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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
A co-produced blended learning resource with free PDF available. Developed by people with dementia and carers to increase peoples ability to identify dementia, depression and delirium and feel confident in reacting to these conditions.
Overview of Innovation:
What did you wish you knew about dementia at the point of diagnosis that you now know?

This is what we asked people with dementia, their carers and the professionals that work with them.

We took what people told us they wished they knew, broke it into bite-size easy to read pieces and created our free learning resource: Knowing Me!

Knowing Me! Is a free online booklet to enable people to better identify and react to the three D’s – Dementia, Depression and Delirium which are all closely linked. This booklet was co-created by people with dementia and their carers with consideration to what they wish they knew from day one of diagnosis.

This free online learning has been downloaded by people with dementia, carers and professionals that want to have a useful resource to dip into.

Because of its popularity and feedback we have developed a blended learning approach which includes face to face training, online training and printed resources.

This approach to training is becoming popular with health care teams in Northern England who want to be more than just 'dementia friends' but seek to understand the disability and better support those they work with.
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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I am curious if any NHS hospitals have used it already and what their feedback has been?  I am also interested in the independant evaluation you mention along with how much the face to face training would cost?  Our work is heavily focused at the care home sector and I know costs are a huge barrier for them when wanting to implement something new.  Also the booklet is very long, is there an alternative digital/video/audio format for carers that find reading is not their greatest strength?

Yes we have had some fantastic feedback from the West Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Network Group.  You are right the booklet is long but we 'chunked it up' into different chapters to get to quickly.  With the training we would look to module it in this way.  I think the digital / video /audio approach is a great idea.  For care homes we have developed proto-type online training as this seemed to fit better with their needs - here is a short video on the training

Through Meridian we are looking at getting support for evaluation and developing this into a really dynamic training resources using videos etc.

We have some wonderful recorded stories from carers of people with dementia from our Tide project.  You can see them here.  We could incorporate some of these and some other stories as you suggest.

As a small social enterprise we are looking for support from experts to develop this into training that really has a big impact.
Hi Thomas,

I'm not sure if it's helpful, but the University of Worcester has a dedicated dementia studies department and are well regarded with respect to dementia research, meeting centers etc.

You might want to introduce yourself to it's lead Professor Dawn Brooker to see if she has any advice on your journey re. creating the best training environment for it? They also work quite closely with various care home providers.

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