STPs.
Which local or national clinical or policy priorities does this innovation address:
This innovation addresses the proposals set out by NHS Five Year Forward View, NHS Digital Priorities, Matt Hancock’s HSLI in Provider Digitisation initiatives and SEL ICS ambitions and NHS 10-year plan. It also helps significantly to improve and deliver the digital maturity in the NHS.
Supporting quote for the innovation from key stakeholders:
Quote from John-Jo Campbell the SEL CIO.
“I understand that ETL may have opportunities to undertake STP Digital work in other parts of the country. I am happy to confirm the excellent work ETL have undertaken in supporting SE London STP in updating and refreshing the Digital Strategy and roadmap in 2018 and more latterly driving the process of developing and submitting cases for HSLI digital funding.
As discussed, please share this as you see fit, I am happy to be contacted for further information or references for ETL.”
Plans for the future:
The next phase of the project includes:
  • Delivering the projects that we have committed to in FY18/19
  • Refreshing the STP digital strategy so that it is aligned with the SEL ICS ambitions and NHS 10-year plan
  • Securing SEL ICS wide consensus to priority HSLI in PD FY19/20 initiatives
  • Drafting quality submissions with robust business cases for NHSE to approve by the end of Spring 2019.
Tips for adoption:
The right type of leadership, governance and collaboration at STP and provider level are key to success. What this means is all the key stakeholders at the STP and Provider level recognising the importance of these initiatives, the commitment, collaboration and leadership that is required and the time that needs to be allocated to discuss, agree and stick to the priorities. Without that and the underpinning governance and decision-making forum would lead to initiatives that are not fully thought through and tax-payers money wasted.  We have seen this first hand and recognise the true significance of this.
It is also very important that the leadership team engage the right type of expertise to drive this requirement at the STP and ICS level. Without that it will be very challenging to secure the funding and deliver the much-needed changes underpinned by digital solutions in the NHS.
Contact for further information:
John-Jo Campbell – CIO SEL STP
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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Aurora Innovation Logo
The teleQ communication solution enables healthcare facilities to save money, drive productivity & increase patient care & satisfaction. Dynamic, inbuilt decision software mini-triages calls & contacts to the right person/service/department 1st time.
Overview of Innovation:
Aurora teleQ (TQ) is an advanced cloud-based communication solution for health care providers that need to stay available with high inbound call volumes.
In a busy department or clinic phones can ring continuously causing patients and staff unnecessary stress. TQ helps to address those areas that have limited resources, ensuring efficiency is maintained by getting callers directly to the person that can address their needs first time. Whether that is connecting a patient to a doctor, a ward nurse or a specialist.  
One of the key advantages of TQ’s dynamic, inbuilt decision software is that it can reroute calls to the most appropriate or next on duty person (e.g. locum doctor) without requesting the user (patient/carer) dial a new number. Therefore, reducing time and stress for caller, especially if they require emergency advice for themselves or a loved one. It can equally be used by staff needing to access consultants or specialist when there is a crisis or need. This reduces stress for clinical staff using the system.
The statistics in TQ are presented with easily accessible diagrams and provide snapshots of a department/unit’s availability and contact patterns. Based on the statistics, the department/unit can optimise its resources, so the right number of staff handle the right number of contacts at the right time. The statistics can highlight pressure points / areas where efficiencies need to be created.
The system can be integrated with electronic patient record systems and other systems gathering crucial patient info (ex. APPs), to immediately bring up patient details thus saving time and ensuring calls and contacts are structured.
TQ integrates with analogue and digital infrastructures but takes full advantage of digital and mobile communications. The importance of varied channels of communication is growing. Therefor it is essential to have a tool that brings points of communication together as more channels of communication are added to the legacy points of contact
The solution is made up of several modules, all in one interface. Provides a scalable & tailored, system for your requirements; you pay for the modules you need.
Main Modules in Aurora teleQ
  • Call back
  • Call queue
  • Duo – call back and queue
  • Response groups
  • Interactive voice menu
  • Interactive voice menu messages / extra message
  • Video
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Voicemail plus
Our aim is to allow you to spend more time with patients as you remove communication roadblocks.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Long term conditions: a whole system, person-centred approach / Wellness and prevention of illness / Wealth creation / Digital health / Innovation and adoption / Patient and medicines safety / Person centred care
Benefit to NHS:
The NHS is facing tough challenges, dealing with an increasing volume of patients and an ageing population that will lead to ques on calls and communication. A structured and automated way to manage the volume of contacts is needed. This both for patient, carer and internal contacts.
Ineffective communications leave patients and staff feeling frustrated and can create a long lasting negative perception. Communication solutions need to focus on your patient’s needs and can adapt to changes within the healthcare provider, easily and efficiently.
The TQ platform helps a caregiver to efficiently gather information from a variety of sources at the point of contact. With the on slew of self-monitoring and APPs collecting data from patients with long-term or multiple illness, an easy consolidator is needed. TQ has several solutions that are integrated and used on a daily basis, such as; fully automated patient triage, lung capacity monitoring etc.
TQ provides integration into patient facing APPs, for easy communication with patients.

Aurora teleQ (TQ) is an innovative communications solution that is designed to maximise resources, provide more efficient collaboration and decision making. Thereby providing real benefits in patient care and staff efficiencies whilst reducing operating costs and stress.
The statistics in Aurora TQ are shown as easily accessible diagrams that provide snapshots of the unit’s availability and communication patterns. Based on the statistics, the unit can optimise its resources, so the right number of staff is assigned to handle tasks. TQ provides several management reports that provide direct decision support. Providing clear information on patient communication efficiency, staffing and competency. The statistics allow for simulation of how the unit can best plan staffing and inbound and outbound call and communication times to meet variety of availability needs and measurements.

In addition to the statistics, that are integrated in to the report function, a large volume of data points can be integrated into big data decision tools. This provides an overview of point of contact in relations to the rest of the organisation, allowing for better decisions. TQ builds a model that will provide more accurate decision support over time.
Aurora TeleQ will help NHS to enhance patient care, reduce operational costs and increase staff productivity whilst reducing stress.
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
Healthcare organisations are facing increasing financial and patient care level pressures. They require improved communications to provide exceptional service and best value to patients. Patients expect to be involved in decisions and kept informed.
Care Giver
Your telephone and text system are the gateway to your service. Staff members shouldn’t be spending time on administrative patient work, answering inappropriate calls and redirecting them than on actual patients. Aurora TeleQ (TQ) ensures a timely patient contact whilst delegating work to the contact most suited for the work. This could even mean an electronic contact for information seekers.  those who need to make contact can get through and are able to access the right help when it is needed most. TQ provides a unified communication solution that improves patient care, lowers costs and frees up the time of healthcare professionals.
Patients and relations will find communications more efficient and to the point. Less time spent trying to find information or getting to the correct contact. When communication with the Care Giver the communication will be more to the point and more informed. The quality will be perceived to be better & more efficient.
Decision support
Proficient call and communication logging enables analyses of data & provide meaningful reports about support, usage, costs, capacity & quality of service. By having these statistics at hand, you can react in real-time or identify trends, letting you make informed decisions about future resourcing & commercial needs.
Aurora consultants have a 20 years of experience in Patient communication. The intricacies of communication dynamics are part of the Aurora delivery.
The Aurora TeleQ system will provide time and cost saving. How much and how is dependent on what you want to achieve. If you are focusing on internal time saving you will find that TQ will provide a time saving of some, 1 to 15+ minutes per transaction. In addition to the time saved you will experiens a more harmonious & structured work environment that will be less stressful. Do not hesitate to see what VUmc in Netherlands has experienced
For other customer presentations please see

To assist us brining our technology to the UK we are looking for a NHS partner (more details below) we would look to them to assist and support us with validation studies and trials.
Current and planned activity: 
Aurora has 20 years of expertise in patient contact and communication. Aurora consultants work closely with health & care providers to optimize the patient flow and journey. The result is a highly satisfied patient and an effective and low stress communication strategy.
Aurora, requires a NHS developmental partner to collaborate with us to run a test installation/Pilot (free of charge). The aim is to customise the solution to match the needs of UK healthcare and the needs of the NHS Trust or partner/s.

The NHS organisation would gain the improvments in efficiency & cost savings along with increased satisfaction of patients and Staff. The pilot process would demonstate the benefits gained in Sweden & Spain whilst helping the company uncover what adaptation & modifications are needed to the system, protocols and API’s to match UK healthcare needs as well as our legal and regulatory requirements.

NHS Partner will have the opportunity to customise a solution for their specific requirements.
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
All IP belongs to Aurora Innovation
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
0-6 mon
Ease of scalability: 
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